Summer often puts us into a bunch of situations where we have to make certain confusing decisions. Should I get that haircut I was yearning to do all the year or not? Should I wax my legs or shave them? What kind of a pedicure should I get? […]

Imagine your nails gaining you respect from the people around! Wonderful isn’t it? Well, this was the case in ancient Egypt where long nails symbolized a high status. Even in many other civilizations, nail designs were quite important. Although today nails designs do not give you any social […]

If you are a woman who waxes or shaves your skin regularly, you might have come across ingrown hair at some point in life. While nail salons takes the utmost care to ensure that your procedure is done safely, ingrown hairs can still develop in your skin. Ingrown […]

Chrome nails are the latest trend in nail fashion. After all, who doesn’t like an occasional glaze on their nails! When it comes to chrome nails, silver black is the most popular one. It gives your nail a very rich metallic-cum-mirror appearance. If you do it right, you […]

Nail spas are the heaven for women of this century. It’s a place of relaxation and calm. Who doesn’t like to enjoy the calm of the spa while the nail technician is busy with your pedicure? Indeed nail salons are a gift to us in this hectic scheduled […]

So you are planning to visit a nail salon for the first time! Doesn’t matter if you are 16 or 36, better to be late than never. A nail salon is a place of crucial importance today when it comes to grooming and self-care. Nails occupy only a […]

The summer sun is still shining bright overhead. People are busy with their tight schedules, for its the season for holidays, camping, weddings and what not! The vacation to enjoy in summers is undoubtedly a few days at the beach. Beaches are the epitome of tan, the sun, […]

Celebrities are a part of our life. Doesn’t matter even if we have never seen them in our real life, they do exercise a level of influence in our day-to-day life. Their appearance in television and social media have influenced our lives in many ways. When it comes […]

Your feet have many crucial functions in the body. It helps in movement and supports the entire body weight. Toenails prevent damage to the fingers during motion. Therefore we cannot deny that we should give adequate care to the feet. However, the care demanded your feet are quite […]

Weddings bells are ringing! It’s a super busy time and there’s so much to do for you as a bride-to-be. All the effort goes into making that day the most beautiful day in your life! As a bride, you cannot compromise on looking good. You need the perfect […]