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Welcome to Skyline Nails & Spa!

A recent addition to the town of Collierville, Skyline Nails & Spa offers nail care in its simplest and purest forms. Located at 2050 W. Poplar Ave Ste. 103 Collierville TN 38017, our salon is a good spot for an affordable manicure or a friendly spa time. Skyline Nails & Spa hosts a number of nail care services including manicure, pedicure, liquid pedicure and manicure, dipping colors and more. All our services are done by experienced technicians who are skilled and creative in the work they do. Now you are sure to get flawless hands and feet with our friendly staff and hygienic practices! The salon is located next to Bank of America and Target. For appointments, you can at +1 (901) 316-8143. We also accept walk-in customers.

Highlighted Services

A good spa time with the aura and the fragrance of candles is the best way to relax after a busy weekend. We have introduced our new service, Candles Mani and Pedi to bring together your nail care with beautiful spa time. An exclusive service in this region, you should definitely treat your hands and toes with this charming service.

A highly demanded service in salons these days, dipping nails are slowly becoming a choice between those who wish to have the benefits of a gel and an acrylic manicures. Our salon has trained technicians who will do this service with precision and talent. Try it out the next time you visit the salon!

The Spa Pedicure & Manicure is one of the greatest attractions of the salon. It will restore your heels and toes to health, leaving it flawless. Done by expert technicians, this service will soothe your skin and nails, along with an amazing spa experience in our luxurious and comfortable interiors! It is also affordably priced.

A good Dipping Powder collection is necessary to enjoy a multitude of colors and textures. Our salon has an advanced Dipping Powder service for those who would like to combine style with perfection! We have a large collection of Dipping Powders, around 600-700 of them, to give you more choice in picking the right color and texture.

Our Menu

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Wine will be served only for persons above 21 years of age.
• Champagne 
• Mimosa 
• Merlot 
• White Zintendale 
• Chardonnay 
• Moscato 
• Water 
• Orange Juice 
• Diet Coke 
• Coke 
• Sprite 
All of manicures include: 
Hand soap, nail trimming, shaping, light cuticle grooming, buffing and your choice of polish.
All of pedicures include: 
Disposable Pedicure liner, foot bath, nail trimming, shaping, light cuticle grooming, buffing, calluses smoothing and your choice of polish.
Basic speedy grooming service for those on the go (no massage, quick-on-the-go).
Because you deserve it! Sugar scrub is a delicate blend of exfoliating and softening ingredients with antioxidant benefits.
Included: Sugar scrub, hot towels, moisturizing massage.
Paraffin therapy is one of the most effective methods of applying deep heat to relieve pain and stiffness. The warm paraffin also moisturizes for healthier looking, softer skin.
Warm paraffin wax treatments are fast-acting, drug-free, and versatile, providing heat therapy for many different applications from arthritis joint pain relief to salon hand and foot. Included: Sugar scrub, hot towels, moisturizing massage and paraffin wax.
Benefits of Jelly are that the dense jelly mixture massages stressed muscle and acts as a gentle exfoliate. Jelly retains water naturally and combined with the fragrant oils, moisturizes and softens dry cracked skin. Included: Jelly, hot towels, moisturizing massage, paraffin wax.
Lavender’s soothing effects are incredibly healing to the mind & body, relieving stress and anxiety for a relaxing experience. Mint possesses anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and calm irritated skin. It is also high in Vitamin A levels, which helps to strengthen the skin as well as reduces oiliness. Perfect for: Calming & Moisturizing. Included: Lavender mint sea salt, sugar scrub, moisture mask, moisturizing cream massage.
Mandarin Orange extracts act as a natural antiseptic that refines the skin and promotes skin cell turnover, revealing brighter, younger-looking skin. Mango’s antioxidant properties help nourishes and protect the skin. Perfect for: Age-Defying. Included: Mandarin & Mango sea salt, sugar scrub, moisture mask, moisturizing cream massage with hot stone (4-piece hot stone).
We light a fragrant soy candle at the beginning of your service, which later turns into a melted lotion which we smooth right onto your hands and feet. This relaxing aromatherapy service uses pure essential oils and natural raw ingredients to relax and balance the senses. Included: Lavender Vanilla Body Candle, Lavender Neck Wrap, and Lavender Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub, milk, lavender oil, flower petals.
We light a fragrant soy candle at the beginning of your service, which later turns into a melted lotion which we smooth right onto your hands and feet. This relaxing aromatherapy service uses pure essential oils and natural raw ingredients to relax and balance the senses.
Included: Lavender Vanilla Body Candle, Lavender Neck Wrap, and Lavender Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub, milk, lavender oil, flower petals.
Manicure $46
Pedicure $58
Help soothe stressed, hydrated completions and reduce fatigue. Fresh cucumber is great for dehydrated skin, to help moisturize and tighten tired feet, leaving it feeling moist and smooth.
Included: Fresh cucumber slices, sea salt, sugar, moisture mask, moisturizing massage, warm herbal neck wrap, 4-pieces hot stone.
Milk and Honey work together as a nutrient-rich humectant that promotes moisture retention in the skin. Antioxidant-rich White Chocolate helps to fight against free radical damage from the sun as well as from environmental pollutants. Perfect for: Softening & hydrating.
Included: Organic honey & milk sea salt, sugar scrub, moisture mask, paraffin wrap, moisturizing massage, warm herbal neck wrap, 4-piece hot stone.
Lemongrass, a natural antiseptic and astringent, helps to eliminate toxins and bacteria from the skin while controlling oil production & minimizing the appearance of pores. Green Tea helps to reduce inflammation and redness. Perfect for: Purifying. Included: Organic green tea & lemongrass sea salt, sugar scrub, moisture mask, paraffin wrap, 12- pieces hot stone and moisturizing cream massage.
Herbal Spa products bring the essence of nature’s healing power to the skin. The products are rich in natural ingredients and chock full of vitamins which will purify your body, stimulate blood circulation and relax your muscles. Rose petal and essential oils help soothe your mood and smooth your skin. This pedicure will help leave your feet as soft and as delicate as rose petals.
Included:  Herbal Dried Roses, Rose Sea Salt, Sugar Scrub, Mask, Massage Oil, and Massage Cream, paraffin wax, hot stone (10-pieces hot stone for feet) and warm HERBAL neck wrap.

Acrylic or Overlay$28$18
White Tip$33$18/$23
Acrylic w Shellac / Gel Polish$45


Colors Acrylic$40$30
Acrylic Ombre $50$30/$50
Solar Pink and White$55$45
Acrylic Toes$40$30
One Acrylic Big Toe$7$5
Dip Full Set or Overlay$38
Ombre Dip Set$60
Pink and White Dip Nails Set$48
Dip Manicure$48
Shellac Polish Change $24
Shellac Basic Manicure$35
Shellac Basic Pedicure$47
Shellac/Gel Color$20
Chrome Nail$20
Cuticle Trim$6
Hand/Toes Polish Change$8 / $12
Take off with / Without Service$6 / $12
Nail Designs$4 up
One Nail Repair / Shinny Buffing$5
Long Nails or Different Shaped (coffin, almond, etc…)$5 up
Paraffin Wrap$12
Swarovski Crystal/Rhinestones$2 up
For ages 10 & under
Manicure/Pedicure$12 / $23
Polish Change Nails/Toes$6 / $8
Upper/Lower Lip$8
Side Burn $15
Full Face $45
Lower Legs$35
Upper Legs$45
Full Legs $70
Under Arm$25 +
Full Arm$40
Chest for Men$50 +
Half Back for Men$50 +
Full Back for Men$60 +
The customer has the right not to have drills used on his or her nails.
No Refunds, Returns and Exchanges
We reserve the right to refuse service to everyone.
We will re do any service at no cost to you if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the work we do, provided that you tell us immediately after we have performed the service that you are unhappy with the quality of the work.
If your nails become scratched or mis-shaped we will fix them if you notify the salon at which you received the service within 24 hours of the service.
You must arrange an appointment to have your nails fixed within 7 days after your initial service.
We will not be responsible for any breaking, lifting or infected nails.
As soon as you have walked out the salon door that means you have accepted and are happy with the service provided to your nails.
We will charge you for the costs of any repairs or replacements that we have to carry out because of damage that you have caused.
Gift Card
No cash advances: You cannot obtain any cash advance with your Gift Card or redeem your Gift Card for cash.
Lost or stolen Gift Cards: Treat your Gift Card like cash. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced or refunded.
Gift Cards cannot be cancelled: You cannot cancel your Gift Card.
Your Gift Card, your responsibility: You are responsible for the use and safety of your Gift Card.
Child Policy
Our services are reserved for you and other clients for a total relaxation. For this reason and for insurance liability, no small children please unless supervised by an adult.
What you need to do.
To allow us to provide a quality service as efficiently as possible, you need to:
Ask for the service which you would like to have. If you are unsure, please speak to the manager.
Inform our staff if you are allergic to any chemicals or substances before the receiving any service.
Whilst receiving any service please provide our staff with your feedback and or comments on their services so our staff can satisfy your requirements straight away.
Inform the staff member or salon manager immediately if you have any concern relating to the salon, the staff, or any service.
At Skyline Nails & Spa, we strive our best to provide high quality service and we treat you with courtesy and respect.
If you have any complaints or feedback, please contact the manager.
If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact Julie by text or call
(901) 871 3984 or email:
Thank you for your continuing support us.
Skyline Nails & Spa Management

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Review on Skyline Nails & Spa

Reviewed on Facebook

Just went here for the first time. My nails are exactly for what i asked for. Took they’re time to make sure i was extremely happy.

Reviewed on Facebook

I wasn't really looking for a new nail salon but I found it! They are amazing. Everyone is superb! I'll be making this my regular place!!

Reviewed on Facebook

I have been going here since they opened and I have always had an amazing time and amazing nails!!!

Reviewed on Facebook

Definitely recommend Skyline Nails & Spa! Clean salon, quality work, and just nice, honest people. Thanks for the beautiful service you guys do! I won't go anywhere else!

Why We Are Special

Located at an easily accessible point in town.
A relaxing atmosphere for the best salon experience.
100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all services.

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