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Do you want to increase the rate of appointment bookings at your salon? How about low-cost salon advertising? Or increase salon income without compromising customer experiences? These are the problems faced by most salon owners today.

VNailPro is pleased to introduce VNailWeb.com— a highly effective low-cost web marketing solution! It comes with special features such as Online Booking facilities, E-Gift Cards, and a completely free 12-month website experience!

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Online Booking on VNailWeb
VWeb High Quality
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Advertising a nail salon at VNailWeb.com is one of the best web marketing strategies to increase your customer outreach. We fashion a website based on the size and the online presence of each salon so as to get you the most out of your business. 

Owning a website at VNailWeb.com with the E-Gift Cards feature helps you to sell more Gift Cards while increasing income and getting more new sales through both old and loyal customers.

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VNailWeb with the E-Gift Cards feature
VWeb High Quality
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VWeb High Quality
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In addition to the two special important features mentioned above, VNailWeb is also a great website to support the daily business of the store. Customers will have the feeling of working with a modern professional nail salon! We will reduce unnecessary bad reviews, and you will have not have to face the frequent phone calls for repeated questions on prices, services, closing time, and opening dates because this information will be provided beautifully on VNailWeb.com.

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FAQ on VNailWeb
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We design websites with a custom logo and banner using the style and color schemed of your salon. Each shop needs to be unique!

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Custom logo and banner

All salon websites can be used for 12 months without any cost! After one year, we charge just $250/year to maintain the website. Plus, you can cancel anytime!

If our website does not bring you new customers or E-Gift Card purchases in a year, we will not charge you for that year!

Register now for VNailWeb and get a 30% off on our Social Marketing plans.

VNailWeb.com uses affiliate SEO tricks to increase the competitiveness of Google rankings. We also update and periodically advertise so that your salon website on VNailWeb.com can reach many new customers.

Whether you have an online website or not, you should get to know the VNailWeb experience! We assure you that our system will bring you more calls and appointment booking than your original website.

If you want a new customized logo, you can get one for a discounted price of $150. The original logo file will be sent to you so that you can use it for other marketing purposes as needed.

To start creating a website, VNailPro‘s specialists will collect salon images, price lists, and business information for building your website!

Contact VNailPro at 609 236 8181 to get started today.