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VV Nail Spa is a salon with a difference. A brand new salon opened just few months ago, VV Nail Spa is your one-stop destination for all nail services in Tonawanda! The salon is conveniently located at 2865 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150, easily accessible for all the people. Our major services are pedicure, gel manicure, dipping nail powder and acrylic nails. We also provide many kinds of waxing services. With a huge collection of nail colors, including gel colors that can match all your needs, you can truly enjoy our nail polishes. Our collection also has more than 100 dipping powder colors. Our salon emphasises on hygiene and cleanliness. Clean, tidy and calm, the spa environment is conducive to your complete relaxation without any risks. We use disposable pedicure liner to prevent infections to our customers. Disposable pedicure kits are another of our hygiene speciality. A hospital grade sanitizer is used to clean all our tools and equipments. And we do no double dip our wax! VV Nail Spa believes in complete customer satisfaction. Our technicians are qualified people with many years of experience in the industry who will deliver high-quality nail services. Besides, they are also friendly and warm, making you feel completely at peace. We take our customer issues seriously; you can benefit from our free warranty if you are not satisfied with our service. VV Nail Spa strives to give good quality nail services for affordable prices! Call or e-mail to make an appointment with us!

Highlighted Services

V V Nail Spa is your best destination if you want a few hours of relaxing spa-time. Be it a pedicure, manicure or waxing, you can sit back and relax while we do all the required things with care and dedication. Our spa has an inbuilt odor control system to remove any odor in the atmosphere. We also have a free beverage service; enjoy your nail appointment by sipping up on a cup of hot delicious coffee! Call us to make an appointment now!

At V V Nail Spa, you have a wide variety of manicures to choose from. Be it a regular French manicure or chrome nails, we have all in stock for you. Our technicians will give you all the information regarding all services so that you can make an appropriate choice on what nails you prefer. With so much choice in front of you, getting manicures is going to more fun from now onwards!

Eyebrows are the most defining features of a woman’s face. Having a long history of painful eyebrow grooming with tweezers and threads, now you can sit back and relax while you get your dream eyebrows! At V V Nail Spa, we provide precise and perfect eyebrow waxing services. Our trained technicians will make sure that you not only have great eyebrows, but also that you enjoy a relaxing experience!

What can be a better deal than getting both your hands and feet done in one go? V V Nail Spa introduces our combo manicure and pedicure that will get all your nail care needs in a single service. Our trained technicians will exfoliate and moisturise your hands and feet to rejuvenate them. This is followed by adding a nail design of your choice. You can choose from a variety of nail colors; gel manicure, extensions, chrome nails or acrylic nail polish.

Our Menu

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Full$26 +
Full w Color Gel$36 +
Fill $16 +
Fill w Color Gel$26 +
Pink/White Powder Full$50 +
Pink/White Powder Fill$40 +
Pink Fill$20 +
Full Set$35 +
Fill in$20 +
Full Set $40 +
Fill$35 +
Color Gel Manicure
Includes basic mani. & gel removal (if needed). 
Color Gel Pedicure
Includes basic pedi. & gel removal (if needed).


Acrylic Removals$10 +
Gel Color Change
No manicure
$20 +
Gel French Change
No manicure
$25 +
Nail Design $3 +
Prepair Broken Nail$3 +
Polish Change Hand$8
Polish Change Foot$12
Gel Removal Only$10 +
Acrylic Gel Top Coat$5 +
Hot Paraffin Hand$6
Hot Paraffin Feet$8
Extra Length Shape$5 +
Brown$8 +
Lip$5 +
Chin $10 +
Polish Change for Hand$6
Polish Change for Feet$10
Manicure $12
Basic Manicure
Cut, shape, nip/push cuticles, oil, hand massage, polish. 
Basic Pedicure 
Cut, shape, nip/push cuticles, callus remover, oil massage, hot towel wrap, polish. 
Spa Pedicure
Includes the basic pedi. plus callus remover, sugar exfoliate scrubs & hydrating mask.
Deluxe Pedicure
Inlcudes the spa pedi. plus callus remover, sea salt soak, sugar scrub, mud masque, massage lotion. A deluxe pedi. it comes in a box & 8 flavors to choose from:
1. Green Tea Detox
2. Tangerine Twist
3. Mango Delight
4. Jasmine Soothe
5. Lavender Extract
6. Ocean Refresh
7. Vitamin Recharge
8. Olive Sensation


Our Blog

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Reviews on V V Nail Spa

Reviewed on Yelp

*Will update for review soon~* Place is very clean and very open, not too clustered!

Reviewed on Facebook

Beautiful, clean salon. Everyone is very personable and sweet. I highly recommend this salon.

Reviewed on Google

This was the first time I was there today with my daughters and it the only place we will go!!! Very clean, proffessional, friendly, attention to detail, I cannot say enough. We will never go anywhere else. Customers for life. Thank you for the great service.

Reviewed on Yelp

I'm not a regular to any spa because I'm generally a low-maintenance kinda girl...meaning I don't spent a lot of time or money on products and services for "beauty"...but I have started going a little bit more regularly to get pedicures in the summer and tried a few manicures. To give you some perspective toward where I am coming from, I started the pedicures about 5 years ago, increasing them to almost once a month in sandal weather now from about twice a summer. Not much, right? But, still, I would say that I'm fussy about it because it's such a rarity and what I consider a luxury. That said, I've been to about 10 different salons around Buffalo, because I've not usually been satisfied and keep changing. So about Vv, I like this nail place. The prices are good, it's very clean and spacious and well-kept and modern. Ambiance is important to me. The equipment for pedicures is top notch. I highly recommend it, I would put this place at number two with Nail Envy being number one (for Nail Envy's extra attention they took to detail and extra massage for comfort). Still, at number 2 in the line of favorites, Vv is getting good praise from me. The detail they showed on both pedicures I've had from them is great...perfection. The massage was good and it was a very nice experience. My first gel manicure here was beautiful! A perfect french. The skill level was impeccable. The UV nail lamp worked great for drying. My second regular manicure was just OK. The difference being that the drying for the regular manicure was a small heating fan blowing toward my face and that my shoulders were cramping trying to hold my hands in front of it with the smell going up my nose. This salon should have a drying table to sit at and put your nails under. I would not go here for that again, but I will return for every other service I've tried.

Reviewed on Facebook

Very sweet and attentive. Did quality work at reasonable prices. Best experience I've had in awhile! I will return!

Reviewed on Yelp

The only place I'll get my nails done. Clean, great service, great polish color selection. Love love love.

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Great customer service
Competitive Prices w Wide Range of Services
The shop is clean, tidy, nice

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