Things to Know Before Getting a Pedicure

Jul, 11 by Nidhi Jain in
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Nails are only a tiny part of the human body. However keeping them healthy and beautiful can require some care and attention from your side. Nail salons are a huge relief in that sense. An occasional visit to the nail salon guarantees you flawless beautiful nails. Yet there are a few things that you need to keep in your mind while getting a pedicure.

Getting a pedicure for the first time can be an emotional affair. You may be excited over the whole affair and will have to browse a long list of procedures. Here we have listed certain things that you need to remember before getting a pedicure so that you have a pleasant pedicure experience. Make sure that you are aware of them before going to the nail salon:


Do not shave your legs at least two days before getting a pedicure: Shaving your legs before visiting a nail salon sounds like a humble thing to do. But shaving with a razor opens the tiny hair follicles in your leg. Although invisible to the naked eye, these nicks can attract bacteria and infection when you get a pedicure. Nail salons are an abode of bacteria and fungus, not because they are bad places, but since they deal with cleaning the nails of hundreds of people every day. So the next time you get a pedicure, avoid shaving your legs. Trust us, nobody is going to judge you.
Season matters when it comes to getting a pedicure: Summer is that bright season when you can walk around in bright floral dresses and colorful flip flops. For the same reason, most women get pedicures in the summer. Getting a pedicure in the winter can be a drag because you will find it difficult to walk out of the salon in sandals, meanwhile, you also have to follow the sock-free and shoe-free leg rule for at least eight hours after getting a pedicure.
Do not cut your cuticles before getting a pedicure: Cuticles are the dead skin at the base of your toenail and fingernail. Your cuticles are there for a reason. Their role is not to look good rather it is there to protect your nails from harm. Cutting your cuticles leaves them prone to bacterial and fungal infections.
Instead, you can soak your nails in warm soapy water and push them behind before you visit the nail salon.
Get your own nail toolkit if you want to: The instruments used in the nails salons are used on many people. It is difficult to expect 100% cleanliness and infection free equipment. Bringing your nail tool kit can, therefore, reduce the chance of infection. You can bring your own nail nippers, nail buffers, pumice stones, foam toe separators and emery boards can be quite helpful. If you are okay with the salon tools, then make sure that they use hospital grade disinfectant.

Ensure that the foot bath is safe: Some nail salons clean only the surface of the tub. It increases the chances of infection. Talk to the technician about its particulars before going for a foot bath. Also, make sure that the water jets are sanitized after each client is done with the procedure.
As for a tour of the nail salon: If you are getting a pedicure in a particular salon for the first time make sure that you know the salon well. Take a tour of the environment and their equipment to understand their cleanliness and hygiene. Don’t get your pedicure done if you aren’t satisfied with the salon condition.