Do’s and Don'ts When Visiting a Nail Salon

Jul, 10 by Nidhi Jain in
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Basic etiquette is a beautiful thing. Everywhere in our life, we are expected to put a good behavior. You might be surprised to know that even nail salons have an unwritten etiquette! While all these establishments are warm and friendly to us, as clients we have certain responsibilities when visiting a salon.

Here we have compiled a list of DO’s and DON’T’s when you come to a nail salon.

• Make an appointment before coming. Everybody lives in a busy world today. This includes you as well. By making an appointment you can save yourself from a rush in the spa. You can book an appointment for your convenient time through phone, emails or by booking online. Also, make sure to book the appointment well in advance.
• Arrive ten minutes earlier before your appointment. This will give you enough time to change and get ready for the procedure. Rushing into the salon late will reduce your time with your stylist.
• Bring photos or sketches of designs you like. It would make it easier for the manicurist to give you better results.
• Cancel your appointment if you cannot attend your pre-booked salon session. This is more important that booking an appointment because, the salon will keep that time slot open for you, instead of taking another customer. Canceling your appointment at least 24 hours is the right thing to do.
• Tip your nail technician. It’s a good thing to do for the service you received.
• Return the robes, slippers and other accessories to the salon. These things are given to you only for a loan, and you wouldn’t want to accidentally carry them home.
• Keep calm inside a salon. Answer any phone calls later. You wouldn’t want to annoy other customers in the spa. Most spas have their quiet zones where silence is to be maintained.

• Try not to bring food and beverages into the salon. Think how messy it would be to gobble fries while you nail technician is doing your manicure. Bringing in food also increases the chances of you dirtying the place, perhaps by spilling your drink accidentally!
• Don’t use your cell phone in a salon. Yes, the procedure might be boring for you to watch and the phone is a tempting option to pass the time. However, it will take your attention away from the procedure, sometimes leading to results that you wouldn’t like. By using cell phones you can also distract the nail technician.
• Don’t tip more than 25% for your procedure.
• If you are not happy with your procedure, don’t lose your calm. Relax and explain your preferences to the nail technician. If you are still unhappy with the results, talk to the manager calmly and inform them the situation.
• Don’t show up late for the appointment. By that time the salon might have got another customer to take your place!
• Finally, don’t miss your appointments. You will be charged for your appointment if you do. Forgetting an appointment also causes inconvenience to the nail salon.

Salons and spas are places of relaxation. Along with beauty and health, you will also enjoy moments of absolute calm. A good salon experience is possible only if you make sure that you follow the salon etiquette. These are not hard and fast rules, and you won’t be penalized for not following them, but basic manners are called for in every public space. Make sure you don’t forget these tips the next time you take an appointment at a nail salon!