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At Bros Nails Spa, we take customer satisfaction as our foremost pride. We try our level best to make the customer experience simply the most exquisite.We make sure that every single product we use is of great quality and brand. Our salon’s hygiene is also taken seriously for the comfort of our customers. All of our staff is highly trained and quite experienced to deliver the perfect nail services. We also have a free beverage service; enjoy your nail appointment by sipping up on a cup of hot delicious coffee! A clean, warm and friendly place is welcoming you to enjoy a few hours of relaxation. Come join us!

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Will acrylic or gel extensions damage my nails?

If you have your extensions professionally applied and professionally maintained and removed by qualified nail technicians, there should only be minimal damage to your nail plate. However, constant acrylic application can make your nail plate weak so we advise a small break in between. Beware of nail technicians who leave your nails with white patches, damage and weakness.
It goes without saying that if you pick at your nails or pull them off yourself, the nail will be badly damaged. Professional technicians like those will use the correct, branded, high quality products to apply and remove your nail extensions.

How do i care for my nails after my manicure?

To keep a manicure lasting to its full potential avoid getting your nails wet for too long (constant soaking in hot baths or not wearing rubber gloves when washing the dishes) and also avoid coming into contact for prolonged periods with chemicals like those in sunscreen, perfumed products and insect repellent.
Get someone else to do the DIY or tough chores that might cause your manicure to lift, and apply cuticle oil morning and night if you can. This will keep your nails super healthy throughout the duration of your manicure and it will help keep the polish intact.
Finally, don’t pick at your manicure under any circumstances. Instead Book in for a Nail repair if one or nails have damaged otherwise treat yourself to another treatment.

What are cuticles? And which package will include cuticle work?

Cuticles are the small overgrowth of dead skin at the bottom of your nail plate. They join the living tissue to your nail, and protect you from any contaminants getting under your skin.
However, overgrown cuticles are no good! Cuticles should be kept pushed back and tidy to keep your nails looking healthy- short, pushed back cuticles also help you get neat, long lasting polish application and help your nails look longer and more elegant. With standard polish, manicures and pedicures, we advise booking a full manicure and pedicure as oppose to our express treatments. With gel polish, the shellac manicure treatment will do the trick!

How long does standard polish last for?

Standard nail polish usually lasts up to 5 days and is a great choice for temporary or short one off occasions. If that’s what you’re looking for then we recommend booking a classical manicure. It does take a fair few minutes to dry fully to avoid smudges on your manicure.
If that’s too short of period for you then we recommend booking a shellac (gel) manicure, which is designed to last up to two weeks!

How long does a gel polish/ Shellac manicure last for?

With cuticle work and full nail preparation, a gel or shellac manicure should last about 2 weeks with proper application and aftercare. At Bros Nails Spa we offer an express version of a gel manicure, but if you want that complete 2 week guarantee then we advise going for the full gel (shellac) manicure.

What is nail fungus and how can it be prevented?

If the natural nail is pulling away from the nail bed then it will possible that the nail fungus will show underneath. The right application and maintenance of the nail extension will help prevent a nail fungus, as well as using products such as a nail antiseptic or fungal nail treatment

What is a French manicure?

The standard style of a French manicure is when the fingernails are painted pale pink with a white band at the tip. At Bros Nails Spa you can choose to have the nail bed clear with any color tip

Can i put acrylics back on immediately after soaking off the old acrylics?

Yes, it’s fine to re-apply acrylics straight away as natural nails are made up of keratin (protein) so nails don’t breathe. If you have ripped your acrylics off causing the natural nail to thin however, then you might want to wait to harden the nails back up, as the acrylics will just add more stress on top of damaged nails

How long does it take for treatment?

Different treatments will vary in different times. Please have a look at our scheduling page here for a full list of treatments, prices and duration of the treatment.

How can i prevent the nail polish from staining my nails?

Nails often turn yellowish when a strong, pigmented polish is applied. To prevent pigmentation, make sure you put base coat on prior to applying the coloured polish so it acts as a barrier.
Or simply choose for a less potent colour


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Yenise F.

OMG! This place really shocked me, every time I have gotten my nails done here it’s been a walk-in, and I always have someone new doing my nails– which I typically don’t like but, I come here on an emergency basis LOL, and every single employee has done a great job, they can do really cool designs and it’s overall a very welcoming and clean environment!


Natasha R.

Came here today for the first time today and I have to say I felt very welcome. Tai or Ty was great! He really took his time in making my nails look perfect I look forward to coming again for sure!



Great little hidden gem. You can make online appointments, which is very convenient. Was attended upon arrival 5 Minutes before my scheduled. appointment. Lydia did my eyebrow waxing and gel manicure. Super fast and super great manicure. Definitely recommend andwill be back.


Cindy F.

Came in looking to redo my nails I had gone somewhere else prior to (full set horribly done). I was attended right away. Kim did my nails and I LOVED it! They gave me a great price considering i had just paid for a bad full set at another salon. Amazing job this is my new nail spa!!! Attended me very well and most definitely made my day!!!!! Love It!


Lamita S.

My first time and it was simply great . Lee did my nails fresh acrylic set and pedicure just perfect . I rarely sit back enjoy and trust someone doing my nails without giving a thousand comment . The place is pretty clean . $35 for gel new acrylic set plus the 5 star quality service . Excellent


Andrea R.

I fell in love with this nail salon. The owner and her niece are extremely nice. The salon is small, and very relaxing. They have a great aromatherapy going on which is indeed relaxing. My nail tech, Yanay, was amazing. She took her time doing my pedicure and did a lovely job on my gel nail manicure. The price isn’t cheap, but it’s a decent price for the service. I will be back in two weeks for more!


Silvia D.

Came here for the first time cause it was close to my house and had an awesome experience. The young lady who did my nails was so nice and humble. Clean place. Would definitely recommend anyone. I’ll be back soon.


Demi D.

Love them. Super friendly and welcoming. Went 1 time and haven’t stopped going ! They offer you water while there. Also the wax is my favorite. They take there time with you..


Dayanara R.

I read good reviews about this place so I decided to give it a try since it was so close to my house. I walked in on a Saturday afternoon and was seated for a full set and pedicure within 10 minutes. It’s kind of hard to spot, so it wasn’t too busy. Linda did my gel pedicure and she was so sweet! She was gentle and took her time to get the job done beautifully. She set the massage chair (BONUS!) to full back and I just relaxed the entire time. They even have an extension cord so you could plug in your phone charger. She asks you for your preferences as she works, so I thought that was lovely for the picky folks. When she was done, I promptly went to Lee who did my gel ombre full set. He took his time and did an amazing job on my nails!! He even added some bling. It’s been 2 weeks….not a SINGLE gem has fallen off. If it weren’t for my nails growing and needing the refill, you’d think my nails were fresh out of the salon. I have finally found a professional nail salon with all the perks! Definitely recommend Bro’s Nail Spa.

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