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What could be a better sight than flawless, healthy and glowing nails! Nails are a tiny part of our body, yet a little care and attention will make these dead tissues your most beautiful asset. The underlying philosophy of the Diva Nail & Spa is also similar: Beautiful nails make beautiful days. We at Diva Nail & Spa believe that along with beautiful nails, it is also crucial to have healthy nails. We strive for 100% hygiene and cleanliness from our side so that our customers are not exposed to any infections and health risks. Our tools are sterilized and cleaned very well so as to provide the best manicures and pedicures. We make customer satisfaction our greatest priority and hence do not make any exceptions when it comes to healthy spa practices. At the Diva Nail & Spa, you can choose from hundreds of designs and shades to get your nail designed according to your preferences. Our manicures are long lasting offering you good nails for many weeks. We offer a whole range manicures including the French manicure, American manicure and Gel manicure. Besides manicures, pedicures are our other major area of expertise. Relaxing foot baths to relieving massages, pedicures at our spa will give you some pleasurable moments of calm. We also specialize in waxing and makeup, making the Diva Nail & Spa as a one-stop solution to all your cosmetic procedure requirements. Eyelash extension and facials are some of our other services. With highly qualified and experienced nail technicians, you are sure to have a memorable nail spa experience at our salon. Our ultimate goal is to make your nail salon experience a satisfying and a personal one. Affordable procedures, hygienic practices, and the latest designs mean that Diva Nail & Spa is every woman’s dream. So take an appointment at our nail spa to pamper your nails and leave it healthy and glowing!  


At Diva Nail Spa, we aim to combine nail procedures with relaxation. With a relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Our highly trained nail technicians will ensure that you will enjoy a calm and pleasurable experience while all the demands of your nails are met according to your preferences.

At Diva Nail Spa, you can enjoy our signature organic pedicure that comprises of a luxurious treatment using seasonal fresh fruits. Along with the OPI organic sugar scrub, the fresh fruit massage in this particular pedicure treatment enables your skin to exfoliate and absorb the nutrient bought from fresh fruits.

With hundreds of OPI nail colors to choose from, you are sure to be delighted to see an amazing collection of gel and regular nail polish suitable for every season. Each of our collections is carefully selected by experienced nail professionals, thereby giving you the best of best options to choose from.

Acrylic Dip Systems enable to you enjoy deeper and vibrant colors without damaging your nails. These acrylic dips give you an unmatched ability to flaunt natural looking nail colors. At Diva Nail Spa, you are spoilt for choice to choose from a plethora of acrylic dip color options.

The 3D eyebrow microblading is an excellent option to choose if you are looking for permanent shaped eyebrows that last for up to two years. Moreover, we also provide eyebrow wax/tint that leaves your skin looking flawless and beautiful for up to two weeks. This service by Vickie is appointment only.


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Color Dipping


Pink/White Dipping


Color Tip Dipping


Dipping Off w/o Service


Basic Manicure


Essencial Oil Manicure


Diva Manicure




Basic Pedicure/30 mins


Deluxe Pedicure/35 mins


Royal Pedicure/45 mins


Diva Pedicure/55 mins


Tropical Diva/65 mins


Solar Nails Fullset


Fill Solar w/Shellac Overlay


Solar White/Pearl Tips


Solar Fill


Solar Pink/White


Pink Fill


Pink/White Fill


Color Powder Fullset


Fill Same Color


Fill Different Color


Color Powder Color Tips


Pink Fill


Fill Color Tips


Nails Repair Solar


Nails Repair Pink/White


Nails Takeoff


Strip Glued On


Flair Extension


Individual Ming Lash

$90 & up
Microblading Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Initial Service$250
Microblading Touch Up$100

Toes Polish


Nails Polish


Shellac Polish Change


Shellac Overlay


Frech/American Tips



$5 & up

Parafin Wax


Hot Stone


Shellac Take Off w/o Service




Glitter Umbrae

$5 & up

Color Umbrae

$5 & up

Long Nails


Pointy/ Coffin


Pedicure w/Designs


Manicure w/Designs


Pedi/Mani w/Designs


Polish Change Nails Or Toes









$6 & up

Eyebrows & Lip


Whole Face


Under Arms

$15 & up

Half Arms

$20 & up

Full Arms

$30 & up

Half Legs

$25 & up

Full Legs

$40 & up

Full Back

$40 & up


 $40 & up


$30 & up 


$40 & up 

Eyebrows Tint


Half Hour Facial


Full Hour Facial



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Reviewed on Yelp

This is hands down the best nail place!  Moving to the suburbs and searching for a new place was a challenge for me and I almost gave up, however, my good friend recommended Divas and I've been going here for almost 6 months now. Vicky is the best and never ceases to amaze me with her nail art!!!  She can do anything you need her to do and the rest of the staff does a great job on my pedis, too.

This is my go-to spot when I need some pampering. Even when my daughter is with me. They love the kids! My daughter got a pedi and is so proud to show off her toes!

Reviewed on Yelp

Wanted to try a new place near home and I'm glad I did! The salon was clean, tidy, and spacious inside and the staff was friendly. We did have to wait a little but, that was okay since we had no other places we needed to go! I loved there ambiance was very relaxing unlike other places were the tv is on. Also it was not over priced which I loved! Will definitely be back for another relaxing day!

Reviewed on Facebook

Really enjoyed this nail spa, I will be returning, I am really impressed. I got my Nails,waxing, and feet done, first time trying the dipping for my nails and love it I recommed doing this from now on!!!really nice people to do business with.

Reviewed on Yelp

I have to say I really do like this place. I've broken nails off a couple of times and I went back to them and they helped me fix it with no charge. I've been coming here for the past year.

Great place for a Mommy/ Daughter date at the salon. A Princess Chair. Extremely friendly, from the moment I walked in to the salon. They are amazing. It is a family business and they are so sweet and did exactly what I wanted. I will be back to Diva Nails & Spa. They helped me choose a color that looked good on me. I felt pampered and relaxed. The chair was very soothing. The lotions and oils smelled amazing. I was offered a drink and after waxing my brows, she even put my eyebrow color back on. They did such a terrific job, I wanted to share my awesome experience. They close at 7pm and graciously took 4 more people, even when they could have locked the doors. And oh my! They have a Princess (little girls) chair, where daughters can get a pedicure sitting beside their Mommy. Adorable!!! Oh and I am still sitting here letting my nail polish dry before I head home. Thank you, so much for a relaxing start to a very busy weekend ahead for me.


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You can find us at the corner of Freeway 290 and FM1960 in the Crossing Plaza. You can use the Academy Sporting store as a landmark to find our spa. Our complete address is:

19708 Northwest Freeway, Ste 600, Houston Texas

Our working schedule is as follows:

9:30 AM to 7:00 PM from Monday to Thursday.

9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Friday and Saturday.

We are open on Sundays from 11:00 AM to 5 PM.

Most definitely! We have plenty of free space to park your vehicle around our spa. You wouldn’t have to worry about it at all!

We accept all kinds of payments like MasterCard and Visa. You can pay by cash as well. However, we do not accept Discover and American Express cards.

Rescheduling an appointment is quite easy. In case you are not sure if you can make to your appointment, kindly call and inform us. This will update your appointments in our check - in / check-out system. You can also reschedule the appointment for a convenient time.

We offer a five day warranty period that will cover any problems that arise in your nails. We do a touch up if your nail polish is peeling or chipping. We also repair any damage that happens to your nail, be it chipping of acrylic paint or breaking, irrespective of whose fault it is. As an obvious statement, we cover all the repairs within the warranty period for free. So sit back and relax! Your are also free to approach us if you are not satisfied with your nail design or color given that it is within the five day warranty period.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and hopes to achieve good results for our customers.

At Diva Nail Spa, we believe in providing high-quality services for fuller customer satisfaction. Here are some of our plus points:

  • Reduction of dust and fumes during a manicure through our sophisticated Odor Control System.
  • High-quality spa pedicure scents at affordable prices.
  • Brand new nail file for each customer to ensure the highest safety and hygiene.
  • Premium pipeless pedicure chairs that avoid overflow with the whirlpool function.
  • In-house entertainment for you to enjoy during your manicure or pedicure. We are equipped with 4 HD flat-screened TV with a DTS surround system to keep your boredom away!
  • Complimentary refreshment for all our customers like tea, coffee, water and delicious cookies!
  • Most modern luxurious interior design that makes you feel like a real royal!
  • Carefully selected top brand products with multiple choices for our customers.
  • 100% hygiene achieved through a three step process that includes cleaning and multiple sterilizations of our tools.

Yes, we always welcome both walk-in customers as well as those who have taken a prior appointment. However, we highly recommend that you take an appointment in advance so that we can give you better attention.

This depends on your preferences and your personality. Natural nails offer you simple and elegant healthy vibes to your nails, whereas artificial nails are used to flaunt your style and make a statement. Get artificial nails (acrylic or gel) if you want your nails to look creative and artistic. However if you are a person who prefers minimalism, well polished and massaged natural nails are ideal.

The nail designs are priced depending on the level of detailing required to make them. Usually, a nail design for two fingers is priced at $5. In our salon, the prices vary between $5 to $25 depending on the procedure you choose.

No, sadly tipping is not possible on gift cards. However, we…


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