Charcoal Powder Detox Pedicure

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Charcoal Powder Detox Pedicure

Price: $60
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Detailed Description

Welcome to Diamond Art Nails! ​It is our privilege to serve you with our Charcoal Powder Detox Pedicure.
The naturally porous surface of charcoal attracts dirt and oil like a magnet while drawing odor-causing bacteria and grime from deep within the pores. This ultimate detox spa will leave your skin feeling new with the power of black charcoal. Enjoy this pedicure with a free glass of mimosa!

This pedicure includes:
● Charcoal Powder Soak
● Sea Salt Massage
● Charcoal Powder Mask
● Paraffin Treatment
● Hot Stone Massage
● Free Mimosa!
Join us to have an enjoyable experience.
Diamond Art Nails offers a list of services that’ll surely make your spa time a luxurious experience!
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit us today.

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