Are you looking for a better nail salon in Westville, New Jersey?

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There are an uncountable number of nail salons in Westville, but naturally, some offer higher-quality services than the others. It becomes quite difficult to choose as to which one is the best, and also to understand the quality of their services. At Queen Nails, we have been able to maintain top notch services since our establishment began back in 2012.

Queen Nails: The 5-star nail salon in Westville

Have you heard of Queen Nails, the top-rated nail salon near you with its high-quality services? Jen is the manager behind the success and positive reputation of the salon. Our technicians are friendly and very cooperative, in order to ensure that you have a comfortable experience. You are free to give suggestions to them on which area we need to improve, for we aim to satisfy our clients. We have managed to remain a top-rated salon with 5 star ratings for the past five years. We are still aiming at improving our position and standards to new heights.

Disposable manicure and pedicure nail file,buffers, and High quality pedicure liners

We have sufficient tools for our nail services, and also observe cleanliness to ensure no contamination. We use disposable nail files and buffers, thus no reusing of items as we treat our customers with a lot of care. Disposable tools are the best to ensure no sharing, as it is hygienically unethical. We have never had complaints because we use new tools on every customer. Groomed feet are a clear reflection of your inner health and beauty. We have the finest quality of pedicure liners, which helps us to reduce the cleaning time and saves our clients some valuable time. This has enabled us to serve more customer because of the higher demand for our services. The customers feel cared for, because we save them time and also consider their health when offering our services.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday pedicure discount days!

On top of offering our services at affordable prices, we give pedicure discounts to every customer who enjoy our services on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Wednesday’s. Our technicians are always ready to serve our clients, as on these three discount days the customers flood our salon, to make use of these discounts.

The best nail salon destination for relaxation and nail beautification for women

In this era, women are so busy with work, family, and many other things in life. They get so tired and require a lot of care. At Queen Nails Salon and Spa, we offer quick services to save you time, but of a higher quality. Our spa is meant for relaxation at any time, with our professionals working to give you the best massages. Jen, our manager, goes out of her way to accommodate all clients by even spending quality time with them. Our core aim at the end of the day is to ensure your body, soul, and spirit relax and you can come back for more. We spoil our customers with all sorts of beauty at competitive prices, and by maintaining a friendly environment.

Hospital grade sanitizers and herbal spa pedicure products

We keep our nail tools free from bacteria and fungi through use of hospital grade sanitizers for good health. We do not value money more than we value our customers, and thus we value your health. No one would love to come back for services that will deteriorate their health. Our technicians sanitize their hands before and after offering services to the clients, for good health. Most of our pedicure products are from herbs, which are the most recommendable for good health. Some other products may contain harmful chemicals, and thus we mostly use herbal products. We have a broad range of the finest quality herbal products to protect our customer’s health.


We are always available for any suggestion, correction, complaints, and even compliments. Please visit our salon, and we will be glad to serve you. For more information, visit our link, and you will have all the information you need. Feel free to come for our services, and you will never leave dissapointed. Queen Nails, the queen’s palace!