All About Nail Extensions

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Imagine your nails gaining you respect from the people around! Wonderful isn’t it? Well, this was the case in ancient Egypt where long nails symbolized a high status. Even in many other civilizations, nail designs were quite important. Although today nails designs do not give you any social privilege or rewards, it does tell a lot about your personality and style. Who would prefer nails that are not trimmed and cleaned properly? It might be inconspicuous but in our day to day life, we do use our hands in a great many ways. And each time your nails are exposed. Be it to call the waiter or to type a letter in front of your co-worker, nails do have a prominence in daily life.

Nail polishes are the most common forms of nail designs available today. However other options such as nail extensions and gel nails are also quite popular. As for nail extensions, these are perfect for people who don’t want to spend time growing and grooming their naturals. You can easily purchase these nail extensions and fix on your nails for an easy life hack to get long nails. Nail extensions are quite liberal in their ability to accommodate a huge variety of designs as well. Be it glitter, chrome or textured, anything that you do on your natural nails can be done on your nail extensions as well.

Now, let’s see what nail extensions are.

Nail extensions: What are they?

Nail extensions refer to a lightweight plate made of plastic that is used to give length to the nails. They are glued to the tip of the actual nail and follows the shape of the nail. Once these plates are attached, this is strengthened by fiberglass, acrylic or gel coating applied on top of them. After curing the nail extensions, these become secured and give strength and shine to the nails.

Types of Nail Extensions

Like most other things, nail extensions are not without a variety. There are many technologies to apply fake nails on your fingers easily. Some of the popular ones are as follows.

1) Acrylic Nails

These have been around in fashion for many decades. Its long history is the proof of its good quality. When it comes to nail extension, acrylics are applied on top of your nails by using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer that makes a tough secure layer on top of the natural nails. Acrylic nails dry on with exposure to air. The evaporation of certain chemicals in the polish when exposed to air is what dries the acrylic nails. When this is done, nail colors can be easily applied to your extensions.

Acrylic nails boasts of many advantages. It lasts long and is durable. If there is any breakage, you can easily fix it at home, thereby not having to visit a nail salon. These are also cheap when compared to other fake nails options such as gel nails or fibreglass nails. Although these might sound luring enough to make you jump for acrylic nails, you also need to know its limitations. Acrylic nails use strong chemicals that have the potential to harm your nail bed if not done properly. These chemicals shouldn’t get into the skin by any chance. Therefore is better to get it done at a nail salon. However, if done properly, acrylic nails can last for a very long time. Acrylic nails also lack a natural appearance when added to nails. They will look awkward indeed, if you do it improperly. Besides, acrylic nail extensions involve strong fumes when it is being done. We recommend that you avoid them during delicate conditions such as pregnancy.

2) Gel Nails

Gel nails are the alternative to acrylic nails. However, the gel nails use a completely different technology. Gel nails do not dry on its own; it has be dried or cured under an LED lamp or a UV lamp. Nail extensions that use the gel technology is much more natural in appearance, compared to the acrylic nails.

The advantages of choosing gel nails over the acrylic ones include the appearance of the nail itself. Gel nails have a natural shine. They are also easy to cure, given that you have either of the lamps. Gel nails are also considered safe since it does not involve toxic fumes that are associated with the acrylic. On the con side, gel nails are not very durable despite the fact that they cost more. In case of any damage or breaking, you cannot fix it yourself; professional help is required. Also, gel nails are impractical to do at home since items such as a UV lamp/ LED lamp is difficult to procure.

What to Choose? Acrylic or Gel?

After having read the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic nails and gel nails, you might be all confused on what nail extension to choose. While both have their disadvantages, you have to weigh in which is less troublesome. As for the pros, you can judge it on the basis of durability and the appearance. For short durations, gel nails are ideal as they also give you a very natural appearance to the nails. If you want your manicure to last long, acrylics are the best options, given that you take the risks of chemicals seriously. For a person who has allergies, acrylics are not recommended. Why would you go for risky processes when you could get done easily with gel nails? Spend a few bucks more on the gel nails to save you from the fumes. But remember that, at the end of the day it is a personal choice. Weigh your preferences and make an informed choice!

Myths About Nail Extensions

Well, what’s life without drama? Over the years, nail extensions has been prone to some crazy myths that have erred many women in being apprehensive or being over-confident about fake nails. Many claim that fake nails will ruin your natural nails. Okay, let’s get it straight, your nails are made of dead skin. Nothing you do to it can kill it again. This also means that you can do anything to your nails as long as you don’t harm the living skin around and the nail bed. This applies for fake nails too. Nail extensions do not ruin your nails. Even if there are some risks, then it comes the process of fixing it than the nail extensions themselves. The glue used in fixing acrylic nails are a bit harsh on your skin. Apart from that there is not much damage to your nails. Another myth surrounding the nail extensions are that acrylic nails make the natural nails thinner. Well, this too, is wrong. Acrylics cannot influence your nail growth; the nail growth is determined by the nail matrix located at the moon of your nails. You nail bed has no influence in nail growth whatsoever.

Artificial nails are also believed to cause fungus and infections. This isn’t true either. Fungal and bacterial infections in nails can be contracted irrespective of whether you have extensions or not. It does not have anything to do with nail extensions. Bacteria and fungus are picked from certain surfaces that you expose your nails too. There are also discourses on how you should remove your artificial nails so that your natural nails can breathe. This is absolutely untrue because why would nails breathe if they are dead? Rather frequently removing and fixing the extensions can be risky as you will have to use the chemicals to fix it again and again.