9 Retro Nail Designs to Try Out This Summer

Aug, 07 by Nidhi Jain in
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Of all the fashion themes, the retro (vintage) theme has an importance that has so far withstood the test of time and the new fashion trends. Clothes and accessories in light pastel shades, floral designs, and a basic pink hue, has been a favorite among women for a long time. So why should nails be left out there? Yes, now you can also get your manicure and pedicure in retro themed designs as well.

Here we present before you an amazing handpicked collection of retro nail ideas for you to try out. This will do a good job in complementing your vintage outfits this summer!

Roses Roses Everywhere

Bread is to butter as is roses to retro. Roses are the most promising way to design your nails if you are a person of classic tastes. Unlike the rose designs of the present, the retro rose designs do not have a well-defined shape or outline. Most often, it resembles the wild roses, giving it a beauty that is unmatched to the contemporary designs. Go for retro rose designs if you like to flaunt your floral tastes this season.


Polka Fun

Polkas are the little dots of sassiness and joy. If you prefer a minimalist vintage nails, go for polkas. Dark base coats followed by tiny and uniform dots of a lighter shade can add a retro appeal to your nails, although while maintaining the trendy infusion. Some colors to try in this series are navy blue with white, red with white, sea green with white. The reverse is also equally beautiful. In this case, you should add a foundation coat of light, dull pastel shades and follow it with dots of a dark shade.

Add a Bicycle

A bicycle in your nails adds emotion to your style. A bicycle symbolizes activity and initiative. Vintage themes are often teamed with a silhouette of a bicycle to get the perfect vintage girl appeal. You can also go for more detailed by adding flowers along with bicycles.

More flowers!

The best thing about the vintage theme is that even if you stuff in so many designs, it will look good, provided that you use the right shades. It’s okay to add in a floral bouquet to your nails, for retro themes is all about going the extra mile for the antique perfection. You can add grape vines, roses, Morris prints etc for detailed floral designing on your nails.

Go for Dull Pastels

Unlike other themes and styles, the vintage designs boast of the beauty of dull but light colors. Light shades of blue, pink, yellow and sea green are the celebrities of vintage pastels. You can either paint the whole nails in a single color or go for multiple shades. Adding tiny designs like that of flowers or vines with a darker shade of the same color can add more retro-ness to your nails!


The Star Called Stripes!

Yes, when it comes to retro themes, stripes are indeed the star. Not only they look elegant and fulfilling, they are also easily doable. Stripes of red and white are the most popular. Navy blue and white are also other options. Whatever color you want your stripes to be, ensure that one of them is white or beige. Most retro stripes are of this fashion.

If you are going for pinstripes, then make sure that the colors are of similar wavelength; light shades with light shades, dark ones with dark colors. This is because, if both the colors are very contrasting, the stripes would lose its retro appeal.


Lines and Sharp Shapes

Retro is also famous with its obsession with shapes and line often in contrasting colors. This is a must if you adore an outfit that is simple and all the while trendy. Squares and triangles will be an amazing design to your nails if you do it with a combination of dark and light colors. If you are just going for lines, then apply each gap with a unique color. This will make your nails dramatic for any occasion.

Go for colors such a beige, dark sea green and navy blue. You can try a combination of dark red and pale orange. The design given below uses red and black along with the pink of nails to give the perfect retro outfit for a summer day!

Retro Nails with Aztec Lines and Patterns

Retro is a game of contrasts. And these contrasts are indeed very pretty for your nails. Aztec designs can be seen as an intensely retro idea for they too use shapes and lines in high contrast. Perhaps, the most popular Aztec nail design is the one with zig-zag stripes. This is a simple design and can be done with little effort as long as your hands are firm enough to do the lines in the right symmetry. One of my favorites in the Aztec stripes is the one in red, black and light green. You can find more Aztec prints online.

Nail Designs with Borders

Another vintage design that can be done easily is the one that adds a border to a plain solid color. This should be done with contrasting colors as well, else the artwork wouldn’t pop out to give it a retro feel. You can also add to the sophistication by adorning it with sequins and glitter. The design given here uses a black border to contrast with the pale pink

Retro themed nails are the best way to make your style statement during a wedding, summer party or a casual date. It adds charm to your costume, providing it an air of effort and completeness. Today, with thousands of shades of nail polishes, you wouldn’t find it difficult to find a desired retro shade for your next outing. Talk to your nail technician about what would suit your nails and about the new trends in retro manicures and pedicure. And indulge in the world of pastels, flowers and intricate designs!