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Ever wondered where the best nail salon in Northshore Blvd is? With an experience of 10 years in the nail care and nail salon industry, Le Nail Spa is a truly impressive destination for your favourite nail care procedures. Located conveniently at 117 Northshore Blvd, now you can get your nails done without much worrying. Le Nail Spa has withstood its name in the city with its very clean, tidy and aesthetic atmosphere. Our staff are highly trained and qualified that you can trust them without any hesitation. Good customer service has been the cornerstone of our salon for all these years and therefore each day we strive to achieve perfection in all our services. Our major services are eyebrow waxing, shellac gel, acrylic nails, pedicures and manicures. We also provide a free two week warranty for our shellac nails and manicures. If you are worried about the budget, you can choose our cheapest, yet the most demanded pedicure that is the Deluxe Pedicure. For best results and safety, we use only high grade products. We also use disposable pedicure linear so that you don’t face any risk of infection from our salon. At Le Nail Spa, hygiene and sanitation is taken very strictly. The spa is also well-equipped with customer friendly utilities such as parking space. Our salon is located approximately 2.8 miles from the school in Northshore Blvd. You can also use the school in Gause Blvd for directions for our salon is just 0.9 miles from there. For added convenience, our salon is also in proximity to the Walmart Supercenter and North Shore Square Mall.

Why We Are Special

Shellac Nails are the new talk of the town! Many salons are introducing the Shellac nails in their services and for good reasons. Shellac is a kind of nail polish that contains gel and adds durability to your manicure. A manicure done out of Shellac can last up to two weeks and sometimes up to a month! At Le Nail Spa, we offer certified Shellac manicure. Not only it adds beauty to your nails, it saves you money from having to get a new manicure every week. If you are looking for something new to surprise your nails, then getting a Shellac manicure would be the manicure of choice.

Eyebrows are the most defining features of a woman’s face. Having a long history of painful eyebrow grooming with tweezers and threads, now you can sit back and relax while you get your dream eyebrows! Eyebrow waxing is slowly winning over the beauty industry. Painless and easy compared to tweezing, eyebrow waxing will let you have great eyebrows without creating a mess above your eyes. At Le Nails, we provide precise and perfect eyebrow waxing services. We take a great amount of care to give you the shape you desire. Our trained technicians will make sure that you not only have great eyebrows, but also that you enjoy a relaxing experience!

What is a better way to pamper your nails than a relaxing pedicure?! Pedicures are as essential to your feet as is a conditioner for your hair. At Le Nail Spa, we provide the best pedicure in town that revitalises your skin while also making it look beautiful and healthy. The Deluxe Pedicure that comes with exfoliation, moisturisation and adding nail polish to your toes will rejuvenate your skin and make your feet younger! Our highly skilled nail technicians will ensure the greatest care to provide you the best pedicure, while keeping away any risk of infection. Call us and make your appointment now to experience it yourself!

Acrylic Nails have made it possible for women to get longer nails in the blink of an eye. Durable and strengthening, acrylic nails have been around the nail salons for quite some time now. These are hard and robust, making your nails look fuller and healthier. Le Nail Spa offer acrylic nail services at affordable prices in Northshore Blvd. Our trained nail technicians will take care of your nails carefully and give you the best acrylic nail extensions; long lasting and beautiful. Sit back and relax while we carve out the perfect nails for you!

Our Menu

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Full Set$20
White Tips $25
Nail Repair$3
Solar Nails$30 - $35
Solar Nails Full$30
Fill Pink$18
Gel Nails$35
Gel Nails Fill$20
Solar Pink & White$30
Chin $5 up
Whole Face$25
Deluxe Pedicure$25
Deluxe Pedicure & Manicure$35
 Shellac Gel Nail w Manicure$25
 Shellac Gel Nail Polish Only$15
Take off$10
Design$6 - $10
Polish Change$7
 Toe Polish $8
 Cut down $3

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Reviews on Le Nail Spa

This is an amazing salon. The customer service over there is exceptional. They always know what you want. They treat you like family. The work is wonderful. The salon is really nice and clean. They sterilized all their tools. I would recommend this salon to all my friends and family. Go give them a try.

Reviewed on Facebook

This place is wonderful they do a really good job on ur nails and the staff tho. 

Reviewed on Facebook

It's clean, simple, no-frills. There is a decent variety of polish options without being overwhelming. The staff are warm and friendly. The pricing is very reasonable and I'm always happy with my finished mani-pedi.

Reviewed on Facebook

I absolutely LOVE this place! They are extremely friendly!! My go to place that always make my acrylic nails look so natural!! Thank you for the amazing service!!

Reviewed on Google

Very nice place. They were efficient and pretty thorough.

Reviewed on Facebook

She’s truly amazing and staff will always accommodate you and give you the best service in here!

Feature of Le Nail Spa

Two week warranty for shellac nails and manicures.
Pedicure services are competitively priced.
Proximity to the Supercenter, Square Mall and Schools.

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