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Are you tired of hunting for the best nail salons in New Platz, New York? If yes, you have to come to the right place. Angel Nails, located at 138 Main St, New Platz, NY 12561 is all you need for your nail needs from now! From pedicure, manicure, eye lash extensions and massages, now you can find all these under one roof. With more than 11 years of experience in the nail industry, we assure you high quality service and great moments of relaxation. Be it manicures, pedicures or waxing, we have it all ready for you. Our friendly customers, most-modern equipment and welcoming ambience will make your time at our salon a truly memorable one. Working within the current trends and fashions of the nail industry, Angel Nails strives to attain perfection in all its services. Our highly-trained nail technicians will take care of all your needs according to your specifications. We value our customers deeply and customer satisfaction is what drives us each day. Beautiful nails are also healthy nails. Most often while you are in a constant search for the beautiful nails, you end up forgetting about the health of your nails. Many common products that you use for your nails can cause severe damage in the long run. At Angel Nails, we use only high-quality products for all the services we provide. We work to provide you not only good-looking nails, but also strong and durable nails. When it comes to a manicure, everyone prefers the one that lasts. Today, most women prefer a gel manicure instead of the regular since it lasts about two weeks without chipping. At Angel Nails, we provide good quality gel manicure that lasts longer, saving you time and money. With a vast collection of nail polishes, dipping powders and chrome nail designs, our salon aims to provide a complete nail care experience. We also have newer designs of pedicures that will definitely make you heart melt. Affordable prices, good salon environment, friendly staff and professional products will make sure that you have an amazing time at our spa. After all, good nails are sign of confidence and attitude. Make an appointment with us now to check our services and collection!


Manicures and pedicures are among the most demanded services at a nail salon for obvious reasons. This gives it more incentive to do it utmost care and skill. Our staff have more thant 10 years of experience in the nail industry and are committed to providing you with healthy, clean and trendy nail foundativons. We also use the best products to ensure that you get the right service. Dedicated staff, high quality service together with latest fashions are our greatest speciality. At Angel Nails, we have a good collection of designs as well, that you can choose from. You can also ask for themed manicure designs to suit the season such as our fall collection, winter designs etc. Are you ready to try it yet?

Ask for any color of the rainbow and beyond, and we have it! Our gel nail polish collection consists of more than 500 colors for all your design ideas! Being the current trend in the nail industry, gel nails have a lot of advantages over the regular nail polishes. You can also choose from over 200 dipping colors. We are also adequately stocked with your favourite polishes including matte, glossy, chrome and other textures. With this vast collection, you can get your nails done in the latest trends in manicures and pedicures, giving a whole new makeover to your hands and legs. If you want your own personalised manicure design, you can bring the design of your choice and we will do it perfectly for you.

Thick eyelashes are attractive eyelashes. But unfortunately some of us are cursed to have thin and inconspicuous eyelashes that fails to make a statement! At Angel Nails, eyelash extensions are our most advanced service. High-end service and highly qualified staff will give you a great experience while getting your eyelashes beautified. You can choose the quality and the design of the eyelashes before you get them done; be it synthetic or organic hair. High quality service, dedicated staff and the best quality products will make your look fuller and more vibrant. Now, how about some makeover for that beautiful eyes of yours?!

Who doesn’t appreciate, beautiful and charming nails?! Heathy Nails enable to you enjoy deeper and vibrant colors without damaging your nails. These acrylic dips give you an unmatched ability to flaunt natural looking nail colors. At Angel Nails you are spoilt for choice since you are bound to choose from a plethora of acrylic dip color options! Make your appointment now to give your nails that much-needed makeover!


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Pedicure & Manicure$36
Pedicure$24 up
Luxury Pedicure$40
Shellac Gel Manicure$25
Shellac Gel Manicure French$28
Shellac Pedicure & Manicure$58
Shellac Pedicure & Manicure French$65
Regular Pedicure & Manicure w Gel Polish$45
Acrylic Regular Full Set$25 up
Acrylic Regular Fill$16
Non Yellow Solar Full Set$35
Non Yellow Solar Fill$20
Non Yellow Pink & White Full Set$60
Non Yellow Pink & White Fill$40
White Tips Full Set$32
Regular UV Gel Full Set $40
Regular UV Gel Fill 
IBD Natural Full Set 
IBD Natural Fill
LCN Pink & White Full Set 
LCN Pink & White Fill $50
Soak off
Toe Polish 
Hand Polish 
Clear Over Gel 
Nail Art Design 
$3 - $12
Full-set w Designed Shapes
Coffin, almond or pointy. 
Cut Down over Designed Shapes
Coffin, almond or pointy.
Manicure $30 - $33
French Manicure$35 - $40
Full Set 
$40 - $45
$5 up
Brazilian$30 up
Haft Leg$25
Full Leg$45
Haft Arm$22
Full Arm$45
Back$30 up
Individual $120
Three in one piece.


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Reviewed on Facebook

Kim is awesome when it comes to designs.. they're very polite there and my nails come out great. Alwsys satisfied ♡♡♡ ya kim

Reviewed on Yelp

They took me as a walk-in and took off my acrylics to put a nice gel manicure on. She was patient, professional and asked me how I was feeling through the long process. The nails cmae out great and I cant wait to go back to get a new design! Massage chairs and amazing palm tree scenery in back. Nice friendly staff and good prices.

Reviewed on Google

Ok seriously? I have been searching for a good salon in this town since I moved here in january. This place is the best salon ive been to...ever. and im from Nyc! Relaxing pedicure. Ive got killer callouses and one ingrown nail that makes me insane. They do a great job evertime.

Reviewed on Facebook

Always walk out extremely satisfied... especially love the artistic designs!

Reviewed on Google

I ALWAYS walk out of Angel nails completely satisfied. Very friendly, clean. Pedicures are awesome and I highly recommend getting a full set and a great design too!

Reviewed on Google

I always get great service here. Everyone works to make my experience wonderful. I love the ANC process I get. Previously my nails would break and split vertically. Now they look beautiful and give me confidence. Pedicures are great too.


Eyelash extensions & microblading are available
Warm and welcoming atmosphere
Competitive prices and a wide range of services

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