Are You Looking for a Better Nail Salon in Bayville, New Jersey?

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What Is a Good Nail Salon?

In the present day where almost all corners of the country are flooded with nail salons, it can be confusing for people to decide which one is the better one. A good nail salon is not about most modern nail designs and art, rather is play a huge emphasis on the quality of treatment. The hygiene policy, the clean salon environment, friendly nail technicians are all huge plus points that you have to look forward in a nail salon. Such a nail salon will be equipped with the latest trends in nail fashion to keep their customers up to date with the style of the time. Also to be noted are the treatment to the customers, the warranty, the quality of products used and the ultimately, the pricing.

Customers being the most important priority of nail salons, every nail salon should make sure that their customers are perfectly satisfied with whatever service the salons just provided. Today, this is more said than done. Since more than 75 % of the nail salons in the US are operated by people of Vietnamese origin, many of them find it difficult to talk in English. The clients, let’s say most of them, unaware of their language are often put into a conundrum. The lack of proper communication also means that the nail technicians simply rush into the procedure.

Studio Nails: The Best Nail Salon in New Jersey

And about the best nail salons in New Jersey, have you heard of Studio Nails? Recently brought by two pairs of owners, Studio Nails has been remodeled to get its new life. It is located at Bayville in New Jersey. The new nail technician team at Studio Nails is attentive to the customer needs and interactive. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything, just sit back and relax while our nail technicians do the job. You can tell them about anything from the design suggestions to any problems you face at our salon. We believe that your satisfaction is our feedback and we are willing to go an extra mile to ensure that.

Intense Care for Hygeine

We have also improved our nail design collection. With all colors, finishes, and designs, our nail polish collection will leave you amazed. Not to mention our improved manicures and pedicure procedures. Longer massage and top-brand cosmetics are also on the list. Beyond everything, our salon interior will set you right in your spirits.

We should also understand that nail spa does not work just for the beautification of nails. Apart from their role in making your nails look better, a nail salon also deals with the hygiene aspects of your hands and legs. A good nail treatment also places a huge emphasis on health and cleanliness of both the customers and the salon area.

It is also important to know that toes and nails are the parts of the body where dirt accumulates and thereby becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Studio nails take this fact to the philosophy to give the most hygienic and clean nail services in the town. All tools are sterilized in a hospital grade disinfectant.

Expanded Nail Color Collection!

Our new nail salon collection will surprise you, for now, we are equipped with an expanded collection of designs and colors of nail polish. Name a shade and you can have it done on your nails! Be it the American, French, Glitter, Chrome or Beach manicures, we have it all. With our relaxing salon atmosphere, you can just ignore the hassles of day-to-day life and enable you to take a mini-break of calm and peace.

6 New Pedicure Chairs

For customer comfort, we are also equipped with six new pedicure chairs. As an epitome of relaxation, these chairs offer you the best relaxation in town. This also ensures that your pedicure procedure is done with the greatest attention and precision.

5 Day Service Warranty & Competitive Prices

A good nail salon doesn’t ignore the customers once the procedure is done. And so do we, at Studio Nails, make it a crucial part of our service to arrange a five-day warranty service for all our manicures and pedicures. Irrespective of what caused the damage, we will re-service the problems in you manicure or pedicure. You could bring to us any problems to your nails; chipped nails, torn nails or broken nails and we will fix it as long as it is within the five day warranty period after you got the service.

Living in a busy world today, we all strive for easier but better services, be it nail salon or a spa. Studio Nails takes care of your circumstances to do your required procedures according to your instructions. As for the pricing, we follow a competitive pricing so that you don’t have to worry having to spend so much on nail services. Studio Nails is, therefore your perfect haven to find all the nail services under one roof!