8 Nail Designs to Try this Summer

Aug, 05 by Nidhi Jain in
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Summer is here and so are the days of outdoor fun and activities. As the schedule turns super busy, you will soon have no time to care about a lot of things. That includes your nails too! In order to not make your nails feel neglected in this happy season, we have picked some fabulous nail design ideas for you.

Pastels Fun

Pastels are for the classy people who want their nails to be simple yet bright and elegant. In fact, this is the precise reason why pastels never go out of trend. Manicures and pedicures with pastel shades can be easily and effortlessly done. Besides, these light shades will complement the weather as well. Give your nails a treat with pastel shades if you prefer light shades of blue, pink, yellow and much more!

Beach Themes

Who doesn’t like a beach holiday? Especially when it’s summer? Beach holidays are a must haves of this season so that you can enjoy some salty air and bright sun. Paint your nail in beach themes to add to the aesthetics of your beach holiday. You can get creative with your nails through designs of sea shells, oysters, and sand. Pebbles, coconut palm, and the beach waves are also a good way to give your nails a beach makeover.


                                            Go Bright

Of course, summer is also the season of bright colorful things! So do not hesitate to go for bright shades for your nails. If you are brave enough, you can also go for fluorescent shades. Bright yellow, sky blue, turquoise, fuchsia pink etc are the colors that fall into this category. You can add variety to your nails by painting each of your nail in a different color.


Many Shades of Glitter!

Glitter adds drama to your nails. Who wouldn’t like to flaunt their nails while beckoning a waiter or typing an urgent email in front of your colleagues! Glitter manicures and pedicures are available in all colors and sizes. You can team your nail polish with gold glitter to have a classy antique design. Or you can line the base of your nails with pieces of glittered designs.


In these designs one color slowly transforms into another. It is a trendy look for you in the season that goes well with fusion clothes and flowy dresses. The best thing about gradation is that you can choose any two colors and gradate it according to your preferences. What about blue changing to green as it moves towards the bottom of your nails? Or perhaps, bright yellow turning to pale white? Yes, go ahead and give you nails a new design for this season by indulging in the gradation techniques.  You can also top it with glitter powder for a dramatic effect.




Sunset on Your Nails!

Nails painted in bright red and oranges to give vibes of a sunset at the beach is growing in popularity. Add a couple of palm tree silhouettes and your sunset nails are ready. These are ideal for a beach holiday or a Caribbean party.



Contrast it!

The best thing about nail care is that you can play with optical illusions to achieve many desired looks for your nails. Contrast works well for summer since a few jumpy colors are great for the bright hot days. To achieve a contrasting nail design you have to apply a base coat of any color and then design on top of it with a color that seems out of place! Check the picture of the nail given here. Here a white background was designed with dark violet and purple giving it an air of drama and contrast.





Metallic Designs

Adding a touch of metal is a creative thing to do during your summer manicure. Instead of covering the entire nail in a metallic shade, go for metal designs. Begin by coats of a pastel shade and then design it with metal fixings or drawing on top. This will give your nails a cute and catchy look that is ideal for summer parties and outdoor trips.