Top 10 Celebrity Nail Designs

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Celebrities are a part of our life. Doesn’t matter even if we have never seen them in our real life, they do exercise a level of influence in our day-to-day life. Their appearance in television and social media have influenced our lives in many ways. When it comes to celebrity style, celebrities are the trendsetters of the fashion industry. They introduce a style which is later adopted by the normal folks that include us.

Here we have picked the top celebrity nails designs that you should try this season. Why should celebrities have all the fun? Go ahead and ask your nail technician to do them to your nails so that you could feel like a real celebrity.

1. Janelle Monae’s Monochrome Nails

Janelle Monae knows well how to impress the paparazzi with her nails. This singer and actor of the Hidden Figures fame walked into Paris Fashion Week in a monochrome geometric manicure. Black and white were the only colors of this design and it was done as blocks. Squares, rectangles, and stripes added to the style. Try this one if you fancy nails that pop out and looks artistic. Pair this up with accessories like monochrome rings and bracelets. A choker would go amazingly with an outfit that uses monochrome nails.

2. Hasley’s Gucci Nails

The American singer and sensation, Hasley have come up with a Gucci logo themed nails. It uses stripes of green and red to create the classic Gucci masterpiece. While the design occupies only the central portion of the nails, it makes your nails look longer as it uses the vertical stripes. Finish with an extra layer of gloss that the colors will also become prominent. Team up this look with trendy stripes outfit to get the perfect look for this autumn.

3. Katy Perry’s Bright Yellow Nails

Who wouldn’t like a bit of experiment with art? Nails are the best for such experiments and Katy Perry knows that. In this picture, she is rocking with her beautiful hair and bright yellow nails. These two colors contrast with each other and have an identity in the outfit.  You too can try this manicure that used bright shades that make your nails quite conspicuous. Other shades to try in this design are light blue, sea green, and neon orange. You can also two fluorescent shades if you would like to employ a certain level of experiment and creativity.

4. Lady Gaga’s Rich Antique Nail Extensions

Lady Gaga has been known for her brave fashion experiments. In fact, she is one of the few people who find fashion inspiration in everything. So why would she exclude nails? In this picture, she has got herself dense nail extensions that combine elements of royal vintage and antique designs. The stones add to the overall glow of the nails while the gold gives classy vibes Designs such as these are good for occasions like a prom or a dance festival. Also, this would be a perfect way to dress up your nails during Halloween. So choose your Disney villain woman and prepare for Halloween!

5. Selena Gomez’s Glitter Nails

Everybody loves Selena. She is bold and inspiring when it comes to work and decisions. We should also appreciate her for her courageous fashion efforts. This is also true with respect to silver and black glitter nail polish. Here a mixture of both silver and nail glitter has been used which slowly gradiate into nothing. You can also decorate the edges of the nail with a shade of dull white or transparent polish.

These designs are ideal for party wear or a club night. The silver-black combination will lend a less shiny appearance that looks classy and trendy at the same time.

6. Zendaya’s Music Themed Nails

The rising star Zendaya isn’t any poor in her style either. In this collection of music themed designs, Zendaya has used black and white as the color spectrum. Nail designs of this sort that showcases your passions and interests are becoming popular today. Themes include music, travel, food etc. You too can build your passion in your nails by getting a manicure that uses symbols and small texts. Well, if you adore music as much as Zendaya does, you should probably imitate the one in the picture and transform your nails into a pretty thing to stare at!

7 Jennifer Lawrence’s Elegant Retro Nails

Who could be a better inspiration to us today that the lady Jennifer Lawrence itself? This Hunger Games fame actress had everything an actor dreams of, including multiple Oscar nominations and many awards. Jennifer Lawrence has a peculiar taste for short nails. It seems that she doesn’t like to grow her nails. In this manicure she uses a pink nail polish which is complemented by a black at the half moon of the nails. This is simple and elegant, perfect for occasions such a wedding or a family party.

8. Beyonce’s Bling Nails

Beyonce is another style icon with millions of followers. This is not just the result of her fashion experiments alone, rather she carries herself with an attitude! Beyonce’s nail designs too are splendid. In this bling nails design, she uses a pearly white with a glossy finish to color her nails. Later this has been topped with sequins and pearls at the moon of the nails, making her fingers look that of a mermaid! Do not forget to notice the shape of the nails as well, long and flat at the tips.

This design is apt for a wedding, be it for the bride or the bridesmaids. You can choose different shapes to paint the nails, such as stripes and waves.

9. Vanessa Hudgens’ Occult Nails

This nail design of Vanessa Hudgens is the perfect description of how you can also make your nails melt into the occult world. Here she has used the designs which are done with a base of black matte polish. Topped with the simple drawing of images like that of a crescent moon and triangles, this one looks very much occult.

Although not suited for occasions like a wedding, these can be an interesting addition to your Halloween. You can also do this design for your college and make a style statement with your nails among your peers.

10. Nicki Minaj’s Yellow and Pink Nails

If you want to learn what attitude is, then there no better choice than our dear Nicki Minaj itself. Nicki Minaj has a very strong personality that she often showcases through her fashion choices. Here she has adopted two unmatching colors on her nails to give the ‘Barbie’ vibes; bright pink and bright yellow. With sequins adorning the middle finger nails, she has also added drama and gloss to the nails.

You can rock in these nails in many occasions, be it a party or day at college. While doing this design, leave plain half moon as done in the design so that you can also show the elegant tone of your natural nails.


Experimenting with nails is not a costly affair. As fashion trends wax and wane, you need to catch up to the wind before it blows away. Trying out the celebrity nails is one way you can get the best nail designs without having to browse through the unending catalogues on nail designs on the internet. Since fashion is very important for celebrities to maintain their identity in the industry, they will continue to try out new designs and patterns. By choosing to follow their styles, you too can be a style icon indeed!