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Welcome to Nailed and Lashed.!

Welcome to Nailed and Lashed! Like the name, we offer Glow Nail Bar services to each of our customers. Our salon is a place that you would love to be in. We take great care of the cleanliness and hygiene. Our nail technicians know their work and know how to offer the best services.

Highlighted Services

Now you can enjoy our signature 4-Step Deluxe Spa Pedicure! Comprising of luxurious treatments using our selected pedicure lotion, mask, sugar scrub and spa scents, this service will make you feel like a Queen! Done with special professional-grade products, the 4-Step Deluxe Pedicure is sure to guarantee you beautiful and healthier looking skin. Make an appointment with us now to enjoy fear hours of relaxation while we beautify your feet!

Gel manicures are an easier are durable alternative to the regular nail polish. The gel technology used a polish that is cured under a UV/ LED lamp. Now you can stop hunting for the best gel manicures in Las Vegas, for the hunt is over!. Nailed and Lashed provides high-quality gel manicure at affordable prices. We have a gel nail polish collection of more than colors, all open for you to try on your nails!

In this fast paced world, we often tend to forget about giving our skin the care it requires. Waxing, exfoliation and moisturising have a major role in giving healthy and attractive skin. At Nailed and Lashed, we offer high-quality waxing services so that you get flawless, pretty skin at your disposal.We use high quality wax and sterilised equipments to prevent any chance of infection. Most importantly, we do not double dip our wax!

Eyelashes are perhaps the most graceful facial feature women have. At [Salon_Name] we specialise in highly precise eyelash extension service. Our technicians with many years of experience in the industry will give you the best eyelashes for your face. We use only high-quality professional equipment for all our services, so that your eyelashes can enjoy perfection at its best! Make sure to call us an make an appointment before you come.

Our Menu

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In and Out Manicure

Short on time? Get cleaned up and out the door with a brand spanking new color of the moment. Featuring our sinfully rich “Pure” lotion comprised of Warm Vanilla, Fig, Cedarwood, and Jasmine with just a hint of Blueberry.

In and Out Plus Manicure

More of the best part! Extra massage time featuring our sinfully rich “Pure” lotion comprised of Warm Vanilla, Fig, Cedarwood, and Jasmine with just a hint of Blueberry.

Gel Manicure

The In and Out Manicure with Gel Polish.

The Man-Up Manicure

Designed specifically for our gentleman, this custom treatment moisturizes and invigorates while leaving skin hydrated and looking incredibly groomed and refreshed. This treatment includes cuticle trimming, a natural buff and ends with an Tonic lotion application from our signature men’s line. Nothing fruity, Nothing floral!.

Million Dollar Manicure

Can you spare just a few minutes more? Let us pamper you with our products, an exfoliating hand Scrub, Warm Paraffin softening and Hand Massage with a lotion application of your choice. You will leave feeling renewed and polished.

 Nail Extensions
 Acrylic Tip Full Set (Round or Square Only) $35
 Acrylic Tip Full Set (Stiletto, Coffin or Almond)$45
 Acrylic Tip Full Set Plus Gel Polish $55
 Full Acrylic Set Gel Polish (Stiletto, Coffin or Almond) $65
Acrylic Sculpture Full Set (Square & Round Only)$65
Acrylic Fills $25
Acrylic Fill with Gel Polish $45
Liquid Gel Tips Full Set $55
Liquid Gel Sculpture Full Set$75
Liquid Gel – Fill $45
Acrylic Pink & White Tips – Full Set $55
Acrylic Pink & White – Sculpture Full Set$75
Acrylic Pink & White -Toes Full Set $45
Acrylic Pink & White- Pink fill$30
Acrylic Pink & White – Back fill$45
Custom Sculpture / Glitter (Square & Round Only) – Full Set$75
Custom Glitter (Square & Round Only) – Fill$45
Manicure Salon Las VegasYou Get Boyfriend Nail Art

Bling Bling I want Bling. Let our expert nail technicians adorn a nail or two with a design that sparkles just for you! Add a few stones, a charm, or design to your favorite nail extension or nail polish.

Pedicure Salon Las VegasYou Keep Boyfriend Nail Art

More Bling Bling let us turn all your fingertips into miniature works of art! Sure to get you noticed again and again and again! Select a combination of charms, stones, and designs to be added to your favorite nail polish or nail extensions.

Nail Salon Las VegasYou Choose Boyfriend Nail Art

Every inch of every nail covered in the most, maximum, major OMG! blingitty bling bling your fingertips can handle! Add designs, stones, charms, in multiple combinations to your rocked out, super sassy favorite nail extensions for one of a kind look.

Nail A la Carte
Polish change$10
Ombre Gel$10
French Polish$5
Gel Polish$25
Gel Top Coat$10
Gel Polish Removal$10
Paraffin Treatment$10
Nail Repair$5
Nail Removal with Service$10
 Nail Removal without Service$15
 Custom Nail Art (Per Nail)$5-$15
 Kids Manicure – 15 min$15
 Kids Polish$7
 Kids Gel Manicure$30
 Callus Remover$5
Standard Pedicures
In and Out Pedicure

We’ll do what’s got to be done: shape, cleanse, gently exfoliate, massage and get you polished and out the door in 25 minutes. This pedicure features our “Pure” signature lotion, this sinfully rich formula combines nuances of Warm Vanilla, Fig, Cedarwood, and Jasmine with just a hint of Blueberry.

In and Out Deluxe Pedicure

Can you spare just a little more time? Try our deluxe version of the In and Out Pedi enhanced with a soothing milk thistle soak, lavender calming mask, along with our sinfully rich “Pure” lotion comprised of Warm Vanilla, Fig, Cedarwood, and Jasmine with just a hint of Blueberry. 35 min.

Kids Pedicure

Cause kids are special too! This Pedi is a mini version of our In and Out pedi listed above.

Kids Gel Pedicure$35
Gel Pedicure

The In and Out Pedicure with Gel Polish. If your looking for long lasting results then this is the Pedicure for you. Come on in and choose from the largest selection of Gel Polish Las Vegas has to offer.

Mani Pedi Combo

Paired up to please, our In and Out Mani and our In and Out Pedi. This Mani/Pedi Combo features our “Pure” signature lotion, this sinfully rich formula combines nuances of Warm Vanilla, Fig, Cedarwood, and Jasmine with just a hint of Blueberry.

Mani Pedi Kids Combo

A tiny price for tiny hands and feet. Kid’s experience the same products and services we provide in our adult version of the In and Out Mani/Pedi.

Gel Mani and Pedi Combo

Add Gel Polish to our In and Out Mani/Pedi combo for a look that lasts. Select from the largest selection of Gel Polish Las Vegas.

Kids Gel Mani and Pedi Combo

Add Gel Polish to our In and Out Mani/Pedi combo for a look that lasts. Select from the largest selection of Gel Polish Las Vegas.

Gel Polish

Select from the largest selection of Gel Polish Las Vegas.

 Rockstar Gel

Glittery, Shimmery, Glossy and Gorgeous! Rockstar brand hard gel really Rocks!

 Specialty Pedicure
 Flower BombFlower Bomb

Smells soooooo good! Let us shower you with flowers as we start your “Flower” pedi bomb powder foot bath. Calm your senses with a spicy love affair blissfully constructed from Lavender essential oil kindled with hints of Rose, Patchouli, and Clove featured in our lovely oriental “Velvet” body scrub. Your service finishes with a pleasantly fragrant Garden of “Eden” body lotion massage, Andrea’s favorite, inspired by the enchanting fragrance “Chinatown” created by Bond #9. This romantic body lotion blends Tuberose, Gardenia, Peony, and Honey. You will feel like you spent the day enjoying the garden!.

 Sassy CitrusSassy Citrus

Revive and refresh! First you’ll soak in a tub filled with rejuvenating Lemon and Lime essential oils contained in our refreshing “Sunshine” pedi bomb powder. Then we will stimulate you with our tantalizingly ripe Pink Grapefruit “Glow” body scrub to awaken and cheer you. Our super citrus delicious tropical fan favorite body lotion “Fresh” entices the senses and restores your body’s natural energy with Petitgrain, Verbena, and Sweet Orange essential oils. This lotion massage application is loaded with powerful Anti-aging Antioxidants and will leave you feeling invigorated. Try this one with a bright sassy color and you will have a spring in your step all day!.

This One is For the BoysThis One’s for the Boys (ok, girls can get it too)

This soothing journey begins with our softening Eucalyptus “Spa” pedi bomb powder foot soak. Next you will experience our refreshing Rosemary “Buff” body scrub, a true spa formula designed to relieve muscle aches and pains while leaving you with an uplifting feeling of purity and cleanliness. A gentle callous removal and your choice of Warm Paraffin or a Rejuvenating Mask follow. We continue with a moisturizing foot massage featuring our exotic one for the boys “Tonic” signature body lotion which contains our special blend of Tobacco Carmel, Water Orchid, and Amber essential oils. To conclude the treatment the nails are perfectly trimmed and shaped. CAMERA READY!.

 You go girlYou go Girl

You Nailed It! You can’t miss with this one. Created from all our favorite products! Your Perfect Pedi begins with our signature “Milk” pedi bomb powder that is featured in our best selling Bath Bombs. This highly addictive bath bomb powder is made from Sandalwood, Vanilla, Mediterranean Fig, and Lavender essential oils, as well as healing Milk Thistle powder. Our “Glow” body scrub follows, full of Pink Grapefruit, Tangerine, and juicy Mango essential oils to awaken, revive, and refresh. Next you will receive a Hot Stone massage, the best part of any Pedi! We follow by yet another massage application of our signature “Karma” body lotion, the most complex of all our products consisting of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tobacco Caramel, Vanilla, Jasmine, Sweet Orange, and Lime. Try this one Bam!.

 Peppermint PattyPeppermint Pattie Pedi

An icy cool refreshing Peppermint Pedi, Lady Gaga’s favorite featured in In Style Mag begins with a customer favorite “Dreamsicle” pedi bomb powder soak containing Blood Orange and Vanilla essential oils. This fantastic scent is also found in one of our best selling Bath Bombs. Next we apply our rich emollient, warm, and decadent “Kiss” body scrub that is fast becoming a stand out amongst our 5 signature body scrubs, it smells good enough to eat! We then utilize natural Peppermint essential oil and Hot Stones to deliver an enticing body icing sensation. We wrap it up with our snappy Coconut Candy Cane body lotion. The brisk textured aroma of delicious Coconut and invigorating scent of Peppermint essential oil featured in our “Ice” creamy body lotion is massaged into your feet and legs hydrating and refining your muscles and tender toes. Yummy!.

Pedicure Salon in Las VegasPlop Plop Fizz Fizz

Been rock’in high heels all day? This intensive healing Pedi is just what your body needs! The service begins with a “Milk” bath pedi powder soak featured in our best selling Bath Bomb. This ultimately additive bath bomb powder is made from Sandalwood, Vanilla, Mediterranean Fig, and Lavender essential oils, as well as healing Milk Thistle powder. Next you will experience our “Buff” refreshing Rosemary exfoliation treatment to stimulate circulation while eliminating dry skin and calluses, followed by a Patchouli oil Hot Stone massage. A herbal Clay Mask to rid the body of toxins is applied, followed by pain relieving Warm Paraffin application to moisturize and heal. A reflexology massage featuring our “Karma” body lotion, the most complex of all our products, consisting of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tobacco Caramel, Vanilla, Jasmine, Sweet Orange, and Lime completes your service. You leave us smoothed, shaped, and reformed. You’re going to feel so good!.

The Rain Forest

Inspired by the healing spirit of the Tropical Rainforest created to infuse rich nutrients and essential oils that work harmoniously to for a true “Spa” experience. This Pedi begins with none other than our Eucalyptus “Spa” pedi bomb powder. Our “Velvet” body scrub, a spicy love affair blissfully constructed from Lavender essential oil kindled with hints of Rose Patchouli, and Clove prepares the skin for maximum absorption. The wax from an aromatic essential oil soy candle heated to the perfect temperature is massaged into your feet and legs with Basalt Hot Stones not once but twice, followed by a Soothing Mud Mask and Warm Paraffin application. We wrap your feet and legs in warm scented towels to promote absorption of moisture while we massage your hands and arms. We finish by locking in moisture with our “Eden” body lotion, Andrea’s favorite, inspired by the enchanting fragrance “Chinatown” created by Bond #9, which boasts a romantic blend of Tuberose, Gardenia, Peony, and Honey. This heavenly 60 minute Pedicure will leave you relaxed and ready for anything!.

The Red or White PediThe Red or White Pedi

Cabernet or Chardonnay? That’s right, Red or White? Say goodbye to the stress of your day with some good old-fashioned wine therapy. This one is the best! (Sip) back and enjoy, a tub of fragrant flowers with our “Petals” Rose Hips pedi bomb powder. Next our comes our “Champagne” body scrub, a Nailed and Lashed signature flavor. This lavish first class scent is worth every penny, created especially for the “Glam Girl” in all of us! It is high in Vitamin C and Antioxidants too. Our signature scrub application is followed by a A Basalt Hot Stone massage with Antioxidant Grape Seed oil to warm your soul. A soothing Clay Mask that will hydrate your skin and awaken your senses. Warm Paraffin is applied next to soften and lock in your skin’s natural moisture. We finish with extra massage time and our signature essential oil body lotion “Tonic” a special blend of Sandalwood, Water Orchid, and Amber essential oils to heal and reduce inflammation. Add your favorite color and you are on your way! We’ve got you for 60 minutes but you won’t want to leave, EVER!.

Foot FadFoot Fad Sparkle Toes

Add some Bling Bling to your toes accompanied by your favorite Pedi. Our Foot Fad Nail Art is a perfect addition of Swarovski diamonds or charms, great for vacations, summer, any special occasion or just because.

Two for One

Short on time but need some love’n? Have your finger and toes done simultaneously, two of our fabulous technicians will make you feel good all over all at once! This is the real Queen Bee! Deeply satisfying in half time! Enjoy the services of your choice.

Face of an Angel – Classic Lashes

We believe lashes should be made affordable for everyone at least once. In an effort to ensure to you stand out amongst all the glitz and glamor only Las Vegas.

Hollywood Glam – A Mix of Classic & Volume Lashes

Get Glamorous with an elegantly appointed set of luscious lashes that will definitely turn some heads! This set is our most popular. Who doesn’t want to wake up wonderful? You’re gonna love your lashes so much you will never go back to a messy, gunky, tube of mascara again!.

Sin City Diva – Volume Lashes

For Vegas Vixens Only! Voluptuous and as velvety as you can get!
Now that’s hot! This full set includes 3 -6 Lash extensions to each of your own healthy natural Lashes the Sin City Diva is a home run!.

Lash Goddess – Extreme Volume Lashes

Extreme Lashes are also known as Mega Volume or Russian Volume Lashes. This technique applies up to 15 very fine Lashes to each one of your own natural healthy Lashes. This Fabulous Set is for Goddesses only that want that insanely fully loaded look!

Just a Quickie Makeup Removal Facial Add On

*15 min- No time, rushing from work? Get relaxed and ready to be Lashed with is amazing add on that improves the retention of your lash extensions. Our Lash Bath Facial will cleanse your lashes, tone and moisturize your skin.

Lash Removal$25

Lash Fills
Fills Classic $59 Mixed $79 Volume $89 Extreme $109 (Traditional fill replaces 30%)

Mini Lash Fill Classic $39 Mixed $49 Volume $59 Extreme $99 (Touch up replaces 20%)

Major Fill Classic $79 Mixed $99 Volume $109 Extreme $129 (A much needed fill replaces 40%)

In and Out Maintenance Facial

*30 min- Short on time but need some love’n? Try our version of a “Lunch Time Facial” specifically designed for your skin type.

Doll Face Facial for Combination Skin

Cause you were born that way pretty girl! This Facial is designed with the young and proud in mind. Featuring products for normal to combination skin types designed to maintain natural beauty. Forever 21 Baby!

Classic Facials (60 Minutes)$75
Soak it up Girly Hydrating Facial

A must have for Vegas Vixens! This vitamin C packed moisturizing treatment is designed to hydrate even the driest of skins. Lightens, brightens and tightens while reducing redness and soothing the skin with vital nutients.

Face Plant Anti-Aging Facial

Results oriented treatment combines innovative lifting and firming techniques. Botanical ingredients to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, correct pigmentation, and tighten all while moisturizing the skin and relaxing the soul. The perfect “Pick Me Up” created for the Ladies of Las Vegas!

You Glow Girl Illuminating Facial

From Show Girls to Pool Girls this fabulous Facial will make you “THE IT GIRL” with it’s brightening and illuminating effect on the skin. Guaranteed to eliminate the dirt and grime left behind associated looking your best in Vegas! Perfect before a night on the town! Cocktails anyone?

Game Face Acne Facial

Beat that oily acne game! Powerfully clean, fight, and win! If you want to clear up your skin without taking prescribed medications this treatment uses salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and antibacterial ingredients for a very deep cleanse. Includes the ultimate high frequency Zit Zapper!

Manly Man Facial

This Facial is tailored to the different characteristics and demands of male skin. Our men’s facial includes a thorough cleansing, a microdermabrasion used to resurface dead skin cells, and an Ultrasonic massage used to soften & firm skin.

Nailed and Lashed Signature Facial

Our Nailed and Lashed Signature Facial is a therapeutic skin treatment tailored to the address the specific needs of each guest individually. Skin congestion, lack of radiance, skin sensitivity, fine wrinkle lines, and loss of firmness are common in men and women as we age. This premium experience is designed to target the effects of the dry desert heat and the the excessive sun exposure associated with living in Las Vegas.

Bare But… Booty Facial

This bump-banishing booty Facial includes a high frequency treatment stops acne in it’s tracks and evens out your skin tone. The ultrasonic massage tones and lifts. Designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. A must for Vegas Hotties and Bikini Babes!

Vegas Vajazzle Facial

Our version of the Peach Smoothie Vajacial. Why not feel fresh and fabulous EV-ERY- WHERE? Designed in Europe with the Bride to be in mind for her wedding night. A must for any woman who wants to feel her best for that special someone. This new trend addresses ingrown hairs and leaves that Kitty Pretty. Meow!

 Just a Quickie Makeup Removal Facial

*15 min- No time, rushing from work to your appointment? Get relaxed and ready to be Lashed with is amazing add on that improves the retention of your lash extensions. Our Lash Bath Facial will cleanse your lashes, tone and moisturize your skin.

 Peeling Groovy Chemical Peel

Choose from a variety of chemical peels to suit every skin type. Enjoy one on it’s own or as an add on to any Facial Treatment for $35

Micro-Conversion Microdermabrasion

A tiny diamond head tip is used to buff away the surface of the skin, which stimulates collagen production and cellular renewal while minimizing the appearance of skin damage. You’ll leave feeling ultra-soft and sexy! This treatment can be added to a Facial Service for $50.

Let’s Neck Now Chest and Neck Facial Add On

Our ultrasonic treatment for the chest and neck is the perfect solution to lift and tone. Double chins have never been in!

 Pucker Up Baby Lip Enhancement Add On

Add a watermelon lip scrub and Image Ormedic lip enhancement Ooh LaLa!

 Say Eye Do Eye Treatment Add On

Are you tired of hearing “You Look Tried”? Our vitamin C revitalizing eye mask aids in the elimination of puffiness and dark circles.

Eyebrow Waxing$15
Lip Waxing$10
Chin Waxing$10
Nose Waxing$10
Ear Waxing$12
Neck Waxing$20
Full Face Waxing$50
Bikini Waxing$35
Brazilian Waxing$60
Under Arm Waxing$20
Stomach Waxing$20
Half Arm Waxing$25
Full Arm Waxing$45
Half Leg Waxing$35
Full Leg Waxing$55
Feet / Toes Waxing$15
Shoulders Waxing$20
Back Waxing$50
Chest Waxing$50

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Reviewer on Nailed and Lashed

I personally want to thank Chris (owner), Cio (manager) and Ashley (lash expert) for saving my holiday. I have a lady I usually go to but I wanted to try someone else, and after going to the other location in Sahara and not have my expectations met, long story short is that they made it possible for me to come in the following day and get them redone. 

I personally support businesses that take care of their customers. I will keep coming back to this location.

Reviewed on Google

Love this salon. I can go online find an appointment that works for me. Absolutely recommend Joan for waxing eyebrows she is the best!

Reviewed on Google

Drove past several times and thought I would stop in around 5 on a Saturday with no appointment. I was greeted by a young energetic receptionist and requested a gel manicure. I was referred immediately to Monica who was attentive from the start. Overall the experience was very pleasant. Monica is incredibly knowledgeable and I have a better understanding of why my nails break in the same places as well as the importance of going to a clean salon. She also picked out colors for me after explaining what I was wanting. I am very happy with the outcome and I will 100% be a return customer.

Reviewed on Yelp

Great pedicure! Came in for the first time and felt very comfortable. I'll be coming back for sure

Reviewed on Google

I Love my mIl tech's they are patient with me even when I miss my appointments. The vibes and good tunes are awesome and bottom do they make your feet feel so Good...

Reviewed on Yelp

Kymmie is the best! Wish I would have found this place sooner. Love the atmosphere and everyone is very friendly.

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