Top Five Best Nail Salons Near You in Chicago

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Finding a good nail salon near you is more tiresome than ever these days. With nail salons in almost every plaza of Chicago, most women are torn apart when it comes to the question of which nail salon to choose.

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This list compiled after a deep research across the web, interview with the salon owners, nails techs and customers. As a direct customer, your feedback will greatly further improve the quality of this content.

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For those who a looking for a simple yet modern personal experience in Chicago, Cuticle is the right nail salon close to you. In spite of being one elite salon of Chicago, Cuticle feels like home because of its simplicity and the warmth with which the owner Basia greets you. You just feel like you are chatting with an old friend while you get your nails done. Cuticle is not just a service but an experience!


“Just went here for my second gel manicure and it did not disappoint! She does a beautiful job and takes her time to really clean up the nail bed and beautifully shape the nail. Since going to her and then going to other salons I’ve noticed that her manicures last the longest and leave the nail bed looking nice even after your gel polish is gone. Plus I had a nice time chatting and it felt very relaxed. I would recommend leaving a little more time than most manicures just because she does take longer but it’s so worth it. I’ll definitely be coming back.”

Samantha F, Chicago, IL      (5.0-star rating on 9/1/2016)

“Super excited that this nail salon opened up in Uptown. The owner Basia gave me a mani/pedi. She is so friendly and does a great job, my nails came out amazing. The place is nice and clean, adorable decor. She doesn’t reuse tools that can’t be sanitized so that makes me feel confident about the cleanliness of the tools. Great place and fair prices.”

Alba S, Chicago, IL    (5.0-star rating on 7/3/2014)


Juko is one of the most popular nail salons near you that offers efficiency without taking too much of your precious time. The salon is well staffed but it is still recommended to pre-book your appointment. Known for its long lasting pedicures and manicures, Juko also lets you host your parties in the premises offering group discounts on selected weekdays.


“Awesome nail salon!

Calling the front desk to schedule appointments is always easy. They are very accommodating. Plenty of street parking outside.

I’ve only gotten the no-chip manicures and pedicures. They have a 2-week guarantee. If the polish chips in the first 2 weeks you can have it redone. I haven’t ever used the guarantee because the polish lasts longer than it takes for my nails to grow.”

Laura H, Chicago, IL (5.0 star rating 10/3/2016)

 “Great service and attention! I’m all about efficiency so I used to get my nails done with the nail service that we have coming to work (spoiled). I switched for Juko, the first nail salon I actually like coming to. Juko just seems to “get” their clients but creating a comfortable, pampering, yet down-to-earth environment.

Technicians are great too – my nails stay un-chipped much longer now. Great quality and results. I highly recommend”

Lena K, Chicago, IL  (5.0 star rating 2/7/2016)


Do you care for Charity, while getting your nails done? Well, this cozy little nail salon can help you do just that. Nails boutique helps support victims of domestic abuse through Chicago’s House of the Good Shepherd by donating a portion of their sales.  Here is some guilt-free pampering for you! The prices are pretty reasonable though it may not be the cheapest nail salon closer to you.


 “I am beyond thrilled to have found Bozena. I am very particular about nail salons and a bit crazy about cleanliness. So much so, that I’ve spent several years trying to find a place I would feel comfortable coming to. Nails Boutique does not disappoint. It is cozy and friendly and my nails always look beautiful when I leave. I highly recommend Nails Boutique!”

Tatiana C, Chicago, IL  (5.0 star rating 5/18/2017)

I LOVE this salon! I came here a few weeks ago for a pedicure with Samara and was completely impressed. I also just went today for a no-chip mani, again with Samara.

The salon is super cute and small, which I like because the conversations are quiet and it’s never too busy — I always leave extra relaxed!

Samara really takes her time with each hand/nail. My pedicure lasted forever (still looks good over a month later!) so I know my no-chip will be the same. The prices are more than your average corner nail salon, but I’m 100% okay with it. I love the service and the ladies who work here are so nice, so I’m proud to support it! Come visit!”

Michelle B, Chicago, IL  (5.0 star rating 9/28/2016)



Sapphire Nail Salon is one of the few Salons that operate on Sundays too. Beautiful ambiance, well trained and pleasant technicians, complimentary refreshments and occasional extra services are a few things that distinguish Sapphire from its competition. The rates are competitive, service is excellent and the staff is dedicated towards their goal of your hands and feet looking fabulous when you step out of the salon.


“My favorite place to get my nails done because they ALWAYS look perfect. I never have to worry about little smudges or chips on my nails because each person will make sure they look perfect. The prices may be slightly higher than other nail salons in the area but it is well worth it. The atmosphere and music are great. I can never wait to go back again.”

Allison G , Chicago, IL (5.0 star rating 7/11/2017)

“I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the best nail salon I’ve ever been to. The first time I got a mani/pedi here I wrote it off as luck thinking it was just the one person who maybe just took her time. But no. I’ve been here many times now and brought many friends and we can all agree it is consistently the best work we get, regardless of who is doing our nails. I refuse to go anywhere else. The no chips last 2-3 weeks easily. Pedis last even longer.
It’s also a very clean, hip salon. I can’t say enough good things about this place and the people who work here.”

Jackie A, Chicago, IL (5.0 star rating 3/16/2017)


STIL is a pristine European style salon that offers great service but at slightly higher price. It is undoubtedly, one of the best nail salons in Chicago area. The polish does not chip for many weeks and nails are always perfectly done irrespective of the technician who attends to you. They have a unique range of products that are a class apart from any of the nearby salons. Tourists and visitors also prefer this salon due to its impeccable reputation.


“Probably the best manicure and pedicure I’ve ever gotten.  Nice environment— if you can get an appointment —choose this.

70 something dollars for a gel manicure ( safer type) and regular pedicure.  Nelly did a very patient detailed job. I’m sure it will last a long time. Much better than the usual experience    Even if it costs more it is well worth it.”

R B, Brookline, MA (5.0 star rating 7/2/2016)

“I’m very happy with the bio gel manicure I received from this salon while visiting the Chicago area.  I’ve received many compliments on my nails and have referred someone to the salon. I enjoyed meeting the sister co-owners and found them to be quite lovely. I will definitely make this my Chicago spot for nails and hope to try out some of the other services as well.  Thanks to fellow yelpers for the help in finding a great place!”

T C, Los Angeles, CA (5.0 star rating 8/27/2016)