9 Common Myths About Nails and Nail Care

Aug, 02 by Nidhi Jain in
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Just as any other branch of cosmetics, nail care has its own myths too. Green spots mean fungal infection, white spots for calcium deficiency and what not!

Here we have listed out some of the common myths associated with your nails and nail care.

Nail cosmetics are bad for your nails

Your nails are made up of dead skin. Therefore you cannot harm your nails more. In fact, the nails being dead is the reason why nail care industry has been able to develop by leaps and bounds, and also being able to decorate and experiment with them.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can stuff in any kind of chemicals on to your nails. Your nail beds are still alive and lack of proper care for your nails can cause damage to your nail bed as well.

White spots in your nails are caused due to calcium deficiency

This is probably the greatest myth on nails. White spots on your nails are not caused by any vitamin deficiency like that of calcium or zinc. Instead, these are the results of a past trauma to the nails. Think of it like this; when you dent or fold a piece of transparent plastic, the folded region will lose its transparency and turn white. This is what happens to your nails as well. So do not get alarmed about a deficiency of calcium the next time you notice white spots on your nails!

Keep your cuticles pushed back to encourage nail growth

This is not only a silly myth but it can be dangerous too. The function of the cuticle in your nails is to protect them. Pushing or cutting your cuticles opens up the pores in your skin that can let bacteria and fungus into your blood stream. If required push your cuticles mildly by massaging it with cuticle oil.  If you cut your cuticles it will encourage them to grow back more.

Your nails need to breathe!

This has been my favorite myth of all time. It is time that we all accept and come to terms with the fact that nails are dead skin cells. There is nothing that you can do to help them breathe because they can’t breathe! Nails are dead, period. Many times at salons technicians keep saying ‘your nails need to breathe’ or ‘give it some space to breathe’. This is not true. So the next time someone says this, you know what to reply!

Applying cold water will dry your nail polish quicker

Think about it, if applying cold water was an easy technique to dry the nail polish, wouldn’t the nail salons across the world be recommending it? Although the application of cold water sounds like an effective idea, this is entirely wrong. Your nail polish will dry only when the solvents in the polish evaporate. If you dip your fresh manicure into a bowl of cold water, the solvents can evaporate, which means that your nail polish will take a long time to dry completely.

Artificial nail enhancements will ruin your nails

Artificial nail enhancements and extensions are used by a lot of women today for easier and quicker results. However, there are many myths surrounding the artificial nails. One popular understanding is that artificial nails will damage your nails. This is untrue because artificial nails themselves are not harmful, but the glue used in the process may trigger reactions for some people. However if done with good brands and proper attention, artificial nails will be as good as a manicure on the natural nails.

Cutting your nails at night brings bad luck

Maybe many centuries ago, people thought that cutting nails after sunset is bad. This belief might have come up to prevent people using sharp objects at night to cut and trim their nails when there is not much light. However, we are in the 21st century now and clearly, there is nothing wrong in cutting your nails at night. Just make sure that you have ample amount of light before you start cutting your nails at night.


Eating gelatin is good for strengthening weak nails

Funnily enough, gelatin is not going to strengthen your nails. Although gelatin and keratin are proteins, research has found that there is no link between consumption of gelatin and the thickening of nails. There are also beliefs that calcium rich diet can strengthen the nails, which is far from true. In fact, the best way to have strong and healthy nails is to have a well-balanced diet regularly.

Storing nail polish in the refrigerator can make them last long

If you are a person who owns nail polishes, then you might have come across a situation when the nail polish gets caked inside the bottle itself. Some people believe that caking of nail polish can be prevented by freezing it. This is only partially true, for refrigeration can slow down the thickening of nail polish only by a few weeks. The best way to make a nail polish last longer in a bottle is to reseal them properly after use. Close the lid tightly and store it a place far from sunlight and extreme temperatures.