10 Bridal Manicure Designs that You Need to Know About

Aug, 10 by Nidhi Jain in
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Weddings bells are ringing! It’s a super busy time and there’s so much to do for you as a bride-to-be. All the effort goes into making that day the most beautiful day in your life!

As a bride, you cannot compromise on looking good. You need the perfect wedding dress, perfect hair, perfect skin and of course, the perfect nails. Nails are most important, for your new ring will adorn your hands. Therefore, getting beautiful and aesthetic nails is mandatory.

In this article, we reveal our favorite handpicked manicure for brides that will leave you mesmerized. What are you waiting for? Find the perfect design and get the manicure already!

  1. Lace everywhere!  If you are going to be a bride in a lace dress, then a manicure of lace design is the right choice for you. Lace designs in white give a classy touch your nails. You can get designs of your choice or do it according to the designs in your nails. Since lace designs require lots of effort, it is good if you get them done at least a couple of days before your big day. Also avoid getting the manicure too early, as the tiny designs can lose its charm during the period.


2. French Manicure with Sequins: A French manicure is the simplest, yet the elegant design that you can choose for your wedding. It consists of the nail body in a light pink shade and the tips painted in white. The pink from your nails and white from the tips of the nail will go very well with your white wedding dress. Sequins in the nails are to match the occasion. The silver sequins or stones will be a perfect add on to your hands along with your new wedding ring!


3. American Manicure and Sequins: Unlike the French manicure, the American manicure is more natural as it uses lighter shades of white for the tips. Adorning this with silver sequins and other lustrous designs can make your nails like that of a princess!  You can get this design on your nails for the wedding if you prefer your nails to look natural and wholesome for the occasion. Another option is to team the American manicure with golden sequins for an antique theme.


4. Tipping with Multiple Shades: In the design given below, the nails have been done in a French manicure except that the tips are of other colors, instead of white. This design is suitable for brides who like a bit of creativity and decor for the wedding day. To add elegance, the nails have also been decorated with silver strips between the two shades. When you choose the color for your tip in this design, we recommend that you use light pastel shades instead of bright colors.


5. A Pink-White Gradient: How about nails that look like petals of a white rose? This nail design is all about that. In this design, a base of pink is slowly improving to white as it moves to the tip. These are also versions of American manicure. This type of gradient design is best for brides who like their nails to make an impression without going for much detailing with sequins or strips.

6. Lace and Gold! Lace with gold presence is a classic design theme in itself. This gives your nails a feel of a royal Victorian attire. Get this design in white and gold if you would like your nails to shine in a retro fashion for your wedding. Either you can use gold in strips or in other designs such as dots and shapes. The lace and gold design is a perfect choice for a vintage themed wedding.

7. Glisten in Glitter: Glitter nails for manicure can add drama to your attire. It goes well with a multiple tulle wedding dress. Make sure that when you go for a glitter manicure, you pick only light shades of glitter. Avoid dark colors of glitter such as red, blue etc which attracts focus to your nails. Pick the color that melts into your whole attire.


8. Plain White Manicure to Team up with the Dress: So if you are a bride, you definitely have not much choice pertaining to the color of your dress. It’s always white. But if you want to make a statement with that white dress of your choice, a fresh manicure in full white is a simple artistic option. White nails are better when done in dull shades of white than the brighter ones, as the latter will contrast too much with your skin making it looking odd. You could also add a bit of sequin to your nails to make them shine along with your jewelry.


9. Beige Naile with Lustre: A wedding boasts of the classic tones such as white, pink and beige. Beige nails too are a popular option among brides for they radiate with an aura of classiness and style. These nails are pearl like and therefore looks like pieces of jewelry in your wedding outfit. You can also get pearly nails with other colors such as white and light bluish gray. Adding metal designs to these beige nails are a good idea to look brilliant for the occasion.


10. Dull tones in many shades: The best way to add all your favorite colors in your wedding nails without looking out of place is to choose dull shades. This is because the rule number one of a bridal manicure is that no color should pop out too much. Dull shades of gray and red are the perfect option to try out. It too gives a retro air to your nails.


The bridal nail designs are an endless list. While you have the option to choose from thousands of bridal manicure ideas, it is important that your nails match with your dress. Not only nails, you need the right shoes and hair accessories. A wedding is surely one of the most important days in a person’s life. And you wouldn’t want to miss out on the perfection of being a flawless bride. Make your choice and get ready for the big day. And also to a new life!