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Hollywood Nails _ Northfield

Welcome to Hollywood Nails!

Hollywood Nails is a salon of beauty, creativity and calm. After 21 years of service here, we have created a legacy of high-quality nail care in Northfield. Located at 318 Tilton Road, Northfield, New Jersey, our salon specializes in all nail care services in the greatest perfection. Newly remodelled for a better customer service, our salon will ensure the greatest salon experience you will ever have. We are equipped with more than 2000 gel nail colors and an even impressive collection of dipping colors. Our main services are spa pedicure, pink and white nails and dipping colors. Recently we have introduced a new skin service as well. We also have a highly specialized pedicure catalog to soothe all your feet needs. A one week warranty is provided for all our pedi and mani services. With a 100% clean and hygienic salon atmosphere, you can trust Hollywood Nails blindly when it comes to health and hygiene. We use the best nail care products for the best results. Our salon also used pedicure liners to prevent any chance of infection for our customers.Good customer service is crucial for a nail salon and for us customers are our greatest priority. Our nail technicians are highly skilled people with many years of experience in the industry. Friendly and funny, they will make you feel at home while you get your services done. Our owner is another charming person who will ensure your highest comfort at the salon.Located near the school and the shopping mall, our salon is in an easily accessible location. Make an appointment with us to enjoy the best of Hollywood Nails!
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Highlighted Services

Hollywood Nails is proud to announce our Herbal Spa Botanical Deluxe Pedicure for all you beautiful ladies out there! Performed using high-quality herbal products, this pedicure will help you in stress relief, congestion relief and muscle tension relief. Created to bring natural healing agents into the salon, this herbal spa pedicure also includes fragrant essential oils, dried herbs unscented scrubs, food mask, lotion, and oil massages with hot stone.

With over 21 years of experience in nail care industry, our Pink & White nail technicians will ensure a sharp and artistic looking French Manicure style for you. Done with high quality Pink & White products ever designed, you are guaranteed the best French Manicure! Long lasting and durable, our Pink & White nails is all you need to make a statement. This season, go classy with our beautiful Pink & White nails service!

Our NU Pedicure & Manicure Services is one of the greatest attractions of the salon. It will restore your fingers, heels and toes to healthy and beautiful ones. Done by expert technicians, this pedicure and manicure will soothe your skin and relax the muscles around your foot and your hand. Go ahead for our NU Pedicure & Manicure Services if you wish to give your feet and your hands a refreshing makeover.

Ask for any color of the rainbow and beyond, and we have it! Our gel nail polish collection consists of more than 2000 colors for all your design ideas! You can also choose from over 200 dipping colors. We are also adequately stocked with your favourite polishes including matte, glossy, chrome and other textures. With this vast collection, you can get your nails done in the latest trends in manicures and pedicures, giving a whole new makeover to your hands and legs.

Our Menu

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Gel Manicure
Regular $25
French $30
Gel Pedicure
Regular $40
French $45
Gel Manicure & Gel Pedicure
Regular $65
French $75
Polish Change Gel
Nails $18
Toes $22
Regular $12
French $17
Vinylux Manicure
Regular $17
French $22
Hot Stone Pedicure
Regular $26
French $31
Manicure & Hot Stone Pedicure
Regular $36
French $46
Polish Change - Regular
Nails $8
French $13
Toes $10
French $15
Spa Manicure & Pedicure
Spa Manicure $25
Green Tea Dream Spa$40
Lemon Dream Spa$40
Pearl Dream Spa$40
Cranberry Dream Spa$40
Blue Diamond Spa$40
Bamboo Charcoal Spa$40
Honey Dream Spa$40
Milk Dream Spa$40
Nu Skin Natural Spa Services
Herbal Mineral Bath: A combination of 21 herbs creates an optimal environment for a soothing and relaxing bathing experience while conditioning and nurturing the skin.
Liquid Body Lufra: Provides essential exfoliation by gently working away surface impurities and dead skin.
Baobab Body Butter: Delivers all day moisturization for supple, healthy-looking skin. Contains high levels of antioxidants. Promotes softer, smoother, and more toned looking skin. Enhances the resiliency of skin over time.
Ice Dancer Invigorating Leg Gel: Revives, stimulates, refreshes, cools and soothes tired, achy arms & hands.
Natural Soothing Pedicure: Starting with the Herbal Mineral Bath soak, it is followed by a gentle exfoliation using Liquid Body Lufra. After nails and cuticles are carefully trimmed and shaped, dry heels are treated with the Sole Solution Foot Treatment. Finally, it is finished off with a traditional lower legs massage using Body Smoother lotion leaving your skin feeling silky.
Sole Solution Foot Treatment: Works on the underlying cause of rough, dry, and cracked feet, returning them to a soft, smooth, healthy looking condition. It softens and exfoliates dead cell buildup and calluses for soft, smooth skin.
Body Smoother: Contains renowned conditioning emollients such as aloe vera, algae extract, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), and tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), absorbs quickly, and provides long-lasting moisturization without leaving an oily residue, leaving skin feeling soft. It also calms the spirit the scent of Natural Herbs and helps to improve blood circulation.
Grapefruit Body Bar: Removes dirt, oil, and impurities while drenching the skin in a conditioning moisture.
Firewalker Foot Cream: Specifically formulated to give the nourishment and treatment your feet needs. It soothes and rejuvenates them after a long day.
Natural Manicure$19
Ice Dancer Manicure
This starts with a Herbal Mineral Bath soak, followed by a gentle exfoliation using Liquid Body Lufra and is topped off with Revitalizing Ice Dancer Leg Gel massage and hot towel wrap to revive, stimulate, and soothe tired, achy arms and hands. It is finished off with the soft yet intense hydrating Baobab Body Butter to deliver all-day moisture.
Essential Oils Pedicure
Choose your favorite from below and enjoy the ultimate pedicure experience with Essential Oils!
• Peppermint
• Lavender
• Lemon
• Assure
• Move
• Brisk
• Burst
• Unwind
Dive into the refreshing, rejuvenating, and sharp aroma of Epoch Essential Oils, combining the wisdom of ages with modern Science, for an ultimate pedicure experience. For centuries, indigenous cultures have improved their lives with botanicals from topical remedies into aromatherapy.
• Indulge in this guilty pleasure without the guilt. Your feet have long been waiting for this rejuvenating Essential Oils Pedicure!
• Step 1: Enjoy a warm whirlpool soak with the Herbal Mineral Bath.
• Step 2: This is followed by a gentle massage with natural Liquid Body Lufra exfoliation.
• Step 3: Your tiredness will melt away with a deep finger pressed massage technique plus your choice of Essential Oil to revive, restore, and revitalize tired feet and legs.
• Step 4: While the regular pedicure is being performed, a calf massage with the Invigorating Ice Dancer Leg Gel and steamy towel wrap is added for restoring vitality and energizing the legs.
• Step 5: Dry heels are treated with the Sole Solution Foot Treatment.
• Step 6: Finally, it is finished off with the soft yet intense hydrating Baobab Body Butter for an ultimate pedicure experience
This pedicure is especially great for people who have psoriasis, eczema, or foot & leg vein problems.
Each Essential Oil Experience bottle provides a 25 cent donation to the Force for Good Foundation - reaching lives around the globe.
Nu Skin Natural Pedicure$27
Natural Icedance Pedicure
Your feet have long been waiting for this rejuvenating pedicure. Enjoy a warm whirlpool soak with the Herbal Mineral Bath, followed by a gentle massage with natural Liquid Body Lufra exfoliation. While a regular pedicure is being performed, a calf massage with the Invigorating Ice Dancer Leg Gel and a steamy towel wrap is added for restoring vitality and energizing the legs. Dry heels are treated with the Sole Solution Foot Treatment. It is finished off with the soft yet intense hydrating Baobab Body Butter for an ultimate pedicure experience.
• Herbal Mineral Bath
• Liquid Body Lufra
• Baobab Body Butter
• Ice Dancer Invigorating Leg Gel
• Sole Solution Foot Treatment
Natural Firewalker Pedicure
Indulge in this guilty pleasure without the guilt. The Firewalker Pedicure will leave your feet and legs feeling amazing. Starting with the Herbal Mineral Bath soak, it is followed by a gentle exfoliation using a blend of Grapefruit Body Bar / Liquid Body Lufra and is topped off with the Revitalizing Ice Dancer Invigorating Leg Gel massage and towel wrap to bring your pedicure experience to a whole new level. Along with our most famous Sole Solution heels treatment, we perform a finger pressure massage technique using Firewalker Foot Cream that takes all the tiredness away. Finally, it is finished off with the soft yet intense hydrating Baobab Body Butter for an ultimate pedicure experience.
Lemongrass & Green Tea Spa Pedicure$40
Raspberry & Pomegranate Spa Pedicure $40
Tropical Fantasy Foaming Spa Pedicure $40
Sweet Green Tea Spa Pedicure$40
Lavender Spa Pedicure $40
Milk, Honey, White Chocolate Spa$40
Rose Spa Pedicure $40
Botanical Spa Pedicure$40
Pearl Deluxe Spa Pedicure $45
Onsen Deluxe Spa Pedicure$45
Chamomile Deluxe Spa Pedicure$45
Jelly Deluxe Spa Pedicure$45
Organic Spa Pedicure 
(recommend for sensitive skin)
Organic Romance Spa Pedicure $45
Organic Orange Spa Pedicure  $45
Organic Honey Pearl Spa Pedicure $45
Organic Cucumber Splash Spa $45
Eye Brows $8
Upper Lip$5
Chin $7
Full Face $25 up
Half Arms $25 up
Full Arms$45 up
Underarms $18 up
Shoulder $25 up
Upper Legs $30 up
Lower Legs $25 up
Full Legs $50 up
Back Wax $50 up
Stomach$20 up
Chest $25 up
Bikini Line $25
Bikini Premium$35 up
Flare Lash $25
Flare Lash Touch up $5-$15
Full Set $28 up
Fill in $18 up
Full Set & Gel Color$37 up
Fill in & Gel Color$27 up
Full Set Overlay$25 up
Full Set Sculpture $30 up
Fullset & Pedicure$54 up
Fill in & Pedicure $44 up
Pink & White
Full Set Pink & White $45 up
Fill Pink & White $35 up
Fill Pink$25 up
Fill & Gel Color $33 up
Pink & Glitter
Full Set Pink & Glitter $45up
Fill Pink & Glitter $35 up
Fill Pink$25 up
Crystal Clear Acrylic
Full Set $30 up
Fill in$20 up
UV Gel
Full Set $40 up
Fill in $30 up
UV Gel Pink & White
Full Set $50 up
Fill Pink & White$40 up
Fill Pink $30 up
SNS Nail (dipping powder)
Full Set$35
Add Length $45 up
Acrylic Color Tips
Full Set $45 up
Fill in $35 up
French or American$5
Custom French$5 up
Two Nail Designs $5 up
Whole Hand Design  $10 up
3D for 2 Nails  $7 up
 Tip Design
 Full Set $45 up
 Full Set White Tip  $40 up
Nail Repair $3 up
Take off Gel $5
Take off Acrylic$10
Take off Acrylic & Manicure $20
Hands Paraffin$10
Toe Paraffin$15
FDA Cleared Redesign Facial Spa Package
Unlock the future of skin care with Nu Skin's luxurious in home spa
Item #: 01010036
ageLOC® Elements
Infuse your skin with the element of youth.
• ageLOC® Elements Gentle Cleanse & Tone
• ageLOC® Radiant Day SPF 22
• ageLOC® Transforming Night
Item #: 01003887
ageLOC® Gentle Cleanse & Tone
Delivers your first infusion of ageLOC® and leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed.
Item #: 01003882
ageLOC® Tru Face Essence Ultra
Helps contour and firm the skin for a more youthful appearence
Item #: 01003906
Sole Solution Foot Treatment
Treat rough, dry and cracked feet.
Item #: 01101220
Baobab Body Butter
A rich cream for supple skin that stays touchably soft all day.
Item #: 01102781
Glacial Marine Mud
Extract impurities, removed dead skin cell, rejuvenates damage skin.
Nu Skin 180 Facewash
Target age spots discoloration and help diminish wrinkles with 10% active vitamin C
Item #: 01101251
Icedancer Invigorating Leg Gel
A cooling gel that stimulates and instantly revives fatigued muscles.
Item #: 01102803  
Firewalker Foot Cream
Soothing cream that relaxes and cools feet that are hot, tired and sore.
Item #: 01110826
Liquid Body Lufra
Gently eases away dead skin cells and excess oil to give your skin a polished feel.
Item #: 01102717
Body Smoother 
Absorbs quickly and never leaves a heavy, oily skin residue, leaving skin feeling soft and touchable.
Item: #01101239
Herbal Mineral Bath
Leaves skin feeling silky-smooth and soft with this aromatherapeutic calming formula.
Item #: 01101225
Liquid Body Bar
Removes dirt, oil and impurities while drenching the skin in conditioning moisture.
Item #: 01101216
Creamy Cleansing Lotion
Cleanses while keeping even the driest, most sensitive skin soft and hydrated.
Item #: 01110310
Sunright SPF 50 Face & Body Sunscreen
Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Anti-Aging benefits. Provide protection from sun and other environmental factors.
Item #: 01001345
NaPCa Moisturizer
A unique combination of conditioners in a soothing light cream.
Item #: 01110257
Face Lift with Activator (sensitive formula)
Works immediately to temporarily lift, firm and tone your skin while reducing the reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Item #: 01110809
Creamy Hydrating Masque
Soothes dry skin by helping blind moisture to the skin.
Item #: 01102711
Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher
Provides results that are clinically proven to be equivalent to a professional microdermabrasion treatment.
Item #: 01101215
Enhancer Skin Conditioning Gel
Lightweight hydrator with a subtle cooling sensation on the skin.
Item #: 01110308
Epoch Blemish Treatment
For acne, calms redness and helps clear up trouble complexions.
Item #: 01110845
Nutriol Eyelash Treatment
Strengthens and lengthens delicate lashes from roots to tips.
Item #: 01161801
Image HNS
Image HNS is a proprietary blend of nutrients, including horsetail extract, a rich source of silica necessary to promote healthy hair, nail, and skin.
Item #: 01003107

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Reviews on Hollywood Nails

Reviewed on Facebook

They are amazing! I been coming for many yrs and wouldn't go anywhere else!

This is nice salon, there is a self-serve snack and drink area, if your occupied the workers will get it for you, there is very little waiting time as there are many workers there. Most can speak good English and are all skilled from what I have seen.
I usually get my pedicures here, it is affordable and the manicurists will do what they can to smooth out and take care of my feet if there are problems.
I recommend it if your in the area and want a quick mani/pedi done...

Thank you for always doing a great job to all the staff at Hollywood Nails and especially to the owner, Hollywoodnails Lisa..... If I was a drunk you'd be like my bartender, if I was crazy (crazier), you'd be like my therapist, but instead over the last 10 years you've become more than just my nail girl, you're a friend! Thank you for always asking how my life is, listening, giving advice, and sharing tears of joy for my happiness! and of course, keeping my nails pretty!

Reviewed on Facebook

My sister and I got our nails done for my wedding and they did a wonderful job. I highly recommend it and can't wait to go back

Is the Best Nail Salon 
In South Jersey!

Reviewed on Facebook

Love Lisa and Jess. They always do a fantastic job! My nails look good until I decide to go back, the prices are great and they're very clean! I get many compliments on my nails all the time.

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100% customer priority
High-end service by highly qualified staff
Proximity to school, shopping mail

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