Types of Manicures

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French? European? Gel? Acrylic? They all sound so confusing, right? Well, these are only some of the types of manicures in the unending list of manicure choices. For a novice, who is unaccustomed to the nail salon options for a manicure, the names of these procedures can look like Greek and Latin. That is why we are here to your rescue.

Good nails are a satisfying sight. Manicures are a must-have for healthy, glowing and beautiful nails. But what to choose can be tricky. Read along to find some of the most popular manicure procedures.

  • Basic Manicure: As the name sounds, a basic manicure is the simplest form of a manicure. Cuticle oil is applied to the cuticles, followed by soaking your hands in warm water. This is then followed by drying your fingers. Depending on your shape preference for the nail, your nail is shaped and massaged. A base coat and then another coat of polish is applied which will be covered by a top coat. Finally, the nails dried with a dryer. If you are getting a manicure for the first time, a basic manicure would be ideal.
  • French Manicure: The French manicure is a very simple elegant looking manicure procedure. Suitable for all occasions, the French manicure is known for its pale tones. A pale pink nail polish is applied to your nail. This is followed by applying white polish to the tips of your nails. Although there is not much color and vibrancy involved, your nails will look healthy and beautiful.

  • Gel Manicure: The Gel manicure is a recent addition to the nail salons. The biggest advantage of the gel manicure is that it is long lasting and resists chipping for up to three weeks. Gel manicure considerably increases the gap between your manicure appointments. In a gel manicure, nail polish which is essentially a gel is applied 2-3 times and each coat is dried under a LED light or UV rays. A final inhibition layer is wiped off your nails giving you a smudge free, chipping resistant nails for many weeks together!
  • American Manicure: Although similar to the French manicure, the American manicure uses off white shades in the tips so that the whites do not look very drastic. There are also a difference in the shape and the color of the nails in the American manicure. While many people choose it for a classic look, some women also embellish it with a glitter coat for funky nails.
  • Reverse French Manicure: The name makes it obvious isn’t it? A reverse French manicure is like a French manicure except that it is the opposite of the latter. The reverse French manicure emerged in the high street fashion of Europe. It involves a paler shade in the moon of your nails, followed by darker shades in the other regions. The shades that are preferred depending on the season; dark colors like burgundy and black for winter and brighter shades for summer.
  • Paraffin Manicure: A paraffin manicure is an ideal manicure for those with dry and rough skin. In this process, your hands are dipped in paraffin wax before or after the nail polishing. The paraffin wax seals the moisture in your hands making your hands feel soft, silky and smooth. Paraffin manicure is different from the other types of manicure in its focus on the whole hand than he finger nails alone. The paraffin manicure might also use additional oils like that of grape seeds for more benefits.
  • Mirror Manicure: Do you like your nails to look shiny and prominent? Then go for a mirror manicure. This manicure involves coating your nails with black and drying. After a couple of coating, the mirror powder is applied and your nails are sealed. This is followed by a gel coating for achieving the desired luster, thereby leaving you with glossy nails.
  • Artificial nails: If you want a creative look for your nails, artificial nails are the ones to opt for. Although it does not involve a manicure, as a manicure procedure can mess up the bonding process of the artificial nails, it can leave you with more personal and interesting designs. You can choose from your nail designs salons or buy your own desired designs.
Colorful Artificial nails

Your nails deserve the best. Making a statement with your nails is as important as you outfit. Choose from the thousands of designs are procedures to find the ideal manicure for your precious fingers. Give your nails a good manicure treatment and make your fingers shine!