Waxing: Do's and Don'ts

Jul, 13 by Nidhi Jain in
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The popular consensus on waxing is that it is a messy affair. Think of that moment when your beautician smears hot wax on your skin and pulls of your hair with a strip! But the result of this procedure is rather comforting as you can enjoy smooth and flawless arms as legs for a month or so.

Today waxing at a salon is often preferred than doing it by people themselves. Not only it is convenient, but it can also save you a great deal of time and effort. Here we have presented before you a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you have to follow when you decide to get your body waxed.


  • Massage your waxed region with some tea tree lotion. Teatree lotion works well against inflammation and it can help in reducing the swelling and redness that appears after waxing. It is also highly beneficial for people with sensitive skin.


  • Moisturize your skin frequently for a healthy skin. Moisturization is always a good idea to keep your skin in a good state. People who have dry skin often experience breaking of the skin accompanied by pain. Moisturizing your skin also reduces the chances of having the ingrown hair. If possible moisturize your skin after every bath. However, it is better not to moisture your skin before waxing because wax works better on dry skin.

  • Exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. When dead skin starts to accumulate on your skin, your skin will appear rough and unhealthy. This can also block your skin pores and lead to acne. Exfoliate your skin once in a week to get rid of these problems and to have a smooth waxing experience.


  • Keep calm during the procedure. Have you ever had goose bumps? Those minutes the pores in your skin swell and a chill pass through the body! Just like having goose bumps, tensing up while waxing can constrict your hair follicles that can result in resistance from your skin. So relax! Waxing won’t kill you.


  • Protect your skin from friction. Exposing your skin to rough and harsh conditions increases the chance of having ingrown hairs. Avoid contact with harsh surfaces and keep it moisturized to minimize the effects of exposure.



  • Take a shower immediately after waxing your body. Getting your skin waxed means that your hair follicles are exposed now. This can attract bacteria and fungus leading to infection. Take a shower so that you can keep your hair follicles clean.





  • Don’t shave your hair off between your salon appointments if you wax regularly. Shaving doesn’t remove the hair completely and it new hair grows fast. It makes the hair relative thick. If you take regular waxing appointments, then shaving before can make it difficult for the wax to pull out the hairs.


  • Try not to touch the waxed regions of your body for at least for a day. As mentioned, waxing opens the pores of your body. Your hands might carry fungus and bacteria, that if you touch freshly waxed hands and legs, these microorganisms can get transferred to your skin leading to infection.

  • Try not to use heavy makeup and cream in your waxed region for at least 24 hours. These can clog your pores causing acne and pimples. Also, keep your skin clear and clean immediately after waxing.


  • Keep away from heat for a few days after waxing. Your body hairs are there for a reason. They protect your skin from heat and burning. When your skin hairs are removed there are high chances that your skin might be burned if exposed to heat. So avoid hot baths and direct sunlight for a while.