13 Manicure Designs for This Fall!

Aug, 21 by Nidhi Jain in
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Summer has come and gone. Now the weather is slowly transitioning into chilly and cloudy days. Soon all the trees will be adorned with leaves of red and orange.  Yes, the fall season is arriving. The fashion requirement of fall is quite different from that of the summer. Gone are the times when you could wear flip-flops and roam around, at least for a year. Having said this, are your nails ready for fall yet?

Fall nail designs are characterized by dark yet dull shades. Unlike that of winter when everything is suddenly deep shades, fall is the borderline between summer and the winter nail collection. Here we have found 20 nail designs you can choose to get this autumn season.

1 Dusty Brown Nails

Dusty brown is perhaps the representational color of the fall season. Not too dark, not too bright, dusty brown nails will get you through this season’s trends amazingly. You can for plain gel nails in dusty pink. This design is ideal for formal occasions such as for office. If you’d like a bit of shine, you can also add some nail gloss to make it even shinier.

2 A Simple French Manicure

Being the classic that it is, a French manicure can go with any season or time. Pink nail body tipped with white is simple, while making no compromises in terms of trends. If you like subtle nail designs, you can try a variant of the French Manicure, the American Manicure which uses less bright colors for tipping the. Also, an American manicure is more natural, although both are classy in its appeal for the fall.

3 Green Nails With Tree Designs

After all, the major star of the fall season are the trees itself. Get yourself a tree themed manicure. You can use dark green gel polish to make it look more vibrant and nature-like. The design that is shown in the picture also uses textures. Here they have used bubble texture to give it an air of freshness.

Glitter it Up!

Another design for you to look perfectly trendy with your nails is to use glitters. You can do it with dusty pink, violet, and other dull dark colors to match the fashion of the season. The design given here uses a deep burgundy to give it a nebula-like effect. If you want to go the extra mile for fashion, you can also add a few sequins to it to make it sparkle even more. While applying glitter make sure that the glitter you use contrasts with the nail polish color. This way you can get striking glitter nails.

5 Matte Love for Fall

Matte nails never lose its charm. It is simple and beautiful in all its manifestations. As for the fall season, matter manicure in dark or dull shades is recommended. You can also blend two or more colors to create a more dramatic effect. The one shown here has been beautifully done by using a red, brown and black nail polish to create the gradient that makes it look alluring. We suggest nail polishes of colors such as brown, burgundy, gray and dull green for your matte fall manicure.

6 Multi Colored Sequins

So you like sequins. But how can you get nail designs that go well with the fall season? The best idea is to mix sequins of shades like red, orange, yellow and pink. As you can see in the picture, they will look like the tree leaves in fall, full of color and vibrancy. You may also add glitter to it for more detailing. Apply it on your nails over a nail polish and get the best autumn tree themed designs.

7 Maple Leaves for Autumn

Perhaps one the most beautiful leaves, maple leaves will be a charming addition to your nails. Unlike other leaf designs, a maple leaving, having many parts to it, is vibrant and floral to an extent. You can get these done in colors like yellow, red, maroon or brown. As for the background, choose a color that will show your leaf design prominently. If you are going to yellow leaf designs, then apply a dark color for the background. In this picture, the yellow design has been complimented by the navy blue that gives it retro vibes. However, if you chose other dark colors such as red or brown, we suggest you go with beige, white etc. In fact, you can get a leaf themed manicure in a variety of designs, and not have to confine to maple leaves alone!

8 Modern Art  Color Splash

Creativity is the food of fashion. And even in manicures, a little bit of creativity can lead to spectacular results. In this case, the picture shown here uses a color burst design with many colors for a charming modern art nail designs. The best thing about such a design is that you can try in any combination of colors, for modern art has no rules! Get yourself a color burst manicure this fall season and make a statement with your nails.

9 Matte Blue- Grey for Chic Nails

As a less explored territory,  blue nail polish is an ideal way to start experimenting with your nails. Forget the usual navy blue and try a washed out blue this fall. The manicure shown in the picture is a matter blue-gray nail polish that softens the nail appearance and the skin tone If you want a few add-ons, you try glitter or gold strips on it, making it shine as well! Apart from bluish-gray, a greenish gray is also an emerging shade in the nail fashions.

10 Pumpkin Perfection!

Fall is also the time of Halloween! And Halloween means pumpkins. As a brave decision, you can also paint your nails in a design of pumpkins as well. In the manicure shown in the picture, the yellow has been complimented by the green wine and the beige background that gives it a feel of baby-like innocent. Other things which can a make an amazing manicure include the designs of flowers, bicycles etc. They are also classy in a very vintage fashion!

11 Monochrome Minimalism

Although the monochrome style is usually worn during winter, you can nevertheless flaunt your monochrome nails this fall. To look trendier with monochrome nails, use minimalistic designs. You can choose geometric shapes to get this style. Instead of the glossier nail polish, we recommend that you use a matte nail polish so that your minimalistic nails would look elegant in the monochrome shades. Leave some of your natural nail colors too to get the right design.

12. Indian Desi Print Nails

As the country that gave yoga and number zero to the world, India also has its own indigenous prints. This fall you can try these prints on your nails too. The manicure shown here has used an American manicure as background, which has later been topped by prints in black. The drama of this design comes from its intricate detailing. Mehendi designs are also recommended for nails if you are opting for an Indian themed nail design this fall. You can also use shades such as orange for a more vibrant and prominent background.

13 Deep Blue Granite-Textured Nails

Finally, fall nail designs, needn’t be too dull either! For special occasions that demand a certain amount of trend and boldness, you can choose chrome nails or flaky nails. These will make your nails stand out, attracting positive attention from the crowd. Here in this picture, the manicure has been done in a deep blue immersion style. It mixes shades of light blue and white to give an air of a dramatic granite-like texture.

Just like fashion, even manicures need a seasonal update. For fashion is ever-changing as the weather itself. Try out some of these designs this fall to enjoy beautiful nails this season!