Top 5 Best Nail Salons near You in San Jose

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Finding a good nail salon near you is more tiresome than ever these days. With nail salons in almost every plaza of San Jose, most women are torn apart when it comes to the question of which nail salon to choose.

VNailPro is a group of nail enthusiasts that has been in the industry for the last 15 years; our mission is delivering useful information to our readers as well as improving the quality and the professionalism of nails services in the USA.

This list has been compiled after a deep research across the web, interview with the salon owners, nails techs, and customers. As a direct customer, your feedback will greatly further improve the quality of this content.

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Omni Nail Spa

Despite being in operations for a small period of 2 years, Omni Nail Spa has become a favorite for women in San Jose. The place rightly boasts of hygiene and cleanliness, adequately backed by the inspection certificate from the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology in 2016. They have new nail arts for almost all occasions whether it be Christmas, New Year or the exciting Halloween party. Their customer-friendly policy encourages customers to choose their own preferred styles rather than use some expensive products which they want to sell. The staff is meticulous with their work, leaving no crevice unchecked for scraping out the crud to make your nails catch all the attention they can.


“I love Omni, Kim & Linda are the best they can literally do anything I usually come in every 3 weeks for something new and she never has a problem doing it, on top of her being very talented my nails never break or chip! Amazing”

“Best nails I’ve ever got by Linda she’s the best!!! If you’re looking for a nail salon that cares about their customers then this is the place!”

LaQueen Nail Spa

This place will immediately make you feel like home when you will be greeted by a juice or a soda and spacious massage chairs to sit on. They also provide a ready phone charger at every chair to give you the most relaxing nail spa experience. Moreover, they regularly provide attractive discounts to attract first-time customers. You will be served by the most friendly and attentive group of technicians who will ensure that your experience at the place is nothing but great. You can choose your desired designs in advance or ask them to suggest what would look best on your nails. They are known for being as patient and detailed and take pride in the work they do for their customers.


“This place is AMAZING!! Staff is so nice and the shop is super clean. Complimentary water or drink massage and phone chargers at pedicure stations for any phones. Found me a new spot and so close to home”.

“Awesome customer service, this was my first time and I can’t wait to come back and try a pedicure. I plan to bring more people. I had Linda and she was fast and great and paid attention to detail! 20% off pedicures right now!! You should check it out”.

Queenie’s Nail Spa

Whether you want that coffin shape or that chic flat-end nail shapes, Queenie’s Nail Spa seem to have all adorned on top with a range of gel colors to choose from. If you have the art piece ready from your Pinterest page or want a personal recommendation for your Birthday, the staff will be ever ready to understand and serve you. The salon area is quite spacious and you will find the place bustling with customers at any hour of the day, owing to the prominent location at the Morrill Avenue. It is one of the most affordable and promising nail salons close to you without a doubt.


“I loved it here! I called in and got an appointment same day. I arrived about 20 minutes early and they got started on my nails about a minute or so later. I got my full set coffin nails done with Amy. It was my first time doing this style and I loved it. Then I went to Queenie for my nail designs and I LOVED IT. She is so sweet and I loved talking with her. I have never walked out of a nail salon feeling that happy before.
I will definitely be coming back here in the future.”

“So many colors to choose from makes it even harder to decide”

Nail Art

The Nail Art salon point offers all kinds of hands and foot massage services along with pedicures and manicures. They specialize in different kinds of airbrush nail arts, so if you are an airbrush addict, this is the place to be. From party-wear to casual nail tones, this place almost has it all, accompanied by the most well-trained and professional group of artists. Owing to the heavy rush, they have a number of employees to serve you so that the customers do not have to wait a lot even during the busy hours.  If you want to shape your natural nails or want the elaborate nail extensions, your nails are definitely going to get the most admirable look here at a very decent price.


“Now mind you, I’ve only been here a handful.of times, everyone they’ve treated me excellently! I have recently become an airbrush junky, and I have Leon to thank for that! He pays close attention to detail and makes a girl feel at home! And he’s quick to fix a mistake if there is one! I can’t say I’ll never go anywhere else, but I WILL say this is definitely my new home salon! “

“Fantastic job by Mary! I got an acrylic fill and gel color. All the staff is super friendly from the moment you walk in the door! There’s a lot of stations so I didn’t have to wait at all.
I’ll definitely be coming more often!”

Vivian’s Nails Bar

A complete store for all Nail services including 3D nails and Japanese nail arts. This place is known to have a history of satisfied customers. You will be served with an efficient set of technicians who will provide you with flawless nail arts well-tuned for your Instagram likes. From fading transitions to bold designs, you just need to name it and you will see it in front of your eyes. The ambiance here is nice and relaxing with a soothing music in the background. Nominated for the 2016 Fans’ Choice Awards for ‘Salons’, Vivian’s Nail Bar has, quite understandably, a lot of fan-following in San Jose.


“Got 3D nails done here for the first time and I am definitely a fan. Unfortunately, my job doesn’t allow me to have fancy nails so I won’t be able to come back as much as I’d like. I showed a lady the picture of how I wanted my nails and she took it up a notch when I told her I was going to be in NY for vacation. I had originally wanted a French tip with 3D bows on the ring fingers and she spruced them up with little jewels on every nail. At first I thought it was a bit much but then I realized how fabulous they looked after I got used to them.”

“I had Amy do my manicure and I actually saw Vivian in action, she’s amazing!”