Why Should You Make an Appointment Before Coming to a Nail Salon?

Jul, 05 by Nidhi Jain in
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The obvious fact about the 21st century is that we live in a fast-paced world. Here time is everything, even money, as the saying goes. How can salons expect us to book an appointment in our super-busy lives? Convincing as the argument might sound, this is a fallacy. Taking an appointment can save much trouble for the customers as well as the salon workers.


Let’s see what are the benefits of pre-booking a session at a nail salon:

  1. Redemption from the ‘long wait’

The thing about waiting is that nobody likes it. Who would want to wait in the salon lobby for hours to get a pedicure? Taking an appointment at a salon means that you can just walk in at your given time and get your procedure done without much delay.

  1. Priority for you

If have already taken an appointment, then you will have priority in the salon than the other customers. Yes, it sounds a bit redundant but appointments ensure that your nail technician can plan your procedure beforehand. It also gives them time to think about your requirements and provide you with the best care, making it a pleasant experience for you.

  1. Knowing the rush-hours

While taking an appointment through phone or online, in most cases, the salon workers will inform you about their ‘rush days’ and timings. Weekends tend to be more crowded than other days. Wednesdays to Fridays are the busiest times in a salon during summer whereas, in other times of the year, the busiest days are from Thursdays to Fridays, says the owner of a major salon in New York. By being informed about the rush hours, you can schedule your appointment at a more convenient time.

  1. Enough time for you to make your choice

If you walk into a salon last-minute, you are most likely to be confused about your preferences and requirements. Booking an appointment gives you enough time to decide on what kind of a nail procedure you want and in what specifications. It also allows you to browse and find out new styles and designs beforehand, which you can ask your manicurist to do for you



  1. Less strain on the nail technicians

Nail care is a subtle art. It requires considerable attention from the nail technician to give a well-rounded and pleasant treatment for your nails. Casually walking into the salon for nail treatment during rush hours can put enormous strain on them. While the client is often hailed as the king, a little adjustment from our side would truly benefit the salon workers. Book an appointment so that both the salon and client can have a good experience with each other.

Taking an appointment at a nail salon is much easier these days. Most salons take appointments through the phone as well online. Why complicate it when you can easily book an appointment through the website in one click! You can also e-mail the salon to take an appointment. If in case you are not sure about making it there at your appointed time, call the salon and inform the situation. It can help the salon to give that time slot to some other needy customer. Canceling an appointment at least 24 hours prior to your appointment is a decent salon etiquette.

Everyone wants to enjoy the best service. Nail salons are places that promote health and promises beauty of your nails. Next time before you visit a nail salon, make sure that you take an appointment so that you get the best of nail care!