9 Types of Nail Polish Finishes

Aug, 14 by Nidhi Jain in
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Nail polishes are a phenomenon. Coming in those cute tiny bottles, they have the power to make our day happy and artistic. Who doesn’t like good nails?

Nail polishes have been around for a very long time. In fact, in many ancient civilizations, such as those of China and Egypt, emperors, queens and other members of royalty used to decorate their nails with paints and dyes. Given the long history, it is only natural that nail polishes have evolved over the years, diversifying over its shades and styles.

But did you know that there are many types of nail polish finish available in the market? With so many textures, patterns, and colors, it can give you a hard time in choosing the right one. You might be confused on which is matte and which one is the pearl.  Do not be alarmed, we have a made a list of the different kinds of nail polish finishes. Read carefully and choose the right nail polish for you.

1 Matte Nail Finish

This is a classic. A matte finishing does not have any excess shine or luster. It looks plain yet it has a dull glow that is pleasing to look at. In layman terms, a matte nail polish looks like plastic with no shine at all!


The advantage of the matte finish has that it has less gloss and therefore it is ideal for formal occasions that do not demand much shimmer and luster. Matte is the finish that will suit any outfit! Being matter, it also doesn’t lose its texture so easily, thereby enabling you to have beautiful nails for a long time. However on the con side, matte is a little bit difficult to apply. If you are applying it yourself, then you will need to have steadiness in hands as shaking means that there will be streakiness in your nail design. Get it done by a nail technician to get the right finish.

2 Sheer Finish Nails

Sheer nails are for the women who adore things being simple and natural. Sheer nail polish usually comes in nude shades or the shades of pink. Transparent nail polishes retain the natural color of the nails while adding to the loss of the nails. Sheer nails are a beautiful addition to your nails. They do not have any problems with the texture of patterns due to the luster. Being of a natural appearance, it can be used for any occasion. Here, the one given in the picture is an example of nude sheer.

3 Pearl Finish Nails

Pearl nails will give your nails a soft and classy finish. It will look just like a pearl in its luster. Not as shiny as a disco ball, pearl nails are the best for a wedding or pastel outfit. Of course, the most common color is light pink due to its resemblance to pearls. These nail polishes are easy to apply and give an angelic glow tot he nails. Colors like pink or beige will give a natural appearance to your nails as well. However, take good care of it as it is prone to easy wear and tear. In the manicure given in the picture, a light pink shade pearl polish is used to give it an air of plastic rose petals.

4 Metallic Finish Nails

As the name suggests, metallic nails give a luster of that of metals. Bold and bright, these are trendy and are becoming popular for occasions such as night parties and clubs. You have the option to choose from a variety of metallic shades like the ones resembling bronze, copper, gold, silver etc. Applying metallic polishes requires some amount of experience. We recommend that you do it at a nail salon unless you are willing to invest in care at home while doing the manicure. The metallic nails in the picture given above have used a black shade to get the perfect silver finish.

5 Glitter Finish Nails

How about some glitter shine now? Yes, the glitter finish in nails is all about the shine. There are a wide variety of glitter nails available today. Glitter finish nails are preferred for the occasion when it is okay to showcase some shine and glow. You can get golden glitter, silver shades and even mix many colors to create a glitter rainbow. If you like the designs big, you can also choose sequins to add to your nails. The manicure shown in the picture has used sequins of many colors to give it a very ornamental look.

7 Creme Finish Nails

Creme nail polishes are the ones that you usually use. It has a tiny gloss, but not too much. It appears to one solid color without any add on to boost the nails. Creme nails too are good for any occasion. You can wear it to work, college or even on specific occasions. The advantage of creme nail polish lies in its ease of use. Creme nail polish is simplest one and can be done by anybody. Coming in all solid colors, creme nails wouldn’t disappoint you if you prefer some experiments. Get them in pink, yellow, blue or even fluorescent to add drama to your nails. You can also dull colors such as the ones shown in the picture above.

8 Flakie Finish Nails

Flakie finish nail polish is something every woman should try at least once. This nail polish has flakes of glitter in it that gives it a very charming look. Usually preferred in dark blue, the flaky nails will make your nails look like a galaxy or a midnight aurora. Flakie nails are the new addition in the fashion and are slowly becoming popular. Flakie nails would be a good addition to your winter wardrobe this year. In the picture of the flakie manicure here, they have used glitter of bright colors like blue and orange to give a boldness to the entire manicure.

9 Textured Finish Nails

How about some actual stuff on top of your nails? Yes, textured nail polish contains things that give a texture to your nails, leaving it a uniform finish resembling the texture it uses. How about sugar? Or feather? Now you can texture your nails whichever way you want. This nail polish dries gritty and it has enough content to give shine and gloss to your nails. In a unique attempt, the textured manicure in the picture uses the texture of water bubbles that makes it such a refreshing sight on the nails!

Nail colors are many. So are nail polish textures. While the majority resorts to the usual creme nail finish, you can add to your style by checking out the other rare nail polish finish such as glitter, textured etc. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of creativity in style!