6 Ways to Tell if Your Nail Salon is Safe

Aug, 13 by Nidhi Jain in
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Nail spas are the heaven for women of this century. It’s a place of relaxation and calm. Who doesn’t like to enjoy the calm of the spa while the nail technician is busy with your pedicure? Indeed nail salons are a gift to us in this hectic scheduled life. Be it in summer or winter, manicures and pedicures are a must. Ideally one should take an appointment at the nail salon at least once in every three weeks. This means that you also need to find a nail salon that you can go frequently. Simply put, trust is very important in a nail salon.

But as much as we love our nail salon, are you sure that they love you back? You can determine this only by examining the cleanliness strategy they adopt. Of course, you are paying the huge bucks and you do deserve the best treatment! This is hardly true in practice. In fact, there are an increasing number of reports on the dangers caused by the toxic fumes and the foot bath from a nail salon. While all nail salon advertises as being the best in cleanliness and hygiene, this is more of a marketing strategy than actual practice. Therefore we, as responsible customers, should research on the health aspects of a nail spa.

The best to know about the cleanliness of a new nail salon you are visiting is to ask your friends and relatives about it. You can also check for reviews on their website. Certain newspapers review nail salons weekly. If you don’t have these options to check if the nail salon is safe, then you will have to trust your observation skills. In this article, we will tell you how to determine if a nail salon follows healthy practices on your first visit.

Some ways to find out if your nail salon is hygienic are:

1 Check for fumes

When you step into the nail salon, keep your nose and the smelling skills alert! Some amount of fumes and chemical odor are natural in a nail salon. However, if the odor is intense, it can be potentially harmful to your health. Many salon environments consist of toxic fumes that are cancerous if inhaled for a long time. Most nail salons use an in-built odor removal system to give their customer a pleasant experience.

If in any case, your eyes water when you enter a nail salon, then it is time to run! Watering eyes mean that there is some strong chemical presence in the atmosphere. Yes, trust me, you wouldn’t want to end up with health complications after having paid money for a pedicure!

 2 Notice the Sterilization Process

The biggest risk in a nail salon is the chance of infection from the tools used on someone else. Unlike other parts of the body, nails harbor a lot of bacteria and fungus. And these can get transmitted from one person to another through tools like a trimmer, buffer, nail file etc.

Watch how your nail technician sterilizes the tools. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning process, you can ask them to sterilize again. The best sterilization happens when the tools are sterilized in a hospital grade disinfectant. If the tools are not sterilized in front of you, you can gently ask them if they are sterilized properly. Still, if you have OCD and are apprehensive of the nail salon tools being used for your procedure, you can bring your own tool kit. However, this means that you should sterilize your tools before and after the procedure very well.

3 Watch out for Pedi Tubs!

Pedi tubs can have germ content more than the population of your country! If any of these germs find its way into your blood stream, you are sure to spend your next week a swollen toe and sometimes worse. Pedi tubs are risky because the dead skin from the previous customers get filtered and remains in the pedi tub itself. A pedicure that uses jet spray is riskier and can lead to infections easily. Before you step in for your foot bath, inspect the bowl for dirt, grit, grime and any such residue in the tub. If you find any such particles, you can gently as the nail technician to clean it for you. Nowadays, nail salons are slowly shifting towards pipeless spa pedicure chairs that do not have these risks.

4 Double Dipping is Dangerous

When it comes to waxing, the nail technician will dip the tool into the hot wax and brush it on your skin. However, if they try double dipping on the wax, then it is time to leave that nail salon forever. Double dipping the same spatula means that any germs on your skin will get transferred to the wax which is then used by other customers. This isn’t a healthy practice and can tell greatly about the salon’s hygiene policy. Increasingly many salons are using disposable cedar wood spatulas for waxing. You can judge a salon even by the kind of spatula they use.

5. Problems with Communal Polish

A nail salon boasts of its enormous collection nail polishes of all colors arranged beautifully in the shelf. But don’t get lured into that, for these are used by everyone. You need to be vigilant of the nail polishes in the salons especially if any other customer has a nail problem and is being treated with the same nail polish that is used for the other customers. In that case, the nail salon might be a very safe option for your manicure.

As an extra measure of safety, you can bring your own nail polish. Bringing your own nail polish for a manicure or pedicure eliminates the risk of infections from the nail salon collection.

6. The Overall Cleanliness

Barring the other aspects, a nail salon should also invest in the overall appearance and cleanliness. Guess what the best way to judge a room is? Corners! Yes, you heard that right. Corners of the room, if dirty, means that the nail salon is all about cleanliness for the appearance alone! Therefore make sure to casually observe the corners of the nail salon environment if you are visiting it for the first time.

You can also give marks to the aesthetics of the nail spa. For it is a place of relaxation too! A nail salon with no aesthetics is like a coffee without sugar; you can’t enjoy it.

Compromising on safety can prove to be a bitter memory. Remember? Safety comes first! Finding the right nail salon that is amazing in terms of cleanliness and the quality might seem like a daunting task. But it is not impossible. You can talk to your friends and family to find out the quality of the nail salon they visit. You can even ask the workers at the nail salon itself! Why not! If you are apprehensive to ask the nail technician, you can ask the manager about their cleaning policy. They will be always willing to answer any of your queries.

Poor service means that their reputation will be affected. Therefore, nail salons will be cautious about their procedures as well. Today most nail salons are quite concerned about their cleanliness and hygiene. Federal laws have also been put in place to monitor nail spas and salons. Nail salons that do not meet the quality standards are subjected to fine. While the system continues its way, you shouldn’t leave your role here. Be observant about your nail salon and their practices to have a comfortable and healthy experience!