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La Vie Nails & Spa _ Norman

Welcome to La Vie Nails & Spa!

Welcome to La Vie Nails & Spa! Our salon is a perfect spot for your usual nail service or some beautiful spa time. Located at 2620 Classend Blvd, Suite 108 Norman, OK 73071, you will find it easy to reach our salon. We have a highly experienced team of nail technicians who are experts in their field. Some of the must-try services in our spa are manicures, dipping powder, nail enhancement, facial, eyelashes, and waxing. For your convenience, we run a 100% clean and hygienic spa atmosphere. You are sure to find our salon a calm place to run away from the daily hurdles of our life. Friendly technicians, polite owner, high-quality services, and affordable pricing make our salon a remarkable place. Make your appointment now and experience it for yourself!
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Highlighted Services

Equipped for your complete relaxation and grooming, our Manicure Spa is exactly where you want to be to beautify your nails. Our spa provides professional manicures that will rejuvenate your skin and feet making you feel lighter and beautiful. Done by trained professionals who do amazing nail designs, you are sure to find your heart’s content with us!

Dipping powder enables to you enjoy a variety of vibrant colors without damaging your nails. Our salon has a good collection of organic dipping powders for you to choose from. Beautiful and durable, organic dipping powder is your answer to amazing nail fashions. It is also healthy for your nails due to the calcium present in it.

Get that youthful skin that you always craved for with our facial services. These facials are carefully formulated to meet all the requirements of your skin. It comes with cleansing, exfoliation, and a beneficial massage that restores vitality to your skin. Talk to our technicians to know more about the best facial for you.

Get those eye-catching eyelashes that you always craved for with our eyelash extension service! Eyelash extensions are a perfect addition to add vibrancy to your face. Our salon has eyelash extension services being done by trained technicians in the field so that your eyes can truly tell your beauty!

Our Menu

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Classic Manicure
The Classic Manicure is a wonderful mini treat for your hands. Our trained therapists will begin your treatment with a detailed assessment of your nails. Soften your cuticles, push back and trim, cut and file your nails to your desired shape. A moisturizer hand massages apply to your hands which help to relaxed and hydrated. Then finishing with a polish of your choice.
Deluxe Manicure
Following after the Classic Manicure we will treat your hand to scrub exfoliation and mask treatment with a warm towels. The services concluded with paraffin wax treatment and final up with polish off your choice.
La Vie Aroma Spa Manicure 
In addition to Classic Manicure, La Vie Aroma Manicure lets you enjoy our special purify and detoxify with aroma soak. Made with essentials oils and sea salt, sugars scrubs exfoliate your skin with the velvet bliss of aroma spa help stimulate tired skin, invigorating, hydrating, soothing and refreshing treatment of your hands with flowing a warm paraffins wax and relaxing with hot stones massages then finishing with polish of your choice.
Shellac Manicure $30
Classic Spa Pedicure 
On this revitalizing pedicure we will focus on reshaping your toenails, taking care of your cuticles, and removing the calluses. We will then treat your legs to scrub exfoliation and cooling gels treatment with warm towels wrap around your feet to promote hydration and relaxation. Following final step with polish of your choice.
Deluxe Pedicure 
The Deluxe Pedicure are includes every step in a classic pedicure with additional unique skincare mask, natural sea salt scrub to exfoliation, paraffin hot wax with therapeutic massages that rejuvenates and softens skin. Final step following with polish of your choice.
Ultimate Spa Pedicure 
Includes everything in Classic Pedicure, Ultimate Spa Pedicure Package is anthology of the world’s best kept secrets from all parts of the world from ancient Asia to Europe, to the Middle East, we scavenged to find and sources the best from the world to enchanting our spa treatment customized to your skin condition or the way you feel to help you relax to enjoy and refreshing.
Your choices of:
• Chamomile: Chamomile used for its healing and therapeutic properties, chamomile extract will aid in balancing damaged or rough skin as well as therapy for anxiety.
• On Sen: In Japanese culture, On Sen hot spring are known to have many skin benefits. Minerals open up clogged pores and removes toxins leaving the skin soft and supple.
• Pearl Spa: Pearl powder is a beauty secret used for 1000’s of years in Europe and Egypt. Believed to promote healthy, lustrous skin, Pearls Spa is the ultimate in spa luxury.
• Green Tea Honey: Green tea and honey are packed with health and beauty benefits that can be maximized when applied directly to your skin. Fight free radical damage and promote healthy skin.
• Lavender: The natural lavender extract with calming and relaxation properties that will help soothe and easy to relax.
• Jasmine: We have developed a unique blend of essential oil and natural ingredients to bring the most uplifting aroma that will tantalize your senses.
• Mango Delight: Brighten your day with a mango delight pedicure package with vitamin A to reduce dark spot and blemishes for a natural youthful complexion.
• Peppermint: Refresh & cool with deep sea mud mask nutrition help to increase circulation and gives your feet a cooling sensation.
• Tangerine Twist: Exhausting day? Recharge your feet with vitamins C and invigorating your mood.
• Lemon: Feeling hydrated? Quench your skin’s thirst with lemon quench pedicure to flush away toxins and impurities.
• Cucumber: Freshen & glow your feet for a vibrant and healthy glow. Cucumber helps in soothing and softening your skin.
Royal Detox Pedicure 
With two Luxury Pedicure Detox including exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen cream mask and creamy collagen massage lotion made with organic ingredients.
• Charcoal: Black charcoal is a highly effective detoxifying ingredient. Deep cleanse your skin with activated charcoal powder can draws bacteria,poisons chemicals and dirt to the surface of skin for a clear complexion.
• Volcano Romance Crystal Detox: Deep detox with a fun bubbling explosion. The raw sugars and essential oils help renew the textures of skin rejuvenating soothes and moisture helps your skin feeling hydrated all day.
Jelly Pedicure 
Jelly Pedicure is a dense jelly mixture that can be used to massage stressed and acts as gentle exfoliate. Jelly retains water naturally and combined with the natural oils help moisturizes and soften dry cracked skin.
Some scent we using are:
Aloe Vera with deep hydration.
Lavender with calming and relaxation.
Peppermint with relieves anxiety.
Cherry Sage with reduce swelling.
Herbal Spa Pedicure
Herbal Organic Spa Pedicure with all natural organic botanical aromatherapy products that give you the best spa treatment. We are mixture between herbs, spices and Himalayan pink salt stuffed into a knotted pouches, warm it up and wrap around your neck when you enjoy your feet soaking.
Some common dried herbs we using are:
• Lavender
• Eucalyptus
• Mints
• Ginger
• Rosemary
• Lemongrass
• Calming Tea
Helps stress relief, rejuvenation, detox, refreshing, congestion relief bring the essence of natural healing power to the skin. The products are rich in natural ingredients and chock full of vitamins which purify your body, stimulate blood circulation and relax your muscles stay healthy and beautiful with 100% of natural ingredients and extract from natural.
Ads on Shellac on Pedicure Is Additional $10
For kid under 10
Princess Manicure & Pedicure 
Add $7 for shellac manicure and $7 for shellac pedicure.
Pamper you little princess with princess package including cleansing, shaping, cuticle care, sea salt scrub, oils massage cooling gel with warm towels and finish with polish including designs.
Full Set Solar Nails with Clear $30
Regular Polish $30
Full Set Pink & White $40
Full Set Ombré $45
Full Set Solar with Gel Polish $40
Refill Solar Pink $20
Refill Pink & White $35
Refill Solar Gel Polish $30
Refill Solar with Clear$20
Regular Polish $20
No liquid, no oder, no primer or UV light needed
Creates natural look and healthier help your nails grow stronger by added vitamins A, D, E and calcium.
Dip Powder with Color $35
Dip Powder with Nails Tip $40
Dip Powder French & Ombré $40
Nail Repair$3
Nail Polish Change $10
Nail Polish Change w French$15
Nail Polish Change w Gel$20
Toe Polish Change $10
Toe Polish Change w French$15
Toe Polish Change w Gel$20
Cuticle Trim $5
Nail Art $5 up
Paraffin Wax Treatment $5
Soak off w/o Service$10
Soak off w New Service$5
Upper Lips $5
Chin $7
Full Face $35
Sideburns $14
Under Arms $15
Full Arms$35
Half Arms $20
Full Legs$60
Half Legs $35
Bikini $35
Brazilian $50
Choose from the following 60-minute facial treatments:
Anti Aging Facial is a multi-step process that deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin, resurfaces dead skin cells, and rejuvenates the skin by pushing active ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamin E, and collagen.
Organic Facial contains all-natural products help beautify and brighten your skin right away with no synthetic chemicals.
Collagen Blast Facial was designed to tighten and firm the skin while improving overall texture.
HydraFacial provides immediate results leaving the skin healthy and hydrated.
Derma-planing Facial is secret to baby-soft skin. This procedure leaves the skin silky smooth compared to other exfoliation techniques.
Temporary Pre-fan Lashes $35
Bella Classic Lash Full Set $100
Bella Classic Lash Refill $50 up
Bella Volume Lash Full Set $150 up
Bella Volume Lash Refill $80 up

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Definitely recommend Luxury Nails & Spa! Clean salon, quality work, and just nice, honest people. Thanks for the beautiful service you guys do! I won't go anywhere else!

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Love this place! Everyone is so kind and helpful! My nails always look so pretty!!

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I would not go anywhere else to get my nails done these people loving caring people I have ever been around they are great with what they do.

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Seriously love this place. Every time i go in they remember exactly who I am and what I want done! Everyone here is so sweet and fun and easy to talk too! I am never disappointed when I come here.

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Great first visit. Extremely friendly and helpful in recommending which services to choose. Will definitely return.

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Actually this is a good experience, all good from both work and staff !! I really thank you for giving me a nice and relaxing moment here.

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Clean, tidy and peaceful salon atmosphere
Experienced and talented nail technicians
More than 400 Gel colors & 400 Dip colors

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