7 Beach Themed Pedicure for this Vacation Season!

Aug, 12 by Nidhi Jain in
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The summer sun is still shining bright overhead. People are busy with their tight schedules, for its the season for holidays, camping, weddings and what not! The vacation to enjoy in summers is undoubtedly a few days at the beach. Beaches are the epitome of tan, the sun, waves as some fresh winds. No wonder that people rush to beach destinations like Hawaii, Florida and Los Angeles. With a plethora of coconut palms, resorts, sea surfing activities and beach parties, a beach holiday has everything you need to satisfy your summer entertainment needs.

But what about preparation? Are you prepared and packed for your sea retreat? Do you have the right manicure and pedicure to suit your beach outfit? Pedicures are an area requiring attention when you are on a beach holiday. Sand can accumulate easily in the gaps and bring infection. You soles can get hurt from walking in sand. And more importantly, your feet need to be decorated in the best beach themed pedicures. Here we have found a bunch of amazing pedicures that will make your feet look fabulous in your beach holiday.

1 Coconut Palm Nails

Indeed, a coconut is the best representation of a beach! Pedicures that employs a silhouette of a coconut palm is a good way to match your beach holiday. In the design given above, the background has been decorated with horizontal stripes of purple and sea green. This is then followed by a simple silhouette of a coconut palm.

Another popular way to do this design is to paint the nails first in orange and red. Paint a silhouette of a tree or a boat to get an amazing sunset design on your nails. Go ahead, get this design if you want to see your toes looking all colorful when you walk in the warm sands of the beach.

2. Zig- Zag Nails

How about geometric nails for your seashore retreat? Geometric designs such as these are another pedicure option that will suit your legs in the beach sands. Due to the design that pops out, minor wear and tear will show easily. Either you can do all your toenails in lines and shapes such as these or you can mix and match will plain ones as well. Choose a bright color combination. Who wants to see dull names during a beach holiday?

Zig Zag designs are also well when done vertically. It will make your toes look longer. Besides, zig zag lines in red and white will give a vintage feel to your nails. Red and black nails are another option.

3 Pebble Textured Nails

Another way to dress up your toenails for a beach holiday is to play with textures. Textures of pebbles, sand, and wave will be a good option to match the beach theme. To do the texture game you should choose dark and light shades of the same color. In the design given here, the toenails are done in a floral pattern, although it merges well with the texture of the pebbles.

4 Pearly nails

Nails of the pearl themes are an age old classic. And this would fit your beach vacation well since where else do you think pearls come from! While choosing the color, the shades of pink and beige will make your nails look realistic. If you are brave enough, add a few tiny beads at the bottom of the nails. It will make your nails shine and giving it ornamental vibes.

5 Neon Nails for Bold Nails.

Neon nails will make your nails a phenomenon at the beach. It radiates with the bright color making it prominent for notice. There are many neon shades that you can apply to your nails. Green is most preferred color, although you can be creative and choose a less done color. Orange shades, the one shown in the picture, are good to look at. Red and pink are the other neon nail shades that you should try. Instead of a plain pedicure, you can also add designs on top of them. Try a dark color when you are creating drawing or patterns on top of the neon shade so as to contrast the design well.

6 Trending Candy Stripes

Stripes are never out of fashion. So are pedicures in stripes. Try this stripes nail design for your next seashore retreat. It uses a complicated gradient-cum-stripes design. While the base is red, the shades of pink are transitioning into a light shade. This pedicure will complement your pink swim suit or kaftan very well. Indulge in this candy color and feel good about your nails.

7. Glitter Along with the Sea!

Do you want to shine in the sea shore?! If yes, then this is the right pedicure for you. The popular consensus on glitter nails is that glitter is for night parties and such occasions. But the best thing about fashion is that we can always experiment with it. The sea green nails with silver glitter shown in the pedicure above are beautiful indeed. You too can get this for your beach days. No doubt, it will match the blue skies and water. And the glitter will add to your nails, making it all glossy and shiny.



While beach vacation is all fun and joy, you should also take care of your feet very well. Sand that gets deposited in your nails can cause infections both from bacteria and fungus, leaving your nails ugly too. Beaches are also places of heavy sunshine. Although some amount of tan is desirable, too much exposure to the sun is a bad idea. Unless well protected with sunscreen and moisturizing creams, long exposure to the sun will burn your skin and increases the risk of skin cancer due to the presence of UV rays.

Beach holidays are the time for you to get away from your busy life. Therefore it is mandatory that you relax and enjoy the time at the beach. Go ahead! Book your tickets now and plan your retreat before the winter sets in!