6 Steps to Stay Safe from COVID-19 in Nail Salons

Feb, 15 by Sofia S in
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There is no doubt that the COVID-19 has erased the world we knew before. With the pandemic, the small luxuries such as eating out, having a large party, or getting nails done at a salon have altered significantly. But as for a nail salon visit, don’t lose hope yet! With extreme and appropriate caution, you can get your nail care while staying safe from COVID. 

Note: We do not endorse any activity that is against your local regulations on outdoor activity. 

1. Follow your local state rules and restrictions

You must adhere to the regulations set by your local authority. For many places, it is mandatory to wear masks and maintain social distancing. Some states also have a limit on the number of people allowed in a salon at the same time.

2. Make an appointment in advance

During this time, making an appointment can make a lot of difference. It allows you to limit your time in the salon by avoiding the waiting time. Appointments also help the salon to plan its schedule accordingly and avoid crowding.

3. Bring your own nail kit

Many salon-goers are now worried about contamination in salons and are hesitant about using the salon tools. While salons follow rigorous sterilization processes to clean tools, you can avoid your fears by bringing your own nail kit to have your nails done. 

4. Choose disposable equipment

Many salons now offer disposable equipment to reduce cross-contamination. Disposable nail care tools like pedicure liners, pumice stones, buffers, files, and wax sticks have become popular. Make sure you call your salon to confirm if they have these!

5. Avoid eating, drinking, or talking on the phone in the salon

We understand that enjoying a glass of wine or munching on a snack goes well with a relaxing pedicure. However, times have changed, and salons are trying hard to limit virus transmission. By avoiding, eating, drinking, talking, or any activity that involves removing the mask, you can play your part in keeping COVID cases under control.

6. Visit the salon alone when possible

In these unpredictable circumstances, we request that you visit the salon alone. We recommend that you avoid bringing your child or a guest to the salon if you are the only person planning to get a service.


We combined these recommendations so that you can get nail care services responsibly. COVID has negatively impacted many small businesses, especially service establishments like salons. And your support is crucial for salon workers at this time. By exercising appropriate caution and adhering to your local regulations, you can get that much-delayed pedicure and manicure experience!