How to Do Chrome Nails?

Aug, 13 by Nidhi Jain in
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Chrome nails are the latest trend in nail fashion. After all, who doesn’t like an occasional glaze on their nails! When it comes to chrome nails, silver black is the most popular one. It gives your nail a very rich metallic-cum-mirror appearance. If you do it right, you can also get shades such as lime yellow, rose gold and more!

Chrome nails refer to that manicure which gives your nails a mirror like shine. It can come in many shades like silver, gray, gold etc. Getting chrome nails is not difficult at all. In fact, it is very simple that you can easily do it at home if you have all the required materials.

Before you start the process, you need to ensure that the following items are available with you.

  1. A base coat nail polish: This can be of any color. Remember that this shade will give the undertone to your mirror nails.
  2. Chrome Powder: Obviously, this is the most important component of chrome nails. Chrome nail powder can be procured easily from any cosmetic shop. These are also available in many online shopping sites.
  3. Gel Top Coat: A top coat preferably a gel nail polish is required to seal the nail design properly.
  4. UV lamp or an LED lamp: A gel nail polish wouldn’t dry by itself. It needs curing i.e. drying under LED rays of UV rays. A UV lamp or an LED lamp is used to dry the gel nail polish by placing your hand under it.
  5. A simple nail toolkit: For applying the chrome manicure, we need only the nail buffer. However, you can trim and shape your nails according to your preferences before the procedure.

Once you have all the things in the checklist ready, follow the steps given below to achieve the perfect chrome nails.

Step 1:

Prepare the nails. Before applying nail polish, you have to groom your hands accordingly. Shape your nails, push your cuticles gently backward, and apply moisturizer and cuticle oil across your hands. You should also remove any previous nail polish that is present in your nails if any. You can use either acetone or acetone free nail polish removers for this.

Step 2:

Apply a base coat of nail polish. This will give you the desired undertone for your whole manicure. You can use any color of your choice. If you want a bronze appearance, go for red. If silver is your choice, black is the best. As for gold shades, use a yellow base coat.

Step 3:

Dab the chrome powder on your nails. You can use an eyeshadow stick to do this. Cover the entire nail body with the chrome powder. Once this is done, gently buff the nails with a nail buffer so that the chrome powder stays. Make sure that you apply a good amount of pressure while doing this so that there is a friction created on your nails. The effect of the chrome powder will come only after a few rubs on it. Therefore, do not be disillusioned if it doesn’t come right away! After a few rubs, your nails will look like an aluminum foil.

After this is achieved, gently rub off the excess chrome powder from your nails. In order to prevent the sticking of the chrome powder on your skin, try using liquid latex. This will collect all the chrome powder from the nails.

 Step 4:

Apply the top coat. Use your gel nail polish to apply this over the chrome powder. A gel manicure is a right choice as it will seal all the chrome powder inside and leaving you with a clean manicure.

Step 5:

Cure the nail polish! Use an LED lamp or a UV lamp to cure them. Curing is important because a gel manicure won’t dry easily. We recommend you to use an LED lamp as it is a safer option compared to a UV lamp. UV rays make your skin susceptible to skin cancer and many salons are shifting to LED lamps today.

Step 6:

Add another coat of nail polish! This layer is done so as to lock the chrome powder in your nails and give the mirror texture to your nails. Don’t forget to cure it again!

With this your chrome nails are ready! These are ideal for party and other casual occasions. The mirror like effect will add to the beauty of your nails, while also making sure that it pops out its prominence. Team up this design with a monochrome outfit to melt into the fashion world. These are also ideal for outfits that use sequins and glitter. One important thing to remember is that you should not try to remove it at home. If you want to do it by yourself, you should utmost care when doing it. The best thing to do to remove the chrome nail polish from your nails would be to visit a nail salon. Here they will carefully clear the polish from your nails without damaging and harming your nails.

Chrome nails are the best way to indulge in some shine, gloss and sparkling. Why should you give up on such an opportunity for your nails to shine then?!