Nail Salon Basics: 13 Tools and Equipment You Need to Know About

Nail Salon Basics: 13 Tools and Equipment You Need to Know About

We at the nail care industry are well-armed people with a huge number of tools and equipment. Be it for the most intricate design and detailing or a negligible error during the manicure, we have everything that is needed to set your nails in a perfect manner. Nail care industry is, in fact, highly sophisticated with its own terminology and tools.

Whether you are a regular salon goer or a person who likes to do their nails at home, nail tools are a part of your life. A wide array of tools and implements from nail clippers to brushes makes nail care an art with a scientific background. However, sometimes we get lost in the world of nail care. What is the use of a nail file? And why would we even need toe separators for a pedicure? If these questions have troubled you at some point in time, then this article is the solution to all your doubts on nail care tools. Read ahead to expand your knowledge of the world of nail care and nail beauty!

Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are perhaps the basic tool that is used by all people in the world, irrespective of gender, place of origin and similar distinctions. Usually made of stainless steel, nail clippers are used to trim the finger nails, toenails and hangnails. Everyone needs to own this since nail clippers are the foundation stone for all the design experiments with your nails.


Nail File

The role of the nail file comes after the job of a nail clipper is done. Nail files are used to smoothen the rough edges in your nail. It uses friction to grind down the edges. This too is an important part of manicures and pedicures because rough and sharp edges mean that accidental scratches in the skin can cause wounds. Using nails files also allows you to shape the curves better.

Nail Polish

A manicure without a nail polish is no manicure at all! Nail polishes are the essentials of nail art. Today there are hundreds of shades in which nail polishes come. There is also enough diversity in the texture; glossy, matte etc. Apart from the regular nail polishes which are based on acrylic, novices like gel nail polishes are also being favored by a large number of women. The best thing about nail polishes is that you can get absolutely creative about them!

Nail Buffer

Nail buffing is done to give a nice, healthy glow to your nails. A nail buffer serves this purpose. It usually comes in form of a cuboid as a four-way buffer. While buffing nails, the buffer also gives a shape to your nails. A nail buffer is easier to use and can achieve the perfection you desire for your nails!

UV Lamp or LED Lamp

A UV lamp or an LED lamp comes into use when there is a gel manicure involved. Gel nail polish does not dry easily naturally. It has to be cured either under UV rays or LED light. Once the nail polish is applied your fingers are exposed to any one these light rays and they are dried under the light.

Nail Art Brushes

Gone are the days when women painted their nails in a single color! However, times have changed and nail designs have received a makeover. Nail art brushes have been imperative in it. These are brushes that help to design the nails. Be it the silhouette of a coconut palm or the tip of a French manicure, nail art brushes can achieve them all. Unlike, the art brushes used in painting and drawing, these brushes have tiny heads so as to fit into your nails and do the intricate designs without much effort.


Technically speaking, tweezers are intended to pick hair and small objects. When it comes to nail care, tweezers are used to pick up embellishments. They make the job of adorning your nails with small objects like pieces of glitter easier. Own a pair of them because tweezers are multi purpose and can come handy anytime.

Nail Pusher

A nail pusher is used to push back the cuticle slowly. It is mandatory for a nail procedure especially if you have an excess of cuticle growth. The spoon end of the nail pusher is usually used for this purpose.

Cuticle Scissors

Cuticle scissors are for those people who wouldn’t mind going an extra mile for precision. So that you can judge if your nail technician actually cares for you! These are scissors with a curved end that enables to trim and shape the excess cuticle to suit your manicure needs.

Nail Polish Remover

The nail polish removers are another of those beauty fundamentals that is a must-have for all the manicure and pedicure addicts out there. As the name suggests, the remover clears out the nail color from your nails. While most of them come in a liquid form, today there are nail polish remover wipes that are convenient and easy to use. Most of the removers are based on acetone, however, today acetone as a remover is losing popularity since it can harm nails and skin. This is why ethyl acetate is increasingly replacing acetone for safety to nails and skin.

Cotton Swabs

Swaps and the nail polish removers can be seen as a couple. Swabs are used to clean the nail polish from your nails or to wipe off the polish that gets into your skin during the procedure. Instead of cotton, use swabs for your manicure and pedicure because cotton can leave its fibers on your nail polish, making it look messy.

Callus Remover

A callus remover is used during a pedicure to remove the callus and corns from your feet. It exfoliates the skin and makes your skin soft and gives it an overall appearance of healthy feet.

Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is used as an alternative to a callus remover. It is made of natural volcanic stone and feels less harsh on your skin compared to a callus remover. Pumice stones are ideal for those people who have soft and sensitive skin on their feet.

This is not a comprehensive list of nail care tools. However, this is where we take off into the world of the nail salon. For a beginner, these are the main tools that should be included in their wish-list if they are going to do a nail procedure themselves, or perhaps if they are going to the salon for the first time. You don’t want to be all tensed up in front of your nail technician, do you? In the ever expanding world of nail care and nail designs, knowing the basics is a good thing, so that you don’t feel left out and clueless about many things in your next visit to the nail salon.




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