Are You Looking for a Better Nail Salon in St. Lucie, Florida?

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5-Star nail salon near me!

Nearly every lady would like to get the best nail services to complement their beauty. For excellent services, you must be selective to ensure that you get only high-quality services. Only few nail salons can offer these high standard services to their clients. We are a five-star nail salon, and our core value is to give customers all sorts of comfort and high standard services.

5 Start Nails


Under a new and refreshing management for over two years

Our salon is a new entity, which has been in operation for two years under new management. We came up with a new management, to ensure our customers get quality services that’s up to their expectations. With us, you are sure of quality services that are beyond your imagination. We never disappoint, and all clients get their due respect from our professionals.

5 Start Nails Pedicure Room

Make appointment online with the best nail salon

To accommodate all our customers, you can get our services through online booking, which is a rare feature amongst other nail salons. We ensure that all of our clients are in a position to enjoy our excellent nail services. Our agents are always online to facilitate the online booking, and to ensure that they attend all customers. Book your first appointment online with us here.

12 comfy pedicure chairs

Our salon is not only spacious, but also fully equipped to make sure our customers have fun all the time. We offer different salon services, and are planning to come up with more very soon. We have 12 comfy pedicure chairs that our customers love. Cleaning them on a daily basis is a must to maintain cleanliness. Our pedicure chairs are specially designed to support your feet as our professionals massage you.

5 Start Nails Pedicure Chairs

12 professional nail techs

Our team of 12 technicians are consistently trained to acquire new skills on nail treatment and decoration. We always do this, to ensure that the quality of our profession is up to date. Our service providers are very friendly and treat all customers fairly and with no discrimination.

Recently remodeled into the best nail salon

It sounds boring to remain the same over the years, and thus we underwent remodeling. We did this because we love our customers and give them an opportunity to air their grievances. The changes were purposely made, in order to accommodate all our clients and to improve the standard of our services.

5 Start Nails Reception Area

Always looking for the best nail products to cater for our customers

With the improvement in technology, there is an emergence of new nail products. Our core aim is to satisfy the customers through learning new ways, and getting new products to ensure that our standards remain high. We frequently stock our salon with all sorts of beauty products to satisfy our clients wishes.

The best nail salon with seven days’ warranty

Our salon is open 24/7 to ensure that none of our customers miss our services. This is to cater for the high demand for our services. We deliver nothing less than the best all through. With this, we have won our customer’s trust because we never let them walk away unsatisfied. You can get our services anytime and anytime, as our experts are very fast in delivery.

Facial and micro-blading services are coming soon!

We are aiming to expand our services, and very soon we will be launching facial services. The face is a very delicate part of the body and needs intensive care. We are currently training our experts to refine their skills for important world facial services. This will include eyebrow microblading, to give your face a brilliant, and younger look.

Sweet tea and treated water, 2 Flat screen TVs, and favorite radio tune

Due to the high demand and number of customers we get, we do our best to beautify their stay with us. We offer sweet tea and clean water to our clients, to make them feel good and come back for more of our services. We cannot allow you to get bored when our professionals are giving you our services. We felt it could be better to come up with a way of keeping our customers busy. Thus we thought TVs would serve them better. Our 2 TVs are of high quality, and are very clear thus no eye straining. We understand how a client’s favorite tune can refresh their soul, and thus we do our best to ensure our customers are at peace. Our radios are purposely set to serve the clients, and so we tune in to the customer’s soothing tune. With us, you just feel at home because we aim at winning you back.

Over 400 spotless gel polishes

We are the best nail salon near you, with a broad range of gel polishes to help our clients choose the design and color they love. To have beautiful nails, you do not have to wonder where to get the best gel polish or which suits you better. Our technicians will help you choose from the various gels that we have, giving you a great chance to flaunt with natural looking nail colors.

5 Start Nails Nail Polish Rack

Top quality sanitization pouches, pedicure liners, and disposable pedicure kit

We sanitize our nail tools and keep them in sanitization pouches, because we care about our customer’s health. Through this, you are sure that the tools are not contaminated because we store them safely. We observe hygiene because we value our clients, and we need them to come back. We use the best quality of pedicure liners to help reduce cleaning time. Much scrubbing may wound your nails and skin, which may dissatisfy a client. With that said, we use the best pedicure liners to ensure our customers are safe from contamination. We have the best pedicure kit, where we keep all the equipment for use during service delivery. The package contains pumice, nail file, and buffers for smooth service delivery.

Healthy nails with over 500 shiny colors

We have all sorts of nail colors to help you choose, from many. Some customers fall in love with various colors, which gives them a challenge on which color to choose. Our experts are there to help you come up with the best combination.


For the best nail services, do not hesitate to call or book online, and we will leave a reply or contact you to choose the most suitable time to visit our nail salon. We will love to take care of your nails, and you will love to be back for more.