‘Tis the season for snow, Santa’s carols, and mistletoes! But it also the season for frostbites and skin problems! Extreme cold temperature can strip your nails and skin of its moisture making it dry and rough. Besides, redness, swelling, and itching are also not very uncommon during winter. […]

We at the nail care industry are well-armed people with a huge number of tools and equipment. Be it for the most intricate design and detailing or a negligible error during the manicure, we have everything that is needed to set your nails in a perfect manner. Nail […]

Summer is here and so are the days of outdoor fun and activities. As the schedule turns super busy, you will soon have no time to care about a lot of things. That includes your nails too! In order to not make your nails feel neglected in this […]

“Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word.” These words by Tammy Taylor reflect the role of your nails in pulling off an outfit, for no new outfit is complete your nails are pretty and well- kept. Although nails are only […]

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This is true even when it comes to your nails! Manicures, pedicures, moisturization and what not! Today, we all are obsessed with our nails. In fact, around 75% of the beauty salons in the US are actually nail salons. With the […]

Summer is a favorite among many of us. With bright skies, warm weather and beach holiday, summer promise fun and joy in all its aspects. But what about your nails? Shouldn’t you be caring for them after all? In this season everyone is busy; ranging from little busy […]

If you are a girl keen on having hairless smooth skin, then this dilemma might have hit at least once in your life. What is better, safer and healthier? Waxing or Shaving? Just like any comparison in the world, both waxing and shaving each has its advantages. However, […]

Just as any other branch of cosmetics, nail care has its own myths too. Green spots mean fungal infection, white spots for calcium deficiency and what not! Here we have listed out some of the common myths associated with your nails and nail care. Nail cosmetics are bad […]

What are nails but dead cells hardened and accumulating! And did you know that your nails have the ability to show signs and symptoms of various illnesses? Nails might be a small portion of our body, but if you understand a little bit about it, you’ll realize the […]

An appointment at the nail salon can raise a large number of questions on various procedures and etiquette. Here we have answered some doubts you might have while visiting a nail salon. GENERAL QUESTIONS 1. Should I make an appointment before coming to the nail spa? Yes, we […]