9 Ways to Care For Your Skin and Nails in Summer

Aug, 03 by Nidhi Jain in
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Summer is a favorite among many of us. With bright skies, warm weather and beach holiday, summer promise fun and joy in all its aspects. But what about your nails? Shouldn’t you be caring for them after all?

In this season everyone is busy; ranging from little busy to super busy! With parties, trips, barbecues, traveling, and beaches, summer is the most packed up season ever. And it only quite possible that you might forget your poor nails in your hasty and busy scheduled life. Here were are to remind you about it and tell you why caring for nails is especially crucial in summer.

Don’t worry, here we have a list of methods to help you shower love for your nails in this warm season!

Keep your skin and nails nourished

Summer means sunlight. Sunlight means UV rays and UV rays are harmful to your skin and nails. Therefore it is mandatory to moisturize and nourish your skin frequently. Apply moisturizer over your nails and toes. You can also cover your nails if you are planning to step out into the sun. As for your cuticles, use cuticle or tea tree oil for better protection.

Nourishment is particularly important if you plan to attend pool parties or to enjoy the waves of the ocean. Constant exposure to water (especially salt water) can dry out your skin making them look ragged and rough. In order to prevent this make sure to use a moisturizing balm before jumping into the pool for your fun plunge!

Use sunscreen whenever you step out

Sunscreen is the industry’s gift to fighting many severe conditions. Since summer calls for long hours out in the sun, be it a beach or a mountain, protecting your skin and nails is very important.Therefore carry a bottle of sunscreen with you all the time. The sunscreen also protects you from the harmful UV radiation, the exposure to which can lead to skin cancer. Apply sunscreen liberally all over your skin and nails the next time you decide to get out to the sun for some tan!

Get manicures and pedicures regularly

Summer is that time of the year when you can flaunt your toes and nails without any hesitation, as opposed to winter when everything is covered up. Regular manicures and pedicures will equip your nails better to deal with the summer heat. Apart from cleaning and making them healthy, manicures and pedicures also beautify your nails, so that you feel confident in wearing flip flops or beckoning the waiter at the restaurant with your beautifully manicured hands.

Choose the right nail polish color

Dark colors of nail polish absorb heat into your nails weakening them. This is why many women prefer light and pale shades for their nails in summer. Also, why would you cover your nails with dull dark colors in summer! Go for bright shades to compliment the season. Light blue, pink and beige are the popular nail colors for summer.

When you expose your manicured nails into the sunlight for a long time, the heat can bake the polish and leave a yellow tint over your nails. To prevent this, try using multiple base coats when you paint your nails.

Maintain the length of the toe nails

Summer gives up an opportunity to free our legs from boots and shoes. However, not having cover for your feet means that there are risks of it getting hurt easily. Imagine that you are roaming around your garden in a pair of flip flops in the summer. Suddenly your toes hit a stone and give your enormous pain. Yes, this is a very important affair concerning the length of your toes nails. If you don’t trim your toe nails in time, it can get damaged easily through minor accidents. This will not only damage your nails but also can lead to infection to the nail. So make sure to trim and cut your toes regularly, especially in summer.

Pick the right nail shape

In summer nails tend to break easily. The weather and the lack of moisture in the atmosphere can also make them brittle. Therefore it is ideal to choose a less break-prone nail shape. Also settle for shorter nail length for this season as longer the nails, easier to break.

Protect your nails from chemicals like detergents and harsh soaps

Although this is equally important in all other seasons, protecting your hands from exposure to chemicals is crucial. Household items like detergent, dish washing agents, and harsh soaps etc can damage your skin and nails, making them appear ragged. This coupled with exposure to the sun means more damage to your skin, drying it up and making them prone to burns. Use gloves whenever you are washing dishes or doing your laundry. Apply moisturizers for better protection from the detergent.

Hydration and exfoliation are a must for healthy skin

In summer the water content in your body is lost quickly through sweating. Therefore drink lots of water every day. Healthy skin is that skin which sweats well and which is hydrated. If the pores in your skin are blocked or clogged with dead cells, sweating cannot happen well. The dead cell and sweat interact to lead to acne, which can also cause infections. Exfoliate your skin and nails at least twice a week to improve the body functions. Exfoliation clears the pores of the dead skin cells, making your skin smooth and moist.

Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and Olive Oil

If you are a person of natural tastes, then you cannot forget this trio: almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. These oils are very useful in summer for your skin and nails. Massage your skin and nails at least twice a week with any of them for better protection and maintenance of beautiful skin. They are blessed with a whole lot of vitamins and medicinal properties that can act as a good replacement for other chemical cosmetics. Therefore, remember to soothe your skin with frequent oil massages this season.