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At a time when all corners of the country are blessed with the presence of nails salon, for a customer it can give a hard time on how to choose. As a salon with a good reputation of many years in the nail care industry, Cute Nails is a salon that cannot be overlooked. Located at 92 E Geneva, Sq, Lake Geneva, WI 53147, our salon strives to achieve an unmatched perfection in nail services. Our salon was purchased five years and ago since then we have been able to provide amazing nail services to all the residents of this town. We provide all kinds of nails services, waxing and other spa services. With a long catalogue of services including eyebrow waxing, bikini waxing, hand treatment, manicures, pedicures, gel and acrylic nails, our salon is a haven for women who believe in bringing the best in her. Technicians here are experienced people with many years of training and practise in their respective fields. Friendly, caring and funny at the same time, they will make you feel at home while you also get the best salon experience. Cleanliness is next to godliness and hence at our salon we believe that hygiene is sacrosanct! With warm and welcoming salon interiors, we also make sure to maintain it clean and tidy. We sterilise all our equipments in hospital grade sanitizers and use pedicure liners to prevent any chance of infection for our customers. Our salon is spacious and can accommodate a large number of people at once. So if you want to plan a day out at a salon with your girl gang, then don’t hesitate to call us and make your reservations! To celebrate our five years in the industry, we are launching a Special Promotion Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Now you can get $5 off on all our pedicure services. Ideally situated in an accessible spot, near the Piggly Wiggly Market and Dominos Pizza, our salon would not be hard to find! You can book your appointment online or through phone. At Cute Nails, we promise to provide you safe and amazing nail care services!

Highlighted Services

Is it time for another pedicure yet? If it is then Cute Nails has the best package for you. Our Spa Pedicure is designed to provide the best of the pedicure services for affordable prices. With highly trained technicians who take care of your feet with utmost care and hygiene, you can just sit back and relax while we give your feet some much needed pampering and love! While our Basic Pedicure is priced at $25, you can also get more elaborate pedicure services such as a Deluxe Spa Pedicure, Premium Spa Pedicure, and Ultimate Spa Pedicure etc.

Being a conspicuous part of your body, your hands can tell a lot about you. At Cute Nails, we will give you soft and pretty hands with Hand Treatment service. We use sea salt and paraffin wax to bring the best results to your hands. Couple this with our Deluxe Manicure to give your hands the complete care package. With our mind-blowing collection of nail polishes and nail art design, the manicure is must-have if you wish to give your nails a makeover. The Basic Hand Treatment service is priced at $15 whereas our manicure costs $25.

How about some soft and hairless skin for a couple of weeks? Cute Nails provides you high-quality waxing that will give your skin all the beautification it needs. Our experienced technicians will take the best care of your skin at our salon. Done using waxes that gentle and soft on skin, you can also choose your desired waxes from our collection. We take hygiene in our salon seriously and do not engage in any form of double dipping of our wax! Walk into our salon or make an appointment to learn more!

Not all of us have the time and patience to grow our nails. This is why we have acrylic nails to the rescue. Now you can get your nails enhanced at Cute Nails without making a hole in your wallet! We provide you affordable, safe and beautiful acrylic nails that not only last longer but also looks original. Our technicians take all the care to ensure that the nails are done correctly and perfectly so that you do not have to worry about anything. If you too wish to have longer nails, call us and make your appointment now!

Cute Nails Menu

Tap on any icon below to review the service.
Full Set$27 & up
Fill-ins$17 & up
Overlay$25 & up
Gel Full Set $35 & up
Gel Fill-ins$25 & up
Gel Overlay$32 & up
Pink & White Full Set$45 
Pink & White Fill-in$35
Pink Fill-in$25
Pink & Color  Full Set$50 & up
Pink & White Color Fill-in$40
Pink Color Fill-in $25
Manicure & Pedicure$40
Basic Manicure$15
Basic Hand Treatment
Sea salt & warm paraffin wax. Ideal for dry hand. $15
Deluxe Manicure
Includes basic manicure and basic hand treatment. Ideal for dry hands.
Shellac Gel Polish
Optional w a manicure color that lasts up to 2 weeks. Additional $5 for French.
Basic Pedicure
Trim/File toe nails, cut cuticles, foot scrub and lotion, foot massage, and polish.
Class Pedicure
Trim/File toe nails, callus, elimination to break down callus, sea scrub to exfoliate rough/dry skin, lotion, hot towel wrap, and polish.
Deluxe Spa Pedicure
Trim/File toe nails, cut cuticles, callus, elimination to break dow callus, sugar scrub to exfoliate rough/dry skin, paraffin treatment, lotion massage, hot towel wrap, and polish. 
Premium Spa Pedicure
Trim/File toe nails, cut cuticles, callus, elimination to break down callus, sea salt scrub to exfoliate rough/dry skin, seaweed mash, cooling gel, hot towel wrap, and polish.
Ultimate Spa Pedicure
Trim/File toe nails, cut cuticles, callus, elimination to break down callus, sugar scrub to exfoliate rough/dry skin, paraffin treatment, hot stone, 15 minute reflexology, hot towel wrap, and polish. 
Under Arms$20
Toe Hair$7
Lower Arms$25
Full Arms$35
Half Leg$30
Full Legs$45

Full Face

Includes eyebrows, chin, up and more.
Bikini$30 and up
Brazilian$40 and up
Nail Repair$3-5
Nail Design$3-10
French Manicure$5
American Manicure$5
Nail Take off (w service)$5
Nail Take off (w nail service)$10
Hand Color Change$6
Hand Color Change w French$8
Toe Color Change$10
Toe Color Change w French$12

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Reviews on Cute Nails

Reviewed on Google

Very nice and well done. I love my nails! The ladies were so cute and talkative! One of them just graduated highschool so we had lots in common with that and arts. They’re very funny and know what they’re doing. They just did such a GREAT job! Very clean and cute. Defiantly my go to place now!!

Reviewed on Google

Love this place!! Go see Mia!!!!

They did an excellent job! I live in Lake Geneva but this was my first time going to Cute Nails after hearing good things from my friend's mom. Service was prompt and there were so many options for nail colors! I couldn't decide. I don't know the name of who did my nails but she was super nice. The owner was also great too and made a point to try to get to know you. It seems like there were lots of regulars in and they seemed to have great relationships with the staff. I think one of my toe nails accidentally smudged (I didn't notice) but the woman doing my nails fixed it really quickly! Very detail oriented and wanting to make sure they did a good job. I got a no chip manicure as well and was great. I can't wait to come back in for my next no chip and pedicure! Highly recommend.

Reviewed on Google

My daughter and I had a girls day out and got Mani n full set (for me) and pedi and they treat us both to an excellent time and our nails turned out great. Best place in lake Geneva with great prices!!!

A friend took me to Cute Nails a few months back and I had a great experience. We sat together and the people that completed were great. One of the people suggested we sit under the dryers together. They did start a few minutes apart, so my friend was done a few minutes before me, but that's wasn't a problem at all. If I would have read the awful reviews, I probably would not have visited, but I'm happy that I am. I'm actually going back today.

Reviewed on Yelp

I love this place! Wonderful service. Very clean! Prices are very reasonable. Great location. 5 easy stars! Oh, and my nails look so cute!

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Great customer service
Take care of your foot in the best way possible.
Competitive prices w wide range of services

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