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Passion Nails has been known for our clean, professional, and high-quality services. Our trained and qualified staff ensures that you can trust our services blindly. For the best results and your safety, we use only branded high-grade products. We also use disposable pedicure liners, so that you will not have any risk of infections! We take hygiene and sanitation standards seriously, and all precautions are taken to guarantee it. With a relaxing atmosphere and a wide range of services, you are sure to have a fantastic experience at Passion Nails.
We do not give refunds or allow exchanges for any services performed or for gift vouchers.
If you are unsatisfied with our service, please speak with the manager immediately, and we will do our best to remedy the situation.

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How to book an appointment online?

Book your appointment by sending a notice to the salon manager’s email. Please mention your name, phone number, and the service(s) required.
We will respond to you and confirm your appointment.

How is gel polish or Shellac polish removed?

Gel polish is very difficult to remove with standard nail polish remover and if you peel it off it can damage your nails so it is always advisable to book in for professional take off at …Nails
This involves gentle hand filing, an acetone soak for a few minutes. Your (Name Salon) Technician will then use tools to remove the last of the polish and neaten up your nails ready to go!

Will acrylic or gel extensions damage my nails?

If you have your extensions professionally applied and professionally maintained and removed by qualified nail technicians, there should only be minimal damage to your nail plate. However, constant acrylic application can make your nail plate weak so we advise a small break in between. Beware of nail technicians who leave your nails with white patches, damage and weakness.
It goes without saying that if you pick at your nails or pull them off yourself, the nail will be badly damaged. Professional technicians like those will use the correct, branded, high quality products to apply and remove your nail extensions.

How long does standard polish last for?

Standard nail polish usually lasts up to 5 days and is a great choice for temporary or short one off occasions. If that’s what you’re looking for then we recommend booking a classical manicure. It does take a fair few minutes to dry fully to avoid smudges on your manicure.
If that’s too short of period for you then we recommend booking a shellac (gel) manicure, which is designed to last up to two weeks!

What is an Overlay?

This is when either acrylic or gel is applied over the natural nail without the need of a nail extension.
Ideal for those who want just some slight length and thicker nails

How long does it take for treatment?

Different treatments will vary in different times. Please have a look at our scheduling page here for a full list of treatments, prices and duration of the treatment.

How can i prevent the nail polish from staining my nails?

Nails often turn yellowish when a strong, pigmented polish is applied. To prevent pigmentation, make sure you put base coat on prior to applying the coloured polish so it acts as a barrier.
Or simply choose for a less potent colour

What causes your acrylic or gel nails to lift?

This can happen for many reasons. Acrylics take 24 – 48 hours to fully cure, and a slight knock during that time can cause the acrylics to lift.
Other reasons for lifting include: diseased nail plate, not maintaining regular infills, nicotine, fruit acids such as lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits, harsh detergents, using a acetone based nail polish remover, medication, stress, misuse of nails, occupation, picking and biting, excessive use of oils and creams, or even just wearing the nail too long can cause lifting.

Can men have manicures or pedicures?

Absolutely. We’re a unisex brand and all treatments are available to you regardless of gender. We’ve noticed that most of our male clients book in for a classical manicure or classical pedicure without paint


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Worth while. Service was good. May come back again if needed.




No hard sale. Really lovely. The lady that did my sale even gave me a shoulder massage. Will definitely come back and use their services again.




Quite worth for 2 gel manicure sessions. Staff were quite nice, not pushy on selling packages. Service was great.

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