Top 5 Best Nail Salons near you in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Finding a good nail salon near you is more tiresome than ever these days. With nail salons in almost every plaza of Jacksonville, most women have torn apart when it comes to the question of which nail salon to choose.

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This list has been compiled after a deep research across the web, interview with the salon owners, nail techs, and customers. As a direct customer, your feedback will greatly further improve the quality of this content.

1. Ten Over Ten by Kim

Ten Over Ten is a nail salon owned by Kimberly Christen. She communicates a sense of slight style and classiness to everything she lays her hands on, starting from her manicure table, the pedicure chair beautifying her station, to her Deborah Lippmann products. With Deborah Lipmann massaging cream and a gentle arm and hand massage, she augments her manicures. Her pedicures start with the use of a foot scrub to slough away dull skin right after a consultation, and ends with brushstrokes nail lacquer by Deborah Lipmann. A visit to Ten Over Ten by Kim will provide you with the opportunity of being soaked in the natural rays coming through the large windows in the salon.


“Astounding assortment of nail lacqeurs (including coveted brands like Chanel, RGB and Nars..yay!)”

“Timely. I made an appointment and it started right on time. The technician was efficient and had me all set in the allotted appointment time. Quality. The technician was meticulous with her craft. My nails are happy AF.”

2. De Javu Salon

After a trip to De Javu Salon located in the city of Jacksonville, you will have no choice rather than feeling refreshed, and being happy and pleased with their first-in-class nail services, such as manicure and pedicure. A trip to the salon for a facial is also a sure way of saying goodbye to acne and clogged pores. De Javu Salon is known mostly for offering a vast range of beauty services to their clients/guests, and do not accept walk-ins. Schedule an appointment with them today and get the best which has been awaiting your arrival.


“The complimentary scalp massage and hand massages were amazing and that extra icing on the cake of a great overall experience.”

“Went here today for my 2nd time and it was yet another fabulous experience! I received a complimentary scalp massage, hand massage, margarita, and they also included a free hair treatment (since my birthday just passed). I am super pleased with my new hair. Kristin was great and did a fabulous job! I have a real fear of haircuts and wasn’t particularly sure how I wanted my hair styled, but she made sure I was comfortable and walked me through the process. This place is great and worth the price in my opinion. It’s pretty much the only salon I trust to cut my hair.”

3. Therapy Boutique and Nail Salon

Nothing gets the body and soul relaxed and refreshed than having a professional nail treatment at Therapy Boutique and Nail Salon in Jacksonville. In addition to their nail services, such as nail art, pedicures, and manicures, they offer a wide range of massages to suit the personal, physical and mental needs of their clients and guests. The salon accepts walk-ins during weekdays and weekends, while drivers and clients with bikes do not have to worry about parking space. The salon also offers many payment options, so, head on over to Jacksonville’s Therapy Boutique and Nail salon for stimulating and rejuvenating massage.


“I’ve had my nails done by both Hazel and Brandy and neither have disappointed me, they both do an amazing job.”

“I was fit in last minute and they were a lifesaver!  Thank you so much and thank you to Delicia!  She was awesome and super friendly.  I’ve already told my friends about it and I plan to keep going back.”

4. Willow Organic Salon and Spa

Are you in dire need of a salon offering both nail and beauty services in Jacksonville? Then pay a visit to Willow organic salon and spa take your usual beauty cares to the next level. The salon welcomes operates on the policy of appointments only and offers awing services to everyone, such as coloured pedicures and French manicures. The salon is not limited to accepting a single payment option; a client can equally make use of a MasterCard, Discover, or Visa card. To save yourself some bucks, do not book separate meeting.


“After finding a groupon on a salon that sells organic products, I was sold! I was booked with Eric & it was awesome! My coupon was for a haircut, blowdry & deep condition. I called about 3 hours before my appointment & asked if I could squeeze in hi lights. Eric took care of me no problem & was able to give me some fabulous looking hair! My hair is curly, thick & frizzy! He had no trouble managing it & he really took care of me. If you’re a new customer here book with him & he won’t let you down! I left the salon feeling fabulous.”

“Great service all around! Customer service was great, the staff was very friendly and the prices are great. I had the pleasure of Sarah giving me a wax and she was really helpful and informative. I recommend the sugar wax and to go see Sarah!”

5. Meli Nail Spa

With a visit to Meli Nail Spa and a specialized nail treatment, you can bid farewell to brittle and weak nails. Meli Nail Spa offers services such as pedicures, no-chip gel manicures, nail art, manicures, and beauty enhancement. They don’t accept walk-ins, so, book an appointment with them today and enjoy the dividends of paying a visit to the salon.


“Go get a waterless pedi from Demi. Go right now. (Your fungus-free nails can thank me from the comfy private room later!)”

“I ended up here via a Groupon, but I would definitely go back for the full price treatment! Demi was so nice and made me feel totally comfortable. I almost fell asleep multiple times. My nails are gorgeous and have lasted two weeks already! And the water-less pedicure is so much better than your typical bacteria filled tub of feet water. I’ll be back soon!”