Are You Looking for a Better Nail Salon in Ocean View?

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Finding a good nail salon is a mammoth task today. With over thousands of them in a single city itself, women are often confused on which one to choose and on what basis. For starters, we can easily say that a good nail salon is one that assures high-quality treatment and procedures, along with a strict hygiene policy. Such a nail salon should also treat their customers with utmost care and respect.

Drawbacks of Nail Salons Today

Today many nail salons don’t treat their customer with the attention they deserved. In fact, many nail technicians do not even talk to their customers properly. And a majority of the nail technicians having Vietnamese as their mother tongue find it difficult to converse in English, making it difficult for the client to comprehend. This also makes the technicians rush into the nail service without paying attention to the details demanded by the customer. 

Seaville Nails: The Best Nail Salon in Ocean View

Having said all these, Seaville Nails is something you cannot ignore. Today we have a totally different approach. Although the reviews about the previous owner of our salon have been not so good, now we are open again with a new perspective and drive. The new team at Seaville Nails are friendly and attentive to the customer needs. They will listen to you very carefully before going into the procedure. You can tell us anything, be it suggestions for the procedure or any discomfort you face in our salon, we will be only very happy to make your appointment a truly satisfying one.

Improved Nail Design Collection and Better Hygiene.

We have also improved our nail design collection. With all colors, finishes, and designs, our nail polish collection will leave you amazed. Not to mention our improved manicures and pedicure procedures. Longer massage and top-brand cosmetics are also on the list. Beyond everything, our salon interior will set you right in your spirits.

We should also realize that nail treatment is not about beautiful manicures and pedicures alone. A good nail treatment also places a huge emphasis on health and cleanliness. Your toes and feet harbor bacteria that can lead to severe consequences. At Seaville Nail Salon, this is a part of our driving philosophy: cleanliness and hygiene. Our tools are sterilized with hospital grade disinfectants, to avoid these risks. To keep it simple, Seaville Nails is a small, clean and organized salon that will give you everything you need for your nails with respect to cleanliness as well.

New Snacks Bar and Free Beverages.

For amusing the clients, we also have a high-quality coffee and snacks bar. This will be perfect for you to satisfy your taste buds while you are in our salon. Our complimentary beverage is something you cannot miss! And the relaxing salon atmosphere will make you forget the hassles of day-to-day life and enable you to take a mini-break of calm and peace.

5 Day Service Warranty & Competitive Prices.

Yes, we all live in a fast-paced world today. And caring for nails and skin will take only a little time from you. Seaville Nail Salon sees to these circumstances to deliver the best quality care and treatment for your nails and skin, without having to make too much effort from you. We believe in your needs. As for any problems that arise from our procedure, be it a slight chipping or broken nail, we do have a five-day warranty system to fix any such problem. At Seaville Nail Salon, we also follow a cheaper pricing, compared to other nail salons in the town, so that you wouldn’t have to worry about making a hole in your wallet!

With our improved salon, you don’t have to worry about anything. We are here to give you a better treatment compared to many salons in the city. This time, equipped with highly trained staff, advanced tools for hygiene, and a diversified collection of nail polishes, Seaville Nail Salon is truly a heaven for women in Ocean View. Go ahead and make an appointment with us to see it for yourself! Click here to learn more about our services and pricing on our website.