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Welcome to Tips-2-Toes.!

Welcome to Tips-2-Toes! Like the name, we offer Tips-2-Toes services to each of our customers. Our salon is a place that you would love to be in. We take great care of the cleanliness and hygiene. Our nail technicians know their work and know how to offer the best services.

Highlighted Services


Today, waxing is an essential activity undertaken by most women. But waxing is not without risks. If not done properly, waxing can lead to ugly results such as ingrown hair or dehydrated skin. Waxing services at Tips-2-Toes are tailor-made to prevent any such issues. Done with utmost care and perfection, you don't have to worry about the chance of developing ingrown hair from the waxing services in our salon.

Well-manicured hands are a sight to behold! Today manicures are essential to make a statement with our hands. Manicure services at Tips-2-Toes are based on this philosophy. Our highly trained nail technicians will make it their priority to clean, moisturize and polish your nails. We have a long list of manicure services to choose from so that you can have your nails done according to your preferences. We use only high-grade professional nail polishes, cuticle oils and moisturizer from the top brands.

Who doesn’t like luxury services at affordable prices? Our Signature Mani and Pedi services are handcrafted to this purpose. Our Signature Mani and Pedi will provide you with healthy and nourished hands and feet. We use only branded professional grade products so as to get the best results. Also, we stick to sterilized equipments for all our services. Experienced and highly qualified nail technicians, calm salon environment and reasonable prices are some of the amazing features of this service.

Gel Nails are the latest trend in the nail industry. Long lasting and chipping-resistant, gel nails can last up to two weeks without damage. At Tips-2-Toes, we provide gel manicures and pedicures that not only last longer but also make your nails looks spectacular. With its softer appearance and mind-blowing strength, gel nails are the better alternative to the normal nail polish. Being the trend of the future of creative nail art designs, gel nails are must-try!


Sideburn$10 (Half/whole)
Full Face$35
T2T Spa Manicure

Gently push & safetly trim dry cuticles (hangnails).
Trim, shape & buff fingernails.
Relaxing arm & hand massage.
Finish with polish of choice or buff-shine (nails shine with-out the use of polish).

Shellac Manicure$35 
Shellac French$38
Shellac Polish Change     $25
French $28

$3 off with cofc of Musc student ID

Manicure will last 14 days+.

No drilling necessary.

No drying time.

Will not damage natural nails.

Soak-off in 7 minutes.

No smudging.

SNS Dipping Color Gel$40
Add Full Spa Manicure$10
Add Length$5 +
With all the advantages of UV Gel Polish.
No use of UV light.
More durability, made with Calcium & Vitamin.
Toes (polish)$12
Toes (French) $15
Nails (polish) $9
Nails (French) $11
T2T Classic Spa

Push, cut & clean cuticles, trim, shape & buff toenails. Entire foot scrubbed with care to remove rough calluses. Moisturizer massaged to legs & feet to relieve tension. Hot-towel leg-wrap to ease muscles. Finish with polish of choice.

Soothing Cocoa-Butter 

Packed with fatty acids that nurtures your skin & form a natural barrier against skin-damaging environmental influences. Basic Pedicure + Anti-callus treatment: further treat severe dry skin. Mineral-Glow Scrub rubbed onto legs & feet in massage-like motion to exfoliate dull dead skin, revealing healthy new skin.

Cool-Mint SPA Pedicure 

Ideal for hot summer days. Enjoy this tingly cool feeling for hours. Basic Pedicure + Anti-callus treatment: further treat severe dry skin. Mineral-Glow scrub rubbed onto legs & feet in massage-like motion to exfoliate dull dead skin. Clay mask to moisturize and maintain healthy new skin. Hot-towel leg-wrap allowing products to further penetrate skin.

Peaceful Lavender 

Known for its calming & soothing fragrance: melt away the cares of your day while nourishing your feet. Basic Pedicure + Anti-callus treatment: further treat severe dry skin. Mineral-Glow scrub rubbed onto legs & feet in massage-like motion to exfoliate dull dead skin. Clay mask to moisturize and maintain healthy skin. Hot-towel leg-wrap allowing products to further penetrate skin.

Tropical Paradise 

Benefits of citrus: freshen, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin; lighten and reduce freckles, discoloration and scars. Basic Pedicure + Anti-callus treatment. Mineral-glow scrub of choice. Clay Mask to moisturize and maintain healthy new skin. Hot-towel wrap. Leg & foot massage with moisturizer of choice. Paraffin Dip of foot for ultimate hydration.

Champagne and Rose Pedicure

Celebrate and reward your feet! Indulge and enjoy a complimentary sparkling wine while relaxing as rose petal foot scrub and rose clay mask and warm lotion massage.


T2T Classic Spa Pedicure

This pedicure includes cleaning, nail shaping, cuticle details, callus treatment, warm towel therapy, massage and polish of your choice. 


Green Tea Pedicure

This pedicure provides feet with the anti-aging benefits of tea to help relax and rejuvenate skin while protecting and repairing damage. The Green Tea scrub and mask, which is infused with antioxidant green tea is applied. 


Hydrating and Healing Spa Pedicure

Revitalize the skin with paraffin, the natural enzyme found in papaya and powerful anti-oxidants for guava nectar. Together, this blend gives radiance while infusing the skin with maximum hydration. 


Peaceful Lavender Pedicure

Stress relief pedicure. Lavender scented exfoliating scrub remove dry skin. A warm lavender foot treatment is applied to decrease fluid retention and swelling. Leg and foot massage is concluded in this relaxing pedicure experience.


Garden Rose Pedicure

For a few moments, your life becomes a bed of roses. Your tired and trampled feet are revitalized in a luxurious foot bath with rose salt scrub and a rose bouquet.Then take a pleasure in an exfoliating rose salt a scrub and stone clay mask that polishes the skin and leaves it smooth and supple.

Chocolate Spa Pedicure

A very delicious and decadent chocolate spa experience line no other. A combination of chocolate scrub, masque and cream will make you skin soft and delicious for hours.


Cool-Mint Spa Pedicure

This delight will have your feet tingling and your body mingling. A mint exfoliating scrub is applied to remove your dead skin. Then your legs are wrapped in a stimulating cool masque to relieve dry skin, rejuvenate and maintain youthful elastic.


Hot Stone Pedicure

The therapeutic service includes the use of hot polished basalt stoes to intensely massage your feet and calves stimulating blood flow for total relaxation. Scrub and paraffin treatments are also applied.


Exfoliating Soothing Cocoa Butter Pedicure

This pedicure helps remove dead and dry skin. It leaves your feet feeling like air.


Raw Earth Pedicure

A super-hydrating, aroma therapeutic pedicure packed with vitamins and minerals to promote beautiful, healthy-looking feet. A warming, raw sugar A.H.A foot scrub that exfoliates, polish smoothes and refines. Protective volcanic day feet massage fortified with hydrating vitamins and minerals to deep condition the skin, smoothing moisturizer, rich in vitamins and minerals shields the skin with a stain finish.


Anti-Aging Pomegranate Pedicure

Indulge and nourish your feet with a pomegranate and sea salt scrub loaded with nutrients and snit-aging oxidants. Then melt away with a warm foot wrap to further soothe and soften your skin.


Milk and Honey Pedicure

Moisturizing exfoliate feet a milk and honey scrub, which combines of dead sea salt and soybean oil, is applied to help circulation and rejuvenating your skin. A deep dermal transforming wrap brings moisture to a deep level of dermis. Then massage with a milk and honey lotion to soften and smooth your skin.


Tropical Paradise Pedicure

A spa pedicure with products that contain triple action fruit derived from AHA’s leaving legs silky smooth.


Spa Paraffin Pedicure

Paraffin is amazing for dry skin if leaves your feet feeling silky smooth.


Lemon Pedicure

This deluxe citrus Facial for the feet is the ultimate restorative treatment. The Crystalline citrus scrub reawakens the skin and reduces the visual signs of aging. The citrus mask rejuvenates and helps restore skin to a more youthful appearance. Lemon wedges are gently rubbed onto dried-out toenails to restore the white, clean and healthy look.


$3 Off withh CofC or Musc student ID


 Set/ with IDFill/ with ID

Always beautiful.

Powder Gel 

Clear, smooth, & natural.
Finish with UV Gel coat for ultimate shininess.

$38/36 $25
Liquid Gel  

Ultra Clear & Natural, Light weight.
Entire Nail of UV gel for extreme glamour.

Solar Nail (Pink & White)

Classic French nails done with 2 tone powder.
Never chip, dull, or lose its shine.

Pink & White Dipping Gel 

No use of purple nail liquid. No smell.
No use of UV Light.

Acrylic $3
Gel  $5
Solar $5 
Take-Off $10 
Cut-Down  $3
French  $5

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Reviews in Tips-2-Toes

Reviewed on Facebook

Just wow !!!! This place looks amazing I love your color variety so far largest selection I've seen from any were I've been to be for also your spa chairs the massage on them were great I needed it i want to wish you lots of success in this location and as usual thanks for the exellent service you gave me and my friend she loved her gel manicure keep up your good work and always stay charming will for sure be back thanks again 

Reviewed on Google

Stephen and Jazz are amazing. My pedicure and manicure came out perfect! Jazz did both! I didn't wait long enough for my big toenail to dry because I was in a hurry to get to dinner. As a result, I messed the nail polish up in putting on my heels. I called Stephen to let him know that I needed to get the toe fixed and told him my friend wanted a manicure, and he said they were closed, but that I could come in and get it fixed. When my friend and I got there, my friend realized that she had left her purse at Starbucks. Stephen was super gracious and kind in running with her all the way back to the Starbucks, so she didn't get lost and got there quickly. They found my friend's purse where we'd been sitting and then when they came back he said he would do a polish change for her. Never mind they'd closed 30min before. Stephen is a great business owner with a big heart. The staff were all kind and great, too! I highly recommend his nail salon.

Reviewed on Facebook

My friend and I were looking for a new nail salon, and decided to try this one due to the reviews. It did not disappoint!
They did a great job!

I walked into the Tips to Toes Nail Spa without an appointment. I was greeted very politely and they were able to fit me in right away. I picked out my color and sat down in a very comfortable chair with a flat screen with the Weather Channel on right above. Perfect. Hugo did a beautiful job on my nails. He is now working on my toes. They offered me something to drink and I asked for water. They brought it in a beautiful water glass with ice and a straw. First class!

Why We Are Special

Take care of your foot in the best way possible.
Warm & Welcome Atmosphere
Beat the fashion with gel nails

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